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  1. I tried to send the PM it said I only allow 0 pm per day...I am so new to this avsim.com can't find the way to send the pm properly... phew... if possible...could i get and tried the mode through my email "wtp250@hotmail.com"..please?
  2. hmmmmm I just reinstall with turn off the bitdefender and it is working ... :) Never happend to other aircrafts but walla...
  3. Hello folks, I was really consider whether to buy F50 or wait for Saab.... But F50 looks really stunning so I just got it today and it's been only an hour AND Still I could not made a take off since FMC is not turning on... When I run FSX and Load F50 lights and other elec's are ON except FMC. So I tried to Press shift 6 and change the craft to take off mode...still it is dark... So I tried to Re-install F50 still it is dark. So I delete fsx.cfg [Trust] lines check the regedit re-run the FSX and clicked bunch of TRUST? YES OK YES OK YES OK, and still it is dark. Update the Navgraph, still it is dark. Every system is ON except FMC........ any idea what happend to my F50... I hoped to spend my weekend with F50...
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