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  1. Would anyone be kind enough to post a video of the start-up by chance? Interested in this bird, but would love to see some actual footage first. Thanks!
  2. So any word on the other products, mainly the non Turbine Duke and Legacy? As someone else mentioned, its been showing as "Soon" for almost a year now. Greatly looking foward to the other two aircraft arriving for P3d V3!
  3. Perfect, I appreciate all the help guys, I usually make things much more complicated than they have to be...A lot of great info here! I'll also double check to see if the NGX ignores the altitudes set on takeoff page 2. Once again, thanks to all of you, now off to practice!
  4. Alright, starting to get this. So do you always use quiet climb for the NADP 1 and 2 procedures? If not, I'm still unsure of what to put for thrust reduction ht/acceleration ht on takeoff ref 2 page. If CUTBACK is always used for NADP procedures, then disregard. Thanks Spin737, speed intervention makes sense, I will try both methods you've described.
  5. Ok, I've found an old post stating the original release was wrong in the fact that the magenta speed bug would jump to V2+20, where as the latest hot fix (4) has fixed this. The FD commands a pitch to maintain V2+20, but the actually magenta speed bug stays at MCP set speed, or V2 in this case. Problem solved as far as that's concerned. So I guess my final question is, when doing a NADP2 departure, how would this procedure be flown while having VNAV armed before take off? How would the procedure be flown if VNAV was NOT armed or used for take off? Finally, what would you set as thrust reduction/Accel. ht on Takeoff Ref. Page 2? Would thrust reduction ht be 800ft AGL or 3000ft AGL? Or perhaps the other way around? Bare with me here guys, I'll get this if it kills me! Thanks!
  6. Looking at the info I have (www.b737mrg.net), it looks like for a standard NADP2 you'd reduce to climb thrust and accelerate to flaps up speed at 800 ft AGL, then upon reaching 3000 ft AGL, you'd accelerate to normal climb speed, so I'm a bit confused why you'd leave thrust reduction/acceleration altitude at 1500ft? This is the issue I'm having, which altitudes to input on the takeoff ref. page 2 in the CDU?
  7. when doing a NADP2 departure, would I input 800 agl as reduction altitude and 3000 for acceleration alt? Trying to wrap my head around this, seems easy enough but would like some clarification. Thanks!
  8. "Pete's hoping to have the following liveries finished during the day tomorrow, though they may follow the release slightly:800WL:Alaska Airlines (Starliner '75)Alaska Airlines (Spirit of Seattle/aka Boeing Dreamliner)Boeing HouseBoeing Green Chromate (pre painting" Any word what happened to these? I see the Spirit of Seattle was added long ago, what about the other three? going on two months now... Really looking forward to both the Starliner 75 and Boeing chromate. Thanks!
  9. ^^ Yeah... as do I, so much for "slightly" following release... ;)
  10. and a confirmation that were on "the eve of release" truly unreal how excited I am for tomorrow!!
  11. Agreed, i see now why this colt potentially cause confusion. The orig. post was in a different topic, I'll try to provide a link when i get the chance, using a mobile device atm and find it awkward at best to post let alone search and link to another thread lol. My apologies if my post caused unnecessary confusion. Was just a little upset about the situation. Good day all!
  12. Yes my apologies if ive offended anyone, but bliksimpie is correct, if someone is foolish enough to brag about obtaining a "free" copy from a friend, then I feel we as paying customers have the right to call them on it. Im not usually one to enforce rules or take the place of an admin. But I for one will not stand by while someone openly admits to piracy. It's doing nothing but hurt our hobby and our developers. There's no place for such "boasting" here at Avsim, and I just wanted to remind supervoltek that even though time has passed since his comment, it doesn't mean we've forgot the situation, and i feel that asking him if he's complied with mr. Roachs request to peovide reg. details was completely acceptable and just. But I'm sorry I'll let the admins do the enforcing from now on.
  13. Hey supervoltek, did u ever purchase a legit copy of the 340 and send your reg. Details to one of the Avsim mods? If not then I'd say your treading on thin ice.
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