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  1. There is nothing to do with LED, NEON or whatever... What Bryan says is totally true. NGX Nav lights in Prepar3d are awful. I posted this problem months ago. I noticed that the 777, 744 and the upcoming 748 have the same problem, they are like small Christmas tree balls coming out the wing. The explanation that "is a P3D lighting" is quite not correct, a perfect example is the QW787 Nav lights... Hope PMDG could improve that. Regards Santiago Villacorta F.
  2. Great model, but I don´t like how navigation lights are 😞 Look the green one... is oversized, it looks out of the wing! In real life from the pax view you can´t see them. I hope PMDG could improve that! It´s only a suggest Santiago V.
  3. Both methods should be used simultaneously: De-rate+Assumed temperature. Example De-rate TO-2 + 75°C. Result: Pitch not more than 20° and a good manage of speed. Try it and let me know! Regards Santiago V
  4. I also have the same problem. When I press "Checkout" I receive this message: "Your cart is empty. Continue Shopping" Santiago V.
  5. Hi! Does anyone of you know how to reduce the size of navigation lights glow? Using P3D v4.1 Thank you Santiago V.F.
  6. For now I have to start each flight with default state with Engines On and then Shut them down and start the APU. Santiago V.F.
  7. I´m continue having FMC MESSAGE problems. I created and saved a new panel state from the cold and dark one but nothing. Santiago V. F.
  8. Thanks. They have been placed out of this folder. Now, what do i have to do to have the new ones? Thanks!
  9. Mmm... Unfortunately only the Long and the Short states have been updated not the Cold & Dark. I continue having problems with the Cold & Dark and the Long states after version 3.00.8415. On saturday I updated to the latest version via the OC and this has not been fixed. Do we have to remove manually the old panel states? If so, why? Is that normal? Or, do we have to uninstall the aircraft and reinstall it?
  10. Some of us are dealing with these messages and cautions. PMDG is aware of that and I'm sure they are trying to solve them.
  11. mmm... Can you check my screenshots. The aircraft is now ready to taxi and is full configured. what´s wrong? This didn´t happen before.
  12. mmm... Can you check my screenshots. The aircraft is now ready to taxi and is full configured. what´s wrong? This didn´t happen before.
  13. Hi! I updated them and tried the Long one instead of the Cold and Dark but unfortunately I´m having the FMC MESSAGE + CAUTION message. I will try the Short sate in my next flight and see. https://s1.postimg.org/4lkzqepb6n/test.png Santiago V.F.
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