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  1. Hey. I did get it sorted using the fuel pumps method suggested by gboz above. However, I cannot find an assignment for the prime pump...
  2. I fly the 22 in real life and the nose pitches quite aggressively when putting the flaps out. needs a lot of forward trim. And she'll pitch again if you relaxe the forward pressure. Full flap on base leg is about 5-6degrees nose down to compensate
  3. That's weird. I bought my SR22 from Simmarket and I got an email from them saying it was updated - downloaded from them and yes, it works on p3D v4 (with native installer)
  4. Hi folks Does anyone have any ideas on how to set up LINDA with the Carenado SR22 to use a knob on my throttle to toggle the fuel boost pump on and off? It's something I do natively in the real aircraft without looking at the switch so should be able to code a hardware button? Mike
  5. OK, in fact AS Mega Airport Heathrow not working properly - no runway markings and the taixways are a little dodgy too. Tried Mega Airport Zurich too - no taxiways. Please could the spreadsheet be updated to reflect these?
  6. I see on the spreadsheet that AS Heathrow is listed as working - anyone got the jetways to work? GSX reports default jetways. Also, do we have to use the installer or simply ad entries to the scenery.cfg?
  7. Thanks for the help.. It is a lot clearer now. Also wading throught the FCTM....
  8. OK. Apologies but I am going to resuscitate this thread. I've seen Matt Davies'video on Youtube (Hardcore NGX or something like that) where he flies with a 737NGX RW pilot. This guy does his NADP-2 like this - VNAV NOT armed until at initial climb clearance. Accel height 1500' reduction height 1500' LNAV armed on initiation of takeoff roll. climbout at v2+20 then SPD INTV for the bug-up. But I'm unclear as to when to turn on the autopilot. With these constraints set in the FMC, will the aircraft manage the speed with V2 set on the MCP initially without engaging the AP? Also, I take it that we don't fly the FD on initialclimb, so do I use the yellow bars for pitch guidance? Or am I horribly and irretrievably confused? ___ Mike Blackburn (updated signature to follow)
  9. Hi Kyle Thanks for the reply but I do have "show all variants" selected in the sim. My problem is in the Ops centre - I only see house colours. In the sim I have access to all the repaints. Mike Blackburn (can't change signature until 2 december......)
  10. HI. I'm using the ops centre with the NGX. Have downloaded repaints from within the ops centre and they have been installed. However, they don't show up in the ops centre when I try to make individual aircraft adjustments - the only repaint I see loaded is the house colours. Hope this makes sense? essentially, I can't edit the preferences for individual aircraft in the ops centre. Any ideas?
  11. Street party. Parked a car across the road at each end. As you do. #meetingtheneighbours https://t.co/vYCr7XgYwz

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