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  1. Ok, I just had to remove the react and react again and all the channels became available instantly. I tought it is done manually. Thank you for your help guys. 🙂
  2. Yeah I joined early aswell and liked to read the general discussions and the community but after it became official I only see the rules, welcome etc. channels. I even reacted to the necesary posts to gain access.
  3. It is badly managed, I am waiting for access for 3days.
  4. Or a replica where they can write their nonsenses and we cannot see it.
  5. If you don't know that something isn't a leak, don't post it on a public forum.
  6. If you uploaded the file in September I think you are good. There are a lot of people registered in September that aren't in alpha. They invited only 400-500 people this week.
  7. They stated invites are starting going out, so we can hope another wave today.
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