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  1. Ops Normal

    New MS Flight Sim shown at E3

    Not sure if i was seeing correctly, but are those sloped runways at 1:24 on the video? looks pretty cool if it is?
  2. Ops Normal

    GSX update on the way

    Very nice and looking forward to the update. I wish there will be an option in the forth coming update to select individual messages that appear in sim. I would like to know when the fuel truck arrives and follow it around but have all other messages hidden. I really appreciate the update.
  3. Ops Normal

    [23FEB19] Some News for your Saturday

    Thanks for the Update. Always Appreciated
  4. I used to get very poor frame rates with active sky and Rex force. I have an I7-7700K with GTX1070 and over Europe with Overcast conditions my system will grind to a halt. 1. I noticed if i tun down texture filtering all the way down to 2X or Trilinear it help a bit. 2. maybe also linked to option 1 above was my cloud textures where usually at 4096 HD. so i now use 512 or 1024 and it seems to help alot. 3. i reset all the mods i made on Nvidia Inspector. 4. i recently turn HT off as suggested by another forum and my system runs very well. The only thing am battling with is slow loading of autogen at the destination airport. but i dont get any more low FPS in overcast conditions near EHAM or anywhere else. my current settings are fxaa=off AA=4XSSAA Texture filtering= 8x texture res = ultra 4096 [ cloud resolution 512 or 1024 from rexSF] cloud draw distance = 80 cloud layers on Active sky= 5 all locked and smooth at 30FPS.
  5. Ops Normal


    I use 3 sims for my heli flying. x-plane 10 for Dreamfoil's R22 and AS350B3 , X-plane 11 for Dreamfoils Bell 407 and DCS for the UH1, Gazelle and MI-8. It takes 3 sims to scratch my helicopter itch.😉
  6. Ops Normal

    P3d v4.3

    Prepar3D v4.3 Available Now https://www.prepar3d.com/news/2018/06/114765/
  7. Between 21 June and 5 July, save 50% off on most DCS World titles from the e-Shop! https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/news/2018-06-22_DCS_Sale/
  8. Ops Normal

    ATC menu Greyed out.

    it's most likely a P3Dv4 problem, and the folks over at LM are aware. They say it would looked into for the next update. I had the same problem a few weeks ago with the ATC menu greyed out. But for the last two weeks i haven't had the problem anymore and i have no idea what caused it or what i did to make it go away.
  9. Ops Normal

    PMDG FSExpo Announcement

    I reckon it could be a dedicated line of PMDG developed FNPT II, FTD simulators. Starting from the NGX all the way to the 747's. It could take a few years to put together something like that. "June is way too freaking far to keep guessing"
  10. fantastic updates as always.......NG3
  11. please Lord, answer my only flightsim prayer, let it be a classic Boeing aircraft, B727, B732/3, B707. Something with lots of steam gauges and dials. Amen :smile:
  12. Ops Normal

    What was your best purchase 2016?

    PMDG 737NG CS 737 CS727 AS2016 REX Worldwide Airport HD
  13. Excellent screen shots!!! I really cant wait....✈✈.
  14. Ops Normal

    FMC fuel indicating more than Actual Fuel Quantity

    Thanks Vernon for the very detailed explanation. That explains it very very clearly. Not talking specifically about PMDG's NGX, It means if the tanks are ever empty on ground like in the second picture, the fuel lines should be empty and there is theoretically no fuel in the aircraft since the fuel lines are depressurized on shutdown/ fuel pumps off, but the FMS is "calibrated" or designed to take into account the eventual fuel in the lines so it will indicate 0.2? If fuel is eventually put into the aircraft, and the pumps are turned on, the fuel quantity indicator should reduce by 0.2 (200lbs), and the FMS will read fuel from the tanks and adjust it by 200lbs.
  15. Ops Normal

    FMC fuel indicating more than Actual Fuel Quantity

    I havent seen it mentioned in any of the FCOM's VOL 1 or 2 yet. but its mentioned briefly in PMDG-737NGX-Tutorial-2, page 39.