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  1. Help Please, Want to use same presets for FSLAbs a320 under only one heading so as not to modify for each engine variant. Instructions in the manual are not so clear. Thanks
  2. Same here, no chime sound on the 744. Chime is present on the 748 tutorial video.
  3. When I start the aircraft as cold and dark, there is no issue. However when I create and save a new panel state as stated above and save a custom fuel quantity, for example 50,000 lbs. when I quit P3D and reload with the custom panel state, the fuel amount is back to around 100,000lbs and last two digits moving up and down.
  4. Hi, Tried again. Deleted the panel state file. Restart in cold and dark, then reconfigure the panel as powered aircraft only with lights and GPU on. Saved fuel qty as short range of 50k lbs. Save a new Panel State. Close and Restart P3D v4 and load aircraft with new panel state. The Issue Persists. Maybe this has with panel state save.
  5. No, New P3D v4, new aircraft. I've saved a new panel state with GPU plugged in screens and radios already on. No fuel pumps no hydraulics no packs on.. I will delete the custom panel save and try to start with default panel states and see what happens.
  6. Hi, The aircraft is plugged on GPU only. For example with a short range of 50,000 lbs. The figures will load 49882 change to 49876 change to 49888 change to 49852 within seconds interval. At 1st I thought that there was a leakage in the tanks, but closely seeing, the figures climb and descend. Regards, David.
  7. Hi, Maybe this is already a known issues or can be investigated. Upon loading 777 P3D v4, fuel quantity 2 last digits keep changing in FMC. Manual figures input resolve the issue. Thanks. David Milate
  8. Hi, Same for FSX. After Shut Down, FSX must be closed using task manager. Thanks
  9. Hi Keven, Firstly ChasePlane is a great add-on. 1st time using add-on camera system and really appreciated it. A must have. Congrats! The bug am experiencing is a major drop in FPS while using CP specially with complex big aircraft like the PMDG 777. I achieve 25 to 30 fps while normal use but with chase plane fps drops to 10-15 and even less. Exiting CP while FSX is running with aircraft on the ground or in mid air restores FPS to 25-30. Maybe this issue can be investigated. Regards, David
  10. Hi, I just noticed that my saved camera presets don't remain fix, those created in the cockpit. When I reload aircraft(PMDG 777), either it has moved a bit to the left, up or down. Have to repositioned them for each flight. Also when taxing, camera does not reposition correctly after turns. Pressing reset camera does not help also Tried same in a Cessna and its all good, every time aircraft is loaded, cockpit camera is in correct pre-set position, when taxing, camera return to correct position after anticipation movements. Are those current issues that will be sorted out in future updates or problems with my settings. Please advise Thanks, David Milate
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