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  1. GoFlight nightmare

    Ronald, your TQ-6 and the LGT should work in P3D without any extra software, and the TQ-6 also works with X-Plane's drivers. So do not change their stock settings e. g. via GFConfig. A common problem is with the 166A, I had four, and two worked on the very first days and then none of these had any more function except crashing P3D when connected.... Maybe you are lucky and get really decent USB-2 hubs with sufficient power as these are the most common cause for GF failing. After testing 4 different brands I got the right ones, and all my other modules (not the 166s) are happy. You mention that you got the GIT. There is nothing divine with it, you just open GIT when P3D is running, and you should see "3 green" or something else is wrong. Do not open GFConfig however, resp. reset all modules to standard if you changed settings. Every button's/switch's action of the P8/T8 must be programmed via GIT; FSUIPC is not perfect for these. That takes time and patience, but only rare functions are cryptic/not to find in the listing box. I presume that you want to use it with PMDG Boeings (primarily the 737 what the whole thing is made for). You will find good instruction videos for that in the web. I'm not sure whether GF has up to date 166s with newer electronics as announced already. If these modules are new you should contact Goflight's support (worked always excellent for me except 166) for an exchange. Happy landings nevertheless Fritz (EDRA)
  2. Porting FS9 planes to P3D v4.2

    Hmmm, isn't that like burning firewood in a microwave oven
  3. Hmmm, while flying my earphones never gave me 5.1 sound. Sad...
  4. newbie needs help please

    Well, VAS is not your problem. Please make sure that there is no hidden message window behind your P3D, mostly visible in your taskbar. In this case it seems to freeze which is not necessarily the case. Fritz
  5. Edward, I had the same idea before. However it was a severe disappointment after using 4k/5k monitors else in the range of 27/32". Resolution on a large TV is half the one you get on a, lets say, 27" 41k screen. So you should sit as far away from it like from your TV. Personally I keep my high quality monitors for flying (and they even cost less...). You shouldn't buy one before you tested it with your flight sim(!). Whatsoever, have fun! Fritz
  6. Garry, not quite sure what you mean by flood lights, your landing lights? Fixed and retractables? Probably the tower mourned about that, so be sure to let your copilot spot them directly from the nose as they dont look really bright during daytime.
  7. Edward, probably you use Navigraph´s manager. This program cannot update PMDG although it is listed for automatic installation. You need to download that file from their site and execute the .exe. Only then you get the actual airacs for PMDG. Happy Christmas! Fritz
  8. Are the servers down again?

    Same problem here again (Germany), and it´s obviously the same thing again with users in other continents...
  9. Don´t worry, it´s CP again that is down and doesnt work with anything...
  10. Taver, for me it looks absolutely correct(?). You´re heading at some 50° on rwy 05, your instruments show a relative tail wind direction of 130°, and 130° + 50° = 180°. Ciao, Fritz
  11. and besides: TAKE the runway, don´t run away...
  12. p3d version 4 and Ezdoc

    Peter, well, I know what you mean. Maybe you never sat in a pilot´s seat, and many/most simmers take unrealistic positions as they just sit in a virtual jump seat behind the pilot or even on passenger seat A2 (then of course the back-rest blocks any view). A real panel is always pretty close to you, and you will turn your head for scanning the instruments/displays. To maintain some realism EZdok is just so great for that, a reasonable zoom is between 0.7 and 0.8 in combination with outside views. Zoom is either controlled via P3D or better in EZdok´s camera setting of your actual view. A Chris and Simbol proposed let us have some pictures if it resists to work. Regards Fritz
  13. Lennie, how did you define the switch button? If you select it as a KEY and set F7 resp. F6 for that it should work on FSX and P3D as well. Of course you set it as single action, not repeating? Regards Fritz
  14. MT6 always gave me all gates and parking positions filled up with its mostly horrible models. I killed it and tried UT Live for 3 days now, what a difference. It installed automatically (v. 1.23) without faults, and for me it looks and works great without blocking all positions, realistic air and ground trafffic. I'd recommend it.
  15. Glen, you need the file "", google for it. You need these .gau replacements for RealAir and other aircraft in v4. Follow the instructions and then you'll have all sounds back. Regards, Fritz