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  1. So I deleted the shaders and the .cfg. In addition I also reinstalled the graphics driver and from what I see now the problem is fixed . Thank you all 😊
  2. Hi, I just updated from my GTX980 to a Asus GTX1080Ti OC but since the upgrade I only get problems with P3D. I didn't change any settings but I keep getting the DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_HUNG error. In addition to that I get terrible FPS at any airport, less than what I had with the GTX980. My specs are: i7 4790k at 4.7ghz GTX1080Ti OC 16 Gb RAM 2133mhz Any ideas what the problem might be? Cheers Alex
  3. swissa340

    No autogen in P3d v4.3

    Hi Rob, Thanks for the tips. I'll try it out and wait for your video and then I'll report back here. Cheers, Alex
  4. swissa340

    No autogen in P3d v4.3

    Hi, I started experiencing this issue that when let's say I start descending and approach the airport the autogen doesn't load in. I just see blank ground textures. Sometimes the autogen (buildings and trees) loads in behind the aircraft but that's very seldom. I tried lowering my settings to a minimum without success and I experimented with default, ORBX and Turbulent Design autogen trees but nothing really worked. I'm reather reluctant to reinstalling the whole sim becuase it takes me about 2 days to reinstall everything. Any idea how to fix this problem? Greetings Alex
  5. swissa340

    747 Short Haul routes

    Well thanks everybody for the suggestions and advices, I really appreciate the help. :)
  6. swissa340

    747 Short Haul routes

    Hi everybody, Due to some technical issues with the 777 and A320 I have no other choice to fly the 747. Now, I‘m looking for some nice and short routes around the world which are operated by a 747. I do like long hauls but I’d like to do multiple landings per day not only one. It doesn‘t matter if it‘s a PAX flight or a cargo flight, any suggestions would be appreciated. Currently I‘m only flying domestic routes in Japan but I‘d like to fly somewhere else for a change. Kind regards
  7. swissa340

    Bad colours in P3D v3.4

    Hey, First of all I wish yo a happy new year and all of luck. :smile: Now, my problem is that my sky textures look very weird. There are no smooth transitions between the colours. I don't know why this happens or what it causes. Could anyone help me ? Thanky you very much and have a nice weekend. (in the picture it does not look as bad as it actually is)
  8. Hi everyone, I recently did some night flights around Europe and I noticed that my frames are really bad (ca. 15FPS). During the day I get 40 to 60 FPS. I don't know why I lose performance during the night. Does anyone know how to get better frames at night? My system: i7 4790k@4.7Ghz GTX980ti 16 GB RAM at 2133mhz Asus Maximus Vii Hero Have a nice weekend Greetings Alex
  9. swissa340

    P3D v3 CTD after short time of flying

    Ok, yesterday I uninstalled every program that I don't need. So I uninstalled the SDK and in AppCrashView the Stackhash changed from StackHash_7efd to Stackhash_9a52 and stackhash_651d. Does that mean that there are 2 more programs that don't work properly?
  10. swissa340

    P3D v3 CTD after short time of flying

    So, I reinstalled GSX but I still get CTD's. My question is now, if I reinstall my whole sim again will the crashes stop? Is it likely that the problem will solve itself?
  11. swissa340

    P3D v3 CTD after short time of flying

    I think it's not just couatl, because my sim is just crashing on online flights not offline. When I restart my PC and plug-out and then plug-in again my WLAN antenna, it works again.
  12. swissa340

    P3D v3 CTD after short time of flying

    Ok, I disabled EZDOK and went online to make a flight. After two minutes I had a CTD. Then I disabled Couatl and tried it again and was able to do the whole flight from ZRH to NCE without any issues. The problem is when I disable couatl I can't use GSX anymore. So should I reinstall it?
  13. swissa340

    P3D v3 CTD after short time of flying

    Just one question, if I delete the exe.xml and dll.xml file, will P3D rebuild one like the .cfg or is the sim then broken?
  14. swissa340

    Getting back to FSX - What Are Must-Haves

    Well for P3D you also need a very good PC :wink:
  15. swissa340

    Payware scenery questions

    I use Aerosoft's Zürich v2 and I really like it. First I also had FSDT but I switched to Aerosoft, because in my opinion the night textures are much better.