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  1. No proper visibility simulation in the sim. Been having poor visibility in West Africa due to Dust haze for the last couple of days, but it always CAVOK in the sim. Meanwhile AS/MS swears by Aerosol Density, it's there to fix all our visibility issues. 🙄
  2. With Vehicles constantly roaming around in MSFS, it would be nice if AS uses one of them as a follow me Vehicle.
  3. Thanks for the Update. A few things i've picked up with the recent version. - CRS 2 knob does not change VOR 2 course when in VOR 2 display mode. Both CRS 1 and CRS 2 knobs can change VOR 1 Course. - COM 2 receive Button toggles VOR 2 on/off. -Weights on the perf page don't add up to indicate proper ZFW or TOW. It shows 190lbs per pax where the default weight reads 170lbs. - Approach speed page is blank, after putting in landing data.
  4. X-plane 11, where I happily run 60FPS on 4K with Vulcan😏. Welcome to the club.
  5. It seems the ATIS isn't fully connected to the weather engine. winds on the ATIS don't match actual winds displayed on the PFD. clouds have always been the same generic 3 layers. only the pressure seams to be correct. Yet another vital feature overlooked by AS. In fairness to AS, they are a game studio and not an aviation software development company, so i can understand their priorities. Am sure they are having to learn alot as they go along.
  6. My plan and thoughts as well. All future upgrades will be towards a GPU. Good thing there isn't much of a difference between Gen3 and Gen4 PCIe. so my board is also good to go for the foreseeable future.
  7. I would agree on not being in rush to update CPU. just like has been mentioned in a few forum threads, my 9900K sits idly by with about 30% overall utilization, while my 2080S is close to maxing out on a 4K display. My best bet will be to upgrade to a 3090 since the GPU seems to be the bottle neck in my case.
  8. Fantastic Job on the CJ4. I Just concluded a 1 hour flight with it and its waaaay better than default. Apart from the know bugs and hitches you guys already mentioned, it flies beautifully. It was definately less "twitchy" and "Less Rockety" 😁 than default. Please dont forget to add a DME readout when in Nav Mode, The Autopilot Flight modes on the PFD could also be a bit larger. All the effort put into this mod is very much appreciated. Thank you.
  9. Saw Developer mode button. So hopefully it means the SDK will be out on release. “Hopefully”
  10. Am Keeping Xplane for flyjsim's B727,B732 and the heli's. DCS for Helis and the AV8b. MSFS for everything else.🤠
  11. And one more read only subforum for FAQ, Tips and tricks only.
  12. One CTD I am able to reproduce almost 100% of the time on my system is when I use RTSS 7.3.0 Beta4 to display onscreen details. The sim loads fine with RTSS OSD on, but if I change aircraft with RTSS OSD on, I get a kernelbase.dll CTD, every time, even with HF2. so I have it turned off for P3d. I am using a RTX2080S driver version 446.14 with default settings, Windows 1909.
  13. After watching the video, I heard more about forecast condition than actual conditions. In my daily real world flight planning, I rely on apps like METEOBlue, WIndy winguru etc to give me a general picture of the coming days and really more on the METAR for actual weather reports because I have had many days when all my weather apps failed woefully with their predictions. I would like to see how the new sim will depict actual conditions in terms of METAR's, and the forecast conditions i.e Meteoblues weather models simultaneously in the sim.
  14. With what i've seen so far, xplane isnt too far behind. it needs Global scenery and fixing the constant weather draw and re-draws and you could probably compare the two sims screenshot by screenshot.
  15. Glad to read about a fellow simmer finding his sweet spot with V5. I've had a love hate relationship with V5. My final straw with V5 happened yesterday after taking about 45mins to set up the PMDG 747 for a flight out of Talin only to get a CTD 2mins into taxi. Most major sim forums are filled with V5 related CTD issues no doubt, but i think it will get better. I finally have an idea of what it feels like to be software tester. For now on my system V5 remains installed but my sweet spot remains with V4.
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