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  1. It's been very quiet for the past few days. Anything new? As soon as LNM has other traffic displayed I'll be using it exclusively (only use Plan-G to track traffic at this point - weather, airport info, navaid info and other features are far better in LNM. Hope to see this soon! Dan
  2. :clapping: And the crowd gives a standing ovation - Then does their 'happy dance' Thanks Alex !!!! Dan
  3. Came back to the Forum to check on that very thing! I run Little Navmap for all my flight planning and navigation needs (the single-click function to put airport and navaid specifics in the Information box is a huge benefit - not to mention the richness of the data including the latest NOAA METAR) and I find I can see things easier when zoomed out than with the other popular map system but still use that when I want to see other traffic. Just wanted to get my two-cents worth in about showing other traffic being a good feature to have (and IMHO once in place will cause many users of other map systems to move to Little Navmap). Dan
  4. Roo: Should this be placed in a specific folder? Other requirements to make this work properly? Thanks, Dan
  5. Not sure if re-posting @ATC_Roo's remark from ~ 10 days ago sheds any light on the solution for this but I added it just in case there's something in there that helps with this issue. Al and I use the Garmin GTN 750 GPS and this does pick up and display the other traffic (symbol for position, altitude difference and audible warning if traffic is close also sounds correctly). Had this running when I joined a session with Bob and some of his guys flying and all aircraft were displayed - added this bit of info just in case there are any hints to what needs to be done to make this work for all variations on the radar and GPS systems in use. I have radar installed in some aircraft so will test that when I have a chance. Dan
  6. Thanks for the additional info Robert. I'll look into this a bit more as it does sound like an interesting addition. I presume that you are in the cockpit with respect to position only, not really viewing the instruments, etc. - as I understand it that part of any other aircraft is not 'transmitted' to other pilots so cannot be seen. But wow, what a hoot if you could get onto another pilot's flight deck and see exactly what they see. But on that topic --- We did experiment a bit with one pilot connected to a Steam session using FSX-SE and connected to several others in a JoinFS session. Although that pilot's plane had multiple lines in the View | Aircraft table (some 'echo' phenomenon, I suppose) we only saw one aircraft and it behaved exactly as you would expect - no evidence that the other session was interfering in any way. So theoretically (we did not test this) someone who was in the FSX-SE multiplayer session could join that aircraft as co-pilot, trainee, etc. Like others we are spending a good bit of time checking out the basic operation of JoinFS but will likely test this more in the future. One test I did do was a Mach 0.74 flyby in my Lear 35 (FlySim payware) just off the wingtip of another Lear 35 - smooth, jitter-free (using frame rates locked at 31). Hmmmm ... I wonder if the aircraft sharing feature could be built directly into JoinFS ??? Ohhh Peter ..... :p0502: Dan
  7. Great minds work alike, I guess (yours and Bob's - the guy that thought of this - not mine, clearly ) Dan
  8. Peter: A suggestion from the head guy at Fly By Wires - brilliant fellow and probably thinks just what you need is another enhancement so you can fill that extra hour in the day when we move off daylight saving time to standard time - A drop-down "bookmark" style list for the IP addresses with a field to put a brief identifier next to the address. So you can store several addresses for easy recall. Something like ... | Dan's IP 12.34.567.89 | Phony IP (OK, all you math wizards out there can busy yourselves calculating the number of IP addresses available if you could use numbers higher than 255) 89.76.543.21 | Phony #2 etc. Dan
  9. We use a modification of the camera.cfg file in the AppData/Roming/Micosoft/FSX folder - http://www.mediafire.com/file/i4c5rng7gm3sz1a/MultiPlayerCamMod.zip The link above includes the orignal camera.cfg file backed-up and the new file plus a .pdf document showing how to install (simple, just overwrite the original file since this has the original identified as a back-up already). Right click anywhere there is nothing else to click on (the aircraft windscreen area, usually) - If there is one person on then you will see that aircraft in the menu that appears. If there is more than one there will be a menu item call 'Traffic' (or maybe it is 'Air Traffic' - not sure because I believe that when using this with JoinFS the menu item is different than what you see if using other online connections) so you just click on this and select who you want to see. It usually puts you just behind an aircraft but you can use your hat switch to move around and the plus and minus keys to move in and out. If you have the default keyboard commands the 'A' key will cycle you through all traffic that is online with you. And (again if you have the default keyboard command) the 'S' key will put you back into the cockpit of your aircraft (may need to his 'S' more than once) Dan
  10. Thanks Peter. I will verify that all is set correctly and let you know if things do not work as you described. Excellent application - have yet another entire group making the move from DafSim to JoinFS. Dan
  11. Thanks Robert. I will test this further - I also had a situation where one of my add-on aircraft would not show as a substitution even though I was flying the exact same aircraft at the time. Dan
  12. Regarding aircraft substitution: A pilot joined the session in an aircraft I did not have. The aircraft list showed the aircraft as the default Cessna 172 (blue and white, I believe) and when I clicked on the substitution button I could see the actual aircraft (a payware DC-3). But - until I made the appropriate substitution I could not see any aircraft (not even the default Cessna 172). Is this the way the (temporary) Cessna 172 substitution is intended to work? Dan
  13. Thanks Peter. We'll test that out. I know my IP address and will use that. Great little connection utility. One thing I am not certain of - will an application like Plan-G show the others on line as well as the user's aircraft? (This issue might be related to ATC_Roo's issue / solution regarding aircraft showing up on radar). And Roo: Greetings. Hope you have been well. Great idea to see if we can get a large group together to pressure test the application. Will watch this site to see what gets pulled together. Dan
  14. That was it - but interestingly the only difference was that Al was in a Cessna 172 with a special paint that I had not yet loaded on my computer. So, I simply selected one of the other paints and he appeared. So the question here is - can you structure the logic so that if the paint (or, for that matter the entire aircraft) is not included in another person's livery that something (even a basic default aircraft) would substitute so you could at least see that person and then be able to change the model matching? Dan
  15. I can connect to a session but in the 'Create' section instead of my IP address I have something that looks like a Mac address - 2602:302:d1f9:80c0:c904: ... etc, etc I cannot change this to my actual IP address. The address box is cannot be edited. Dan
  16. A resounding "second the motion" on this. Seeing other traffic is an important feature. Thanks Alex for working on this - Dan
  17. I second the recommendation - I see that you have this on your 'to do' list and will be happy to see it added to the features. Dan
  18. 19 1/4 hands. Sindbad is 16 hands.
  19. Also - verify that your computer time is correct and correctly detecting daylight savings time - since FSX gets its time from the computer time unless you are connected to a server that provides the time/date.
  20. Sorry for the delay - checked my main computer and get the same results. So, apparently FSX is giving the correct time. In the menu at the top of FSX go to World | Time and Season - Note the time and date - this should be the loacal time where you are, GMT and today's date. If not, click the 'Reset' button then click OK
  21. Verify that your time is set correctly in FSX. I went to EGSS where the aircraft clock showed 13:25 GMT and 14:25 local time - the correct time and the times showing in the 'Time and Season' setting section of FSX. I then went to EDDF - the clock showed 13:28 GMT and 15:28 local time - which actually surprised me because I was thinking that since the rest of Europe did not change to DST until 2008 that FSX (stuck in ~ 2005) would not show the DST shift correctly but it did - then I remembered that (on this computer) I experimented with some data updating which focused on facilities, nav aids, magnetic correction, etc. but may have adjusted the time also (an 'unadvertised bonus' if you will). I also connected to the VATME and VATSIM servers - times are still correct None the less I am showing the correct times so check your FSX settings. I will check my primary computer (not yet loaded with the updates) to see if there is a difference.
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