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  1. I hope its a series of classic aircraft. B707, B727, B732/classic etc.
  2. I think the problem with clouds is not just unique to MSFS, X-plane is also struggling to get it right, and I think its because they all have one cloud rendering technique that they are trying to use to create the numerous cloud types and its not working or they haven't figured it out yet. Maybe that's why LM also did away with true sky for P3DV6.
  3. All that is left, is to merge Simbrief and Charts together and we'll have the ultimate flight sim addon.
  4. Not sure if its related, but I have had my Gigabyte 4090 stop displaying I.e screen goes dark but PC is still running either while running MSFS or just after running MSFS. Only started a couple of days ago and so far only with MSFS. Runs fine with DCS, xplane and P3D. Temps fine, no overclocking or under volting the card, everything at default. My best guess so far will have to be latest drivers causing the issues.
  5. And This also caught my attention. XPD-13853 - Improve accuracy of reported airport visibility with real weather. Testing now Full Change long below XPD-13857 - Sudden change in outside air temperature (causing pressure altitude to jump several thousand feet). XPD-13851 - X-Plane complains about broken DDS that previously loaded just fine. XPD-13853 - Improve accuracy of reported airport visibility with real weather. XPD-13843 - Only first of Custom Ground Trucks is recognized. XPD-13656 - From Bug Report: .FOR file with grass have shimering and transparency with a LOD enabled”. XPD-13848 - drawcall type data ref is not set correctly during `XPLMCustomizeAvionics_t` callbacks . XPD-13390 - Zink/Mesa is leaking staging memory. XPD-13285 - Zink on Linux. XPD-13284 - Allow fallback to the IHV driver instead of forcing Zink. XPD-13283 - Zink doesn’t correctly render UI plugins. XPD-13282 - Zink backend on AMD results in colours being rendered incorrectly. XPD-13472 - No longer able to: “Carry another aircraft” or “Be carried by another aircraft”.
  6. Cleared the output/weather folder to test latest public beta 12.04b2 loaded up sim at airport am 100% sure will be IMC. i.e low visibility Confirmed by METAR in the "metar-2023-02-17-15.30" file. 2023/02/17 15:00 DNKN 171500Z 06011KT 0250 DU VV/// 25/04 Q1016 BECMG 0400 Sim depicts broken clouds with 14.5Miles ~ 23KM visibility instead of 250Meters. winds, temperature and pressure okay. Visibility and cloud base still broken. Nope. Sim stored till the next weather update.
  7. Weather reports in METRIC units at all locations, with or without METAR,s. Ground vehicles and ground personal move away during engine start.
  8. Started out okay at my end this morning. Flew 100nm or so from departure airport into clear skies for the rest of the 600nm flight even though Satellite, METARs etc say there should be cloud. Other weather parameters seem to be okay just no cloud depiction.
  9. Found on MSFS Forums. Worked for me, hope it helps. Check that you don’t have MSFS open, if so, close it.Open the task manager (CTRL+SHIFT+ESC).Find the “Gaming Services” application and close it.Start MSFS and enjoy your flight, without having to reset it or restart the pc.
  10. correct and customizable units for ATC and weather. Ability to get weather from airfields without METAR reports.
  11. Helicopter Simulation and Flyjsim's B727 and B732 is the only reason I fire up my XPlane. A high fidelity B727, hopefully with a Super27 variant will be an instant buy.
  12. Anyone experience serious lag with instrument display, autopilot and autothrottle in flight? first flight 1.2 hours long no issue. On my second flight at about 50mins in, it looked liked the plane was flying at 5fps while the sim was running at 30fps for like 5mins then went back to normal. serious lag with tuning autopilot knobs, PFD/ND refresh rate really laggy, autopilot and autothrottle laggy and unresponsive but plane and sim flying smoothly at 30FPS. Very strange stuff.
  13. Will they be charging another $14.99 for the "flyable virtual cockpit" when it gets done?
  14. Its the Leonardo's MD80 series and PMDG's 737 series for me, and anyone else other than CS that makes a 727.
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