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  1. And speaking of Holds - one of my favorite web sites Boldmethod just published (actually re-published, I've seen this before) their Boldmethod Quiz - 7 Questions about Holding (I'll admit I'm a bit of a Boldmethod quiz addict) Dan
  2. At the risk of revealing my 'somewhat advanced age' - reminds me of the time I was going into Washington National and Tower said to hold at the Masonic Temple - I asked "some specific direction and leg length?" and he replied "just keep it in sight and try not to run into anything". Simpler times, those were. And, no comment regarding the potential contrail graffiti the 'Navy Hold Entry' would leave 👹 ... and intended, I might guess.
  3. Manny: Glad you found the holding pattern info useful (and that I finally figured out how to post links that work 😬 ). Not an instructor (yet) but once all this COVID stuff is over with I'll get myself down to the testing center and get my GI-A and GI-I. My third career, I guess (but not really - doing it for my own interest). Strictly a sim flier these days, along with (unofficially) helping some folks get through their written and orals. Help yourself to anything you see on the web site and as I said before you can feel free to pass the info along to anyone that might be interested. Dan
  4. See if this gives you what you are looking for - Holding Patters. If the link does not work it is a few jumps down in the list in the Supplemental Reading section. I believe the part that will be of interest starts on page 8 - Establishing an Unpublished Hold. I use the "wind arrow" technique. Also covers the usual stuff about recommended entry, etc. which still apply - although following the lead of some comments from a couple of 'double I's' I have heard I do tend to bend the 'recommended' entry rules a bit if I can do a teardrop entry vs. a parallel entry. Of course, all the time keeping in mind the FAA "GOTCHA" regulation on careless or reckless (just because you're paranoid does not mean they are not still really out to get you!). See if this link works for you for the Serbia chart - LYBT-LctrRwy30R Dan
  5. Sorry about that - not sure what happened so try this one: Rules of Thumb If that does not work you might be able to get to the document through the Supplemental Reading link - first document, top of the list. You'll see your reciprocal runway/ heading rule of thumb on the last page (I added that for the simple reason that I had some space left on the last page 🙂 !). And, I agree, Ralph Butcher's book is a solid, no-nonsense guide to what you should really know. Fingers crossed that these links worked. Hope the Jepp chart links worked also. Dan
  6. Manny - Glad you enjoyed my 2-cents worth on this. Hopefully the link worked so you could get the approach plate. Jeppesen also stepped up to the plate (yes, pun intended) and published the Belgrade Serbia LYBT Lctr Rwy30R approach that was in the story on Col. Albright's web site - another fun approach (and, another link I hope works). A very talented fellow. "Professor Al" (I call him that because, well, he really is a Professor) AKA ColAl and I enjoy the challenge of hand-flying all sorts of different approaches - teardrop procedure approaches are one of my favorites. Al wrote a lua script that calculates various parameters used when flying (rate of descent, top of descent distance, etc.) among which includes a calculation for flying a teardrop procedure - gives you the bank angle required to get the 'perfect; teardrop. If you are interested you can get the script from the Avsim library - flightparamcalculator.zip Most of the parameters use the math but there are a couple that use a rule of thumb. You can find some information on our Academy website on Rules of Thumb - and some other stuff if you are interested, just click on the Academy link in my signature. Feel free to share / distribute / use the info as you like for yourself and anyone interested.
  7. Hopefully this will link / show up appropriately. - the Jeppesen version of the EGMC NDB ILS DME Rwy 23 approach and does show the frequency as 111.35 MHz but has an asterisk. Jepp plates adhere to the 'part time' asterisk rule so possibly everyone had gone to lunch or were home for the day. EGMC NDB ILS DME Rwy 23 Jeppesen Chart A better approach plate than (for US taxpayers) the 'Your Tax Dollars at Work' version that our US Air Force pilots had to use - "Fly the Napkin"
  8. It's been very quiet for the past few days. Anything new? As soon as LNM has other traffic displayed I'll be using it exclusively (only use Plan-G to track traffic at this point - weather, airport info, navaid info and other features are far better in LNM. Hope to see this soon! Dan
  9. :clapping: And the crowd gives a standing ovation - Then does their 'happy dance' Thanks Alex !!!! Dan
  10. Came back to the Forum to check on that very thing! I run Little Navmap for all my flight planning and navigation needs (the single-click function to put airport and navaid specifics in the Information box is a huge benefit - not to mention the richness of the data including the latest NOAA METAR) and I find I can see things easier when zoomed out than with the other popular map system but still use that when I want to see other traffic. Just wanted to get my two-cents worth in about showing other traffic being a good feature to have (and IMHO once in place will cause many users of other map systems to move to Little Navmap). Dan
  11. Roo: Should this be placed in a specific folder? Other requirements to make this work properly? Thanks, Dan
  12. Not sure if re-posting @ATC_Roo's remark from ~ 10 days ago sheds any light on the solution for this but I added it just in case there's something in there that helps with this issue. Al and I use the Garmin GTN 750 GPS and this does pick up and display the other traffic (symbol for position, altitude difference and audible warning if traffic is close also sounds correctly). Had this running when I joined a session with Bob and some of his guys flying and all aircraft were displayed - added this bit of info just in case there are any hints to what needs to be done to make this work for all variations on the radar and GPS systems in use. I have radar installed in some aircraft so will test that when I have a chance. Dan
  13. Thanks for the additional info Robert. I'll look into this a bit more as it does sound like an interesting addition. I presume that you are in the cockpit with respect to position only, not really viewing the instruments, etc. - as I understand it that part of any other aircraft is not 'transmitted' to other pilots so cannot be seen. But wow, what a hoot if you could get onto another pilot's flight deck and see exactly what they see. But on that topic --- We did experiment a bit with one pilot connected to a Steam session using FSX-SE and connected to several others in a JoinFS session. Although that pilot's plane had multiple lines in the View | Aircraft table (some 'echo' phenomenon, I suppose) we only saw one aircraft and it behaved exactly as you would expect - no evidence that the other session was interfering in any way. So theoretically (we did not test this) someone who was in the FSX-SE multiplayer session could join that aircraft as co-pilot, trainee, etc. Like others we are spending a good bit of time checking out the basic operation of JoinFS but will likely test this more in the future. One test I did do was a Mach 0.74 flyby in my Lear 35 (FlySim payware) just off the wingtip of another Lear 35 - smooth, jitter-free (using frame rates locked at 31). Hmmmm ... I wonder if the aircraft sharing feature could be built directly into JoinFS ??? Ohhh Peter ..... :p0502: Dan
  14. Great minds work alike, I guess (yours and Bob's - the guy that thought of this - not mine, clearly ) Dan
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