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  1. Andrew Hafey

    ChasePlane Freezing

    I don't think it's SkyForce. I uninstalled it completely and it's still freezing on me.
  2. Andrew Hafey

    ChasePlane Freezing

    That's very interesting about SkyForce. My config is the same (SkyForce for the clouds, ActiveSky for the weather). I'm going to try not using SkyForce and see what happens. Let me know what you see.
  3. Andrew Hafey

    ChasePlane Freezing

    Haven't been able to find this issue anywhere, so hoping you guys can help me. I experience random freezing of ChasePlane using P3D v4.4 What I mean by freezing is, it'll stop responding to view changes for approximately 1 minute. Sometimes it never happens during a flight...sometimes it'll happen a dozen times. Doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason to it. It won't respond to joystick buttons, keyboard assignments or even clicking on the preset in the ChasePlane window. Happens with all aircraft...well, at least payware aircraft (I don't use the free stuff normally) specifically right now, the PMDG 737, 777, QW787 and the Majestic Dash 8. I've done a complete, clean uninstall and reinstall of everything. While frozen, the sim itself is still running and I can click on switches, knobs, etc...but can't change view or even pan for about a minute. Any suggestions?
  4. Andrew Hafey

    FMC Fuel Loading Problem

    Oh, I just reread your initial statement. No, I didn't change aircraft within P3D after it loads. I selected this aircraft straight from the new scenario screen as P3D starts up, before the sim and aircraft actually loads. I tried it again this morning after a reboot (same way I always do) and it worked like it, not sure what caused it yesterday.
  5. Andrew Hafey

    FMC Fuel Loading Problem

    No, I meant, is that a programming issue with PMDG and the way liveries are installed or is it something with P3D that changed and it's just the workaround you guys came up with? Just curious.
  6. Andrew Hafey

    FMC Fuel Loading Problem

    I'll give it a try. I've never ever had to do that before. Any idea as to the reasoning of that procedure?
  7. Andrew Hafey

    FMC Fuel Loading Problem

    I did install a new livery via the operations center...exactly the same as I did last time I put a new one in.
  8. Andrew Hafey

    ATC menu Greyed out.

    I'm assuming you're talking about default ATC? Load the default P3D flight / aircraft / airport. It will load the jet with the engines running. Bring up the ATC menu. Is it ok?
  9. Andrew Hafey

    Ridiculously hard landing on LAND 3 (-771fpm)

    Great response Driver! Thank you!
  10. happens to all of us. Luckily you found it. I have a storage drive that I keep all the installer files and a txt file with the activation/serial info as well as which site I buy the addon from. Helps to keep it all together so it doesn't get lost in email junk.
  11. Andrew Hafey

    FMC Fuel Loading Problem

    Haven't flown in a few days, not sure if there was some kind of update or not, but when loading in my fuel I keep getting an "invalid entry" (trying to load 20k lbs). I selected "set full" and this is what I got... It shows correctly on the main display, but FMC is wacky. I went through the setup options and didn't see anything popping out at me. Any suggestions?
  12. Andrew Hafey

    Ridiculously hard landing on LAND 3 (-771fpm)

    in real life, you would be using autoland under those conditions (no vis, lots of rain, pretty good crosswind). I had no visibility on the runway until about 60ft AGL...I was actually half a heartbeat from aborting the landing. If that's not conditions for a CAT III all means, please tell me what would be??? As far as the repair bill, 2.4M is unrealistic most likely, but a hard landing at almost 800fpm will almost certainly cause damage to the landing gear IRL.
  13. Coming in runway 15 at Anchorage (yes I know sim calls it 14)...777F with 228k, so running heavy. Intercepted localizer, was on approach mode, flaps 30, manual speed holding at vref+5. Yes, I had LAND 3, G/S and Flare engaged..but for whatever freaking reason, I hit hard (-771 fpm)!!! I was watching for the runway (saw it right at minimums) and didn't notice a flare, but I know for a fact it was armed. I actually came on to the runway heading at a YOHNN +4nm waypoint at 3500 I know this isn't an issue relating to too short of an approach. I don't even use it all that much except when needed (very low vis)...according to my logbook, only had 6 autolands on it, all between -65fpm and -400. I know many people here love to bash on landing rates and I haven't complained about it except that my VA registers anything over -500 as a hard landing with a very expensive repair bill. Question is, could this be a scenery issue? I run Orbx with openLC NA, Vector and Southern Alaska sceneries. Vector has had autoconfigured ran...and there are no visual anomalies to indicate a scenery issue, but I'm at a complete loss as to why it just caused a $2.4M repair bill because of an autoland? If not scenery, what else could be the issue? This is the first 777F flight I've ran since upgrading from P3D v4.1 to v4.2...but I have done several 737 NGX flights since then with 1 or 2 autolands and never and issue. Any suggestions???
  14. Andrew Hafey

    How to fix corrupted scenery / elevation issue?

    If you have Orbx Vector, just run the autoconfig and it'll fix it for ya!
  15. Andrew Hafey

    PMDG 737 or wait?

    I switched a few months ago from the iFly 737 to the PMDG and haven't looked back since. I love it. Great aircraft and right now, by far my favorite. I got the 777 too, but still learning it's quirks, but am very solid on the 737. I heard about the 737-MAX too, but no details...but honestly, I'm hoping someone releases a PMDG level 787 soon. I know qualitywings did it for FSX, but gonna be like 2 years before they release for P3D.