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  1. Exactly what it could mean. Thank you, Scott. The ToS is just on point.
  2. I understand both IVAO and VATSIM networks are the best existing, but they both have some policy rules that are physically impossible for me to comply (the membership and personal data policies). The only other option I know are the FSX built-in multiplayer, which is, to say the least, ridiculous. Are there any other options, preferably available for X-Plane 11?
  3. Nice job guys! Is there any chance for similar update for 737NGX?
  4. Hold Shift, Ctrl, or both (three axles) then move with Enter and Backspace.
  5. Yes, I understand that. But with limited resources it’s not always possible to have the best system possible... Also, don’t forget that 1x zoom level was created for the times when 17" was considered as a decent gaming monitor (at least where I live). Monitors grew larger, and on the 24" with 1x zoom everything became oversized a bit :smile:
  6. Well, it's worth it I guess it’s because not everyone have a TrackIR and using a joystick hat continuously isn’t that easy. PMDG in the manual recommends to use .60-.70 zoom level in the VC.
  7. I’ll add that when I was flying the other developer model (for FS2004, but they are virtually the same) I thought that using CWS is the only possible way to handle 737NG on hands, even flying a usual pattern was hard. But with NGX... After I understood some of it’s quirks... Well, I was thinking about flying patterns as a mandatory exercise, now it’s a real pleasure. I was giving the A/P everything except the takeoff and final approach after one full pattern, now I just can’t, it just feels wrong.
  8. The former. Either way, thanks, now, as the reason is known, I don’t think I’ll encounter the issue in the everyday usage.
  9. You see, this one is a clean installation. I have no prior history with NGX and all I did was loading of the NGX default flight for Tutorial #2. I mentioned my previous experience only to explain why I find this behavior unusual.Ones again to be fully clear: That is a freshly installed NGX with the flight file from it's own package.
  10. You mean, it's basically a glitch?
  11. Hello everyone. I recently purchased the 737NGX base package. Flying through tutorials (mostly to have a grip on a model, I have over 500 hrs on 738 from the old PMDG), at the second one I noticed a strange annunciator panel behavior. While recalled, it shows FUEL and ANTI ICE messages. After pressing the MASTER CAUTION they turn off and don’t pop up by themselves, but it still bugs me. I scanned through cockpit, but didn’t find any specific caution light lit or anything wrong in any other way. Here are the screenshots. I fly in FSX Steam Edition, with ASN weather software (NON-Steam version). Thanks in advance, Diana Tkachenko. For the legal name used in PMDG account please contact me privately.
  12. You know what the big problem is in telling fantasy and reality apart? They're both ridiculous.

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