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  1. Pegaso

    Question about Fuel Prices

    Good info, Paul. So in short it should mean $/gal
  2. Pegaso

    Hat Switch Pan

    Tom, which Joystick/yoke are you using? With Saitek everything worked fine, with a T1600M there is no panning in the VC (only in external views). Fritz
  3. Pegaso

    Rhodos for Free

    Thanks a lot for that!
  4. Pegaso

    GPU Upgrade - 1070ti or wait for 1080

    Don't expect that, these are CPU-, not GPU related.
  5. Pegaso

    Brightness of Sim ?

    It should be that way, however there is no interaction on my system, too (only PTA helps).
  6. Usually you shouldn't go wrong with it. Another important factor regarding performance is cooling of the CPU and GPU. A common problem with notebooks, which leads to significant throttling especially with your demanding addons. Hexacore is not an advantage yet with flight simulation, only single core performance decides about your fps etc..
  7. Same thing for me, Brian. It occurred after a Windows update.... Fritz
  8. Andras, just a big THANK YOU! for your invaluable contribution. Flightsimming since 1984 (subLOGIC's time) I tried all versions of X-Plane (and always expected the next one to become the big thing). Now switched from P3D to XP, and I'd probably never changed without your addons. Really I love it more than my complete ORBX portfolio and will stay with it. My best wishes for all your (maybe less PC-bound) years to come . Fritz
  9. Ooops, must be an issue with my monitors: they never show my coolers... 😜
  10. Pegaso

    PMDG 737 Autopilot won't work

    Hmmm, if everything worked correct before and you are sufficiently professional with programming the CDU maybe there is a corrupt file. Uninstall and reinstall the plane if you didn't already. Probably you mean the the Speed knob and Autothrottle by speed autopilot. Does the Autopilot knob activate/lighten when pressed? And even a real pilot must confess that while entering flight data at any step pressing the required <Enter> may be forgotten, and then LNAV and VNAV cannot work. Is your route displayed as a solid line without gaps?
  11. Pegaso

    My sim looks like this.

    Well, the pilot.... But everything else looks great indeed 😉
  12. Pegaso

    Active Sky Christmas Sale?

  13. Pegaso

    GoFlight nightmare

    Ronald, your TQ-6 and the LGT should work in P3D without any extra software, and the TQ-6 also works with X-Plane's drivers. So do not change their stock settings e. g. via GFConfig. A common problem is with the 166A, I had four, and two worked on the very first days and then none of these had any more function except crashing P3D when connected.... Maybe you are lucky and get really decent USB-2 hubs with sufficient power as these are the most common cause for GF failing. After testing 4 different brands I got the right ones, and all my other modules (not the 166s) are happy. You mention that you got the GIT. There is nothing divine with it, you just open GIT when P3D is running, and you should see "3 green" or something else is wrong. Do not open GFConfig however, resp. reset all modules to standard if you changed settings. Every button's/switch's action of the P8/T8 must be programmed via GIT; FSUIPC is not perfect for these. That takes time and patience, but only rare functions are cryptic/not to find in the listing box. I presume that you want to use it with PMDG Boeings (primarily the 737 what the whole thing is made for). You will find good instruction videos for that in the web. I'm not sure whether GF has up to date 166s with newer electronics as announced already. If these modules are new you should contact Goflight's support (worked always excellent for me except 166) for an exchange. Happy landings nevertheless Fritz (EDRA)
  14. Pegaso

    Porting FS9 planes to P3D v4.2

    Hmmm, isn't that like burning firewood in a microwave oven