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  1. I did have it at 1.0 it didn't appear to do anything, so I went the opposite way and it feels the same I didn't notice much difference. What did make a noticeable difference to me was the rolling friction. But come to think of it I was testing it to it's limits with crosswinds of 36kts, gusts to 45. I'll put it back to 1.0 and leave it. Thanks
  2. Each will have there own preference. I for one do not care much for breakaway thrust as I would prefer more friction to counter the plane from feeling like its on an icy lake when moderate or stronger crosswinds are present. These are my settings for the ngx; rolling friction=0.70 and sliding friction I reduced to 0.34. Braking friction I reduced quite a bit to 0.22 These are the default values; rolling friction=0.50, sliding friction=0.64 and braking=0.70 Now I only changed these values for concrete, asphalt, bituminus and tarmac. I am still experimenting with the values.
  3. Thank you sir for your explanation. I was able to follow your steps and read through posts from the fs developer website and work out how to change the friction values in sim1.dll for p3dv4 hotfix 1. What a difference it has made for me in the 737ngx, especially the braking friction, I was able to adjust it so it doesn't feel like your landing in sand anymore. I located the braking friction starting from offset 001489c0 after setting the columns to 4. Also there is a free basic version of hex editor neo which has enough functions do accomplish the above.
  4. Yeah makes sense, thanks.
  5. ok seems to be working again after a reinstall of saitek drivers, then re calibrated axis's. Something I did notice which never caught my attention before, was that when the aircraft is below 130kts (approx), I can get full deflection from the rudder. As I pass 130kts rudder deflection is almost decreased by half and the more airspeed I get the rudder deflection decreases further. Upwards of 300kts I barely get rudder deflection. Is this normal operation, is this simulating g-loads on the rudder?
  6. I now uninstalled the ngx and reinstalled the previous version (V.120.8413) and the same thing is occurring. I switched the yaw dumper to off and the rudder works normally in the air, what the hell???? I never used to do this in any version. I am at a loss am I missing something here??
  7. I updated to the latest pmdg 737ngx version via OC the other day (V1.20.8443) and was doing some testing today and discovered an issue with the rudder. Whilst taxing and during takeoff the rudder works as expected, however as soon as I'm in the air the rudder plays up. Whether I am pressing full rudder left or right, I will hold the rudder pedal down to one side for maximum deflection and the rudder would deflect for a fraction of a second then snap back to centre, even though I still have the rudder pedal hard left or right. Very strange as when I am back on the ground rudder works normally. I haven't changed anything apart from upgrading to the latest version via OC. Anyone else experiencing this??? by the way I am using it on P3DV4. Regards Branko Markovic
  8. I've been beaten to the reply
  9. I think he means he vectored himself off the programed FMC route until he adjusted he decent rate and reached the appropriate altitude, then vector back on FMC route. At least that's how I use to do it when I first started until I got more experienced better at flying it. I don't think that's in any manual lol
  10. I have recently purchased fscaptain and I'm using their 1.8 beta version for P3Dv4. Check out their support forums to see what bugs it's has and workarounds. The main bugs I've noticed has to do with the voices, ie co pilot repeating himself and cabin crew announcements causing CTD at times. I just avoid cabin crew announcements and I mute cockpit voices, otherwise it's been working fine. I also run it over a network computer without issues. I like it as it adds some purpose to the flights. To get the 1.8 beta version you need to download from their forums. I don't have fslabs a320 but it works well with pmdg 737
  11. your 100% right manny it does what you described above, I have now noticed that it does copy over the files to P3Dv\Scenery\gobal\ folders \scenery and \texture. Thanks for clearing this up for me.
  12. What does it install in the P3Dv4\scenery\global\scenery ? As I have none of terra florra files in that directory. In fact I can't see any associated files in the main P3Dv4 directory for terra flora
  13. I did this last week and did a repair on content and scenery due to some texture issues I was having. It did not delete my third party addons like orbx. I've never done a repair on the client, I've always just reinstalled the client so I'm not sure if repairing the client would delete the regeneration files like the standard.xml (for controls), Prepar3d.cfg, scenery.cfg etc etc. In any event it will NOT delete the third party add ons and the above regeneration files can be copied and placed in an another folder for backup, then replaced after reinstall/repair
  14. True, I agree. I just bought it. I like what I see so far and no performance impact.
  15. Fs passengers is not yet compatible with P3Dv4, however on their forums it appears the Dev is working on it and will take some time. I just recently bought fscaptain. You need to go in their forums to get the 1.8 beta version to be able to play it in P3Dv4. I'm still trying to get my head around it but looks interesting.