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  1. 5.2 what a mess Is it really inevitable to put such (nonsense) headlines on the forum? If it doesn't work constantly satisfying for you, usually YOU/your system are the reason. Hanging of the sim after view changes was pretty frequent with me in v5.0 and 5.1, it's not a new feature in 5.2. Most of us found v5.2 being even more stable than before, maybe influenced by its significantly reduced VRAM consumption. And btw. i'll never understand why anyone can "play" multihour flights in front of a monitor; this is unbelievably boring even for enthusiasts like me in RW, too. But that's only my personal experience.... Kind regards, Fritz
  2. Chaseplane isn't updated yet, but changing the cockpit lighting is one of its great functions.
  3. The awesome thing is that it is named Flight SIMULATOR....
  4. This will not happen if you set your heading bug to your actual direction (tap on your heading knob).
  5. Not sure about that, but that's best addressed at Airline2Sim.
  6. FT sceneries are fine. If you get a chance to download any. Trying to download EHAM e. g. needs ~22 hrs at 20 kB/sec. (reminds me of highspeed modems in the 80's.... Sorry for the company, but I'll never buy there again. Fritz There is no differnce betweeen their NAM or Amsterdam servers.
  7. Aerosoft's EDLP is not #1 because it is the best one ever, but it's free.... 🤔
  8. Where did you get v5.2, Spencer?! 😜 In case you have Chaseplane, you can adapt lighting effectively. However in- and outside simultaneously. Have a healthy Christmas time, Fritz
  9. I used FSGRW which is really good for P3D v5 (and XP, too). But ASP3D is visually and physically great together with ASCA (without P3D's EA), no VRAM problem. You wouldn't regret it.
  10. Thanks for your heads up, Vu, as I thought about buying there,too.
  11. Would be interesting to see pics of the real thing, too....
  12. As I have both, I'd strongly recommend FSDT's version. It's a big enhancement for me. Btw AS seems to cancel development and updates as they seemingly try to get their market in MSFS. Regards, Fritz
  13. You can even get a young female Senior Captain as your personal copilot 😳😀
  14. Hmmm, do you honestly assume that these mentioned products are in any way comparable to somewhat professional simulation aircraft!? Okay, if you just like playing, then you may see it differently.
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