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  1. Same / another silly question: all WUs were downloaded from the Content Manager. And i'm unable to find it in MS store. Pretty sure nobody has ever seen such a -excuse me- garbage like MS's update method. I'd be grateful for a hint to get this one. Thanks in advance, Fritz
  2. For me a mandatory update went ok, and now MSFS shows as WU Italy and Malta. But it's not available in the Content Manager yet.
  3. Hmmm Steve, but you don't really do that at 7.000 ft!? 😉
  4. Rudiii, can only confirm what SuperKaro2014 states. I'd not buy it again....
  5. Maybe you use Honeycomb Alpha? Then there is no known workaround yet, and FSUIPC cant help, too. Of course you ensured that there is no flaps assignment listed. In my case it's the left white button on the yoke which deploys flaps incidentally....
  6. I am on Win 11 since it was available, and there was not a single problem with P3D, X-Plane, and MSFS2020 yet.
  7. The noise is realistic in any non-airliner: it decreases when you fly coordinated turns ("stick and RUDDER"). Have blue skies!
  8. 5.2 what a mess Is it really inevitable to put such (nonsense) headlines on the forum? If it doesn't work constantly satisfying for you, usually YOU/your system are the reason. Hanging of the sim after view changes was pretty frequent with me in v5.0 and 5.1, it's not a new feature in 5.2. Most of us found v5.2 being even more stable than before, maybe influenced by its significantly reduced VRAM consumption. And btw. i'll never understand why anyone can "play" multihour flights in front of a monitor; this is unbelievably boring even for enthusiasts like me in RW, too. But that's only my personal experience.... Kind regards, Fritz
  9. Chaseplane isn't updated yet, but changing the cockpit lighting is one of its great functions.
  10. The awesome thing is that it is named Flight SIMULATOR....
  11. This will not happen if you set your heading bug to your actual direction (tap on your heading knob).
  12. Not sure about that, but that's best addressed at Airline2Sim.
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