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  1. Ok, so did that. Disabled the virus checker and UAC and reinstalled SODE but still same issue.
  2. I'm running everything as admin. I now tried adding an anti-virus exclusion for all SODE folders. Still get the same issue. SODE doesn't even appear in the menu bar.
  3. Hi I've done a complete reinstall of my PC and P3D. Now if I want to start GSX and connect the jetways I get the message "SODE is unavailable jetways will not animate." When I check the SODE platform manager it says that SODE isn't registered. I closed the sim, activated SODE then restarted P3D v5 and nope still same message. When I go back to the platform manager it says that the sim isn't registered. I have no idea what to do. Any ideas?
  4. First of all thanks for your opinions. I think it’s quite helpful when someone tells his experience from upgrading hardware. But let’s talk about Scenery an Autogen for a moment because I think this is the most strenuous task for the CPU. What about your settings there. My aim is to have high to very high settings. Will a new CPU help me with that. My FPS are between 20-25 when I’m at an airport with the FSLabs and full weather etc.
  5. I don‘t want to upgrade my GPU only my CPU. Right now, my 1080ti is at about 40% during a flight which is pretty low. I‘ll probably go for the i7 9700k and the ASUS ROG Strix Z390-F Gaming Mobo with new DDR4 RAM. No, I’m running 2k at the moment bc my monitor only has this resolution. Yes, normally I’m in that area as well. During cruise I even get ~40FPS but as soon as I approach any airport I have slow loading Autogen/Scenery/Night Lighting and between 15-20FPS.
  6. Hi everyone I‘m considering upgrading my CPU because I‘m not happy with my performance anymore. I have an i7 4790k OC@4.7Ghz and an ASUS GTX1080ti. P3D is on a separate SSD. My settings are rather moderate. Autogen all sliders on medium to high settings. I’ve done a lot of research concerning performance in P3D and I think that my CPU just can’t handle things anymore. Core 0 is always at 100% while the other three range between 20-50% usage. Do you think it’s worth upgrading? I thought about an i7 9700k or maybe even an i9 9900k. Any comments about this?
  7. Yep that worked. Thank you very much. I now even now which ad-on caused the problem. It was PTA (v2.66) which was causing the problem and not REX Enviroment Force like I anticipated. Thanks for the help
  8. Hi everybody I was able to break my sim (again). My problem is that everything is black and white now except for the cockpit. The ground textures are completely black and the autogen is monochrome. For some reason the cirrus clouds are blue. What I've tried so far: Uninstalling & reinstalling REX Environment Force (Suspected it to be conflicting with PTA) Restoring the original shaders through PTA Repairing/Reinstalling the P3D client to get new HLSL shaders Doing a system restore to a point where the sim was working just fine All of the above didn't work. Now I'm pretty clueless. My specs: i7 4790k @ 4.7ghz GTX1080Ti 16Gb Ram 2133mhz Windows 10 64bit latest P3D version (v4.5) And here are some screenshots Thanks in advance 😄
  9. I don't think so because Matt Davies also uses PTA and Tomatoshade.
  10. Hi everybody I have a problem with the Aircraft reflection profiles of Tomatoshade. No matter what profile I install I get a black model. As my shaders were corrupted I reinstalled the client to get the default shaders. Then I applied my PTA preset followed by Tomatoshade. I only use Tomatoshade for the felections nothing else, so PTA and Tomatoshade shouldn't interfere with each other. Then I loaded all the models in the DynamicReflectionMaker. As soon as I start up the sim all aircraft are black. I have Dynamic Reflections turned on in the sim and URP is disabled. Any ideas what I'm doing wrong?
  11. So I deleted the shaders and the .cfg. In addition I also reinstalled the graphics driver and from what I see now the problem is fixed . Thank you all 😊
  12. Hi, I just updated from my GTX980 to a Asus GTX1080Ti OC but since the upgrade I only get problems with P3D. I didn't change any settings but I keep getting the DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_HUNG error. In addition to that I get terrible FPS at any airport, less than what I had with the GTX980. My specs are: i7 4790k at 4.7ghz GTX1080Ti OC 16 Gb RAM 2133mhz Any ideas what the problem might be? Cheers Alex
  13. Hi Rob, Thanks for the tips. I'll try it out and wait for your video and then I'll report back here. Cheers, Alex
  14. Hi, I started experiencing this issue that when let's say I start descending and approach the airport the autogen doesn't load in. I just see blank ground textures. Sometimes the autogen (buildings and trees) loads in behind the aircraft but that's very seldom. I tried lowering my settings to a minimum without success and I experimented with default, ORBX and Turbulent Design autogen trees but nothing really worked. I'm reather reluctant to reinstalling the whole sim becuase it takes me about 2 days to reinstall everything. Any idea how to fix this problem? Greetings Alex
  15. Well thanks everybody for the suggestions and advices, I really appreciate the help. :)
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