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  1. Thank you so much Alex. I appreciate your patience in answering my rookie questions... I realize that you are the Guru that developed and maintains my favorite piece of software in support of the only hobby I'm passionate about. I try to find answers myself whenever possible so I don't have to burden you. One day I fired-up the Sim and LNM to put a flight plan together and fly a bit. After a couple hours in LNM alone, I realized that I liked planning and using LNM as much as flying😊 There is so much packed in there that I keep discovering more features and more cool stuff. It really amazes me what you have accomplished and I'm grateful that you answer these support questions yourself. Thanks again!!!
  2. Thank you! Just to be sure I understand, LNM is using 2106 or whatever MSFS has, but they don't embed the cycle info for you to display. Is that correct? Thank you again, Michael
  3. I've updated MSFS with World Update 5 which implements AIRAC Cycle 2106. Then I reloaded the Scenery Library in LNM. If I select "Use Navigraph For Navaids And Procedures", I see the AIRAC Cycle in the Title Bar (1801). When I select "Do Not Use Navigraph Database", should the AIRAC Cycle that MSFS is using be displayed in the Title Bar? In this case 2106. Or in the Menu dropdown where the other 2 choices show the AIRAC Cycle (X-plane and Navigraph). I didn't see the MSFS AIRAC Cycle shown on the "Load Scenery Library" dialog box either, but I may have missed it. I have the latest rev installed for both LNM and MSFS. Thank you in advance!
  4. Seeing an interesting problem with Scenery Library updates following Sim Update 4. Varying figures from different users. I bet there is a simple explanation for it, but I've checked the FAQ and did a couple of searches but haven't seen anything that would explain it. Would you please check out this thread on the subject... would be better than me trying to replicate the issue here. I'm sure those involved would really appreciate hearing from an expert on the matter 🙂 Here is The Thread In Question. I hope this type of request isn't a violation of policy, if so, I apologize and will follow the appropriate process to help track down an answer. Thank you in advance! Michael Roberts
  5. Thank you!! This is the one I tried: https://developer.nvidia.com/rdp/assets/nsight-systems-2021-2-windows-installer Thanks again!
  6. Oh, great🙄 What a disappointment. Perhaps NVIDIA FrameView is the appropriate tool? https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/geforce/technologies/frameview/
  7. This looks like a great tool for for analyzing graphics performance, looking for cause of stutters, etc. Can help users investigate bottlenecks, identify issues such as GPU starvation, unnecessary GPU synchronization, insufficient CPU parallelizing, and even unexpectedly expensive algorithms across the CPUs and GPUs of their target platform (from their web site). https://developer.nvidia.com/nsight-systems I have the MS Store version of the sim. When I try to use Nsight, I get an error trying to "point it at" the FlightSimulator.exe file. I have taken ownership of the Windows Apps folders, but I still can't get past this with Nsight. I have been successful with other apps, but not Nsight. The specific error I’m getting is “You don’t have permission to open this file”. Of course, I don’t think anyone has permission to open it🙂 I just want to tell Nsight which program to target. If someone has been able to use Nsight with the Microsoft Store version, it would be a huge assist if you can tell me how to make it work. Also, I’m interested to hear what others think of Nsight. It looks VERY cool from what I’ve seen. Thanks in advance!
  8. Thank you for that link/video. I checked out some of his other videos and subscribed to his YouTube channel. Good stuff. Thanks again, Mike Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Thank you very much for this post! I really needed this info. Greatly appreciated. Just a note... After reading your post, I wanted to check out osm2xp. Found the addy for osm2xp is a dot com ( not the .net as shown). Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. The tweaks really do make a HUGE difference. Incredible. Hopefully, there will be sanctioned settings or some kind of implementation in an upcoming version I see cloud shadows in your screenshots and you are using Aerosoft Skytools Shaders and Cloud textures. Earlier in this thread, I read that Skymaxx Pro doesn't work with the tweaks. I guess I'll check out the Aerosoft offering to get the full benefits we are seeing in these screenshots. Definitely worth the effort to get these results! Thank you to all who have put time and effort in to sorting this out. Greatly appreciated!!! Mike Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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