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  1. z06z33, congrats by me, too; surely one of the very greatest moments. Btw i hope they spelled your type ra(i)ting correctly 😉 (As you know, germans always know better 🤣)
  2. Nam, just did it on a fresh install coming back from v6 and MSFS, works completely normal. Although you had it in v4.5 just reassure that your PMDG_777_300ER_P3D.zip is for V4 and v5 (erroneously i had tried its v3 vs. first...). And, B777-200 needs to be ACTIVATED before -300. Was the correct installation acknowledged? What do you see in your PMDG Ops Center, and if it's listed, what after the necessary update of this expansion? Greetings, Fritz
  3. Hi maggiolo72, not sure what you want to express. "30 fps, unflyable"? What could be a problem with that? If you are human then your eyes/brain cannot discriminate more than 25 pictures per second, absolutely smooth then. Maybe you mean stutters; these are in no way related to fps. Happy landings, Fritz
  4. Hi Matt, if you want more weight you might consider increasing cargo load, makes a lot of difference. Fritz
  5. Hmmm, wasn't MSFS announced as the one and only sim you'll never ever need any addons for? 🧐 Fritz
  6. Kuax, I feel your pain. In 1984 i bought my first flightsim (subLOGIC) and paid for that. Believe it or not, in 2023 it does not work on Win11 although it did cost money. I'm so furious!!! (That's the way we Germans are... 😉) Kind regards, Fritz
  7. Jean Paul, this is correct: IRL Yaw Damper is kept off for takeoff an landing, only activated during flight. Happy landings Fritz
  8. @Tuskin38 Hmm, are you sure this payware addon is activated in the sim...?
  9. So this might be a scam; thanks for warning us!
  10. Paul, afaik the official folder must remain in the original directory. Why not use Addon Manager and put Community on another drive. Then you have the added content in a large drive and only the links its base directory.
  11. MS still calls it a FLIGHT Simulator, not Passenger Sim....
  12. Flying around at Ibiza I witnessed horrible crashes, seemingly controlled flights into terrain resp. water: all tourist jets approaching Rwy 24 at LEIB did not land on the runway, but 1 nm later in the sea! As the crew probably forgot closing the ditching valves they started submerging pretty soon. Unbelievable number of casualties! Fritz
  13. But you DO KNOW this is not from a telescope, in reality this was a joke and just shows a slice of Chorizo (a spanish sausage). Maybe the Creator will eat it....
  14. Same / another silly question: all WUs were downloaded from the Content Manager. And i'm unable to find it in MS store. Pretty sure nobody has ever seen such a -excuse me- garbage like MS's update method. I'd be grateful for a hint to get this one. Thanks in advance, Fritz
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