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  1. I need some assistance from the dash 8 guru's. Now lets assume all radios are dialled correctly, including the course for a VOR approach. I just want confirmation when executing VOR approaches, do you need to initally be in heading select mode, then arm nav to intercept the VOR radial? What I am finding is if I leave the nav source to FMS to follow the flight plan, when nearing the VOR listed in the approach my flight plan disappears and the AP starts to make uncommanded turns, possibly following the VOR course I had selected. This is not what I want it to do as I wanted it to follow my flight plan. Thanks Branko
  2. Disregard it appears I was flying the approach wrong by leaving it in NAV mode whilst approaching SAM VOR.
  3. Thanks Gerard, what a difference a good shader program and preset makes to the look of sim!
  4. Now I could be doing something wrong, if so I can't work out what. I've been following some airline2sim tutorials and did the VOR today a few times as I was trying to work out why the FMS would delete my flight plan when very close to SAM VOR. Flightplan is as follows: EGKK - EGHI (VOR DME rwy02) Depart RWY 8R, SID SAM3Z, fly to SAM VOR then turn left to follow outbound radial 192 for 8nm, then right turn to intercept inbound SAM 030 Radial for RWY02. Now everything goes to plan until I'm about to reach SAM VOR. It is at this point that my flight plan changes and the flight plan switches to go around waypoints. I look at NAV page and my FR becomes "RW02", TO becomes "(3000ft)" and Nx becomes "manual". My flight plan disappears. I need to reprogram the FR, TO and Nx for the flight plan to reappear. So it looks as though the FMS thinks as I'm about to approach SAM VOR that I'm doing a go around, when I'm not, I'm in the process of doing my final stages of the approach. I don't know why it does this, this surely cant be normal. Regards Branko
  5. Thanks for the reply. I think it's worth paying a little extra to get this added on. I tried the tfdi one today, was a bit sceptical at first but I got to admit they did a really good job with it. Makes flying in the rain feel like, your flying in the rain!
  6. Just updated the 717. I'm pretty impressed with true glass it looks good. Hope other add-on aircraft implement this or their own version.
  7. Firstly want to thank majestic for a fantastic add-on. I bought the dash8 over a year ago and left it in the hanger whisIt I learnt the 737ngx. I now upgraded the dash 8 to the P3Dv4.1 and took the time to start learning it and wow, amazing job you guys done. Now the 737 is the hanger! Just wondering if majestic is looking at adding windshield rain effect as it is the talk of the town at the moment. I've seen that the dash already has a fogged up window effect which is great. I apologise if this has been spoken about but I have not been able to find anything. Regards Branko
  8. I forgot to mention back up your .ini file when making changes
  9. Watch the above video and use the above utility to get the 125hz controls working. The above video is for saitek controls but it shows you what part of the .ini file as there are some settings in there that need to be changed to disable the controller from fsx. The utility program will automatically add the values for your specific controller. If you don't want to use 125hz then check this section in the mj8.ini file ; Flight Controls positions from FSX ElevatorsByFSX=0 AileronsByFSX=0 RuddersByFSX=0 If they are all 0 then it is disabled to work directly in p3d. Hope that makes sense
  10. Just to be certain the semi colon in front of J1_Z=FlightControls_->sensors.Rudder0_ADC is removed???? Also try J1 or J0_X for Aileron and J1 or J0_Y for Elevator. You have _Z for axis. *************************** Sorry disregard above I just realised you had the _Z for Rudder
  11. I have a different rudder. NOW my aileron and elevator stopped working. I must have stuffed something just then in the .ini file
  12. I have the saitek pro yoke. This is what I have in the .ini file. ; Flight Controls positions from FSX ElevatorsByFSX=0 AileronsByFSX=0 RuddersByFSX=0 ; CENTER AND DEFLECTION ARE IN THE 0x0000-0xFFFF range ELEVATOR0_CENTER =32768 ELEVATOR0_DEFLECTION =32768 AILERON0_CENTER =32768 AILERON0_DEFLECTION =32768 RUDDER0_CENTER =32768 RUDDER0_DEFLECTION =32768 BRAKEL0_OFF =1 BRAKEL0_ON =65535 BRAKER0_OFF =1 BRAKER0_ON =65535 ELEVATOR1_CENTER =32768 ELEVATOR1_DEFLECTION =0 AILERON1_CENTER =32768 AILERON1_DEFLECTION =0 RUDDER1_CENTER =32768 RUDDER1_DEFLECTION =0 BRAKEL1_OFF =1 BRAKEL1_ON =65535 BRAKER1_OFF =1 BRAKER1_ON =65535 TILLER_CENTER =32768 TILLER_DEFLECTION =32768 FORCEFEEDBACK_TWIST =0.00 YAW_DUE_TO_PROPWASH =1.0 TURBULENCE_FACTOR =0.75 ELEVATOR_EFFECTIVENESS =0.5 AILERONS_EFFECTIVENESS =0.85 RUDDERS_EFFECTIVENESS =0.5 PEDALS_STEERING_EFFECTIVENESS =0.5 AUTO_RUDDER_FACTOR =1.0 [JOYSTICK_INTERFACE_ASSIGNMENTS] ; See SpecialFeatures.pdf Joystick Connector section for description ; Ailerons J1_X=FlightControls_->sensors.Aileron0_ADC ; Elevators J1_Y=FlightControls_->sensors.Elevator0_ADC ; Rudder J0_Rz=FlightControls_->sensors.Rudder0_ADC ; AP DISC J0_b1=AFCS_->inputs.AP_disengage J0_b2=AFCS_->inputs.TCS_button Do you have the same values for flightcontrol, sensors.ailerons??????
  13. Thought it was ezdok. I have the latest ezdok version but the old camera effect files from ezdok wont be compatible. All good.
  14. New to the Q400 and loving the cadet training program. Just wondering what camera addon you were using in those videos?? I love the runway bouncing effect. Regards Branko
  15. ATC

    I was about to ask the same question, I was amazed at the ATC quality lol. I just bought the q400 cadet program and let me just say what a great training aid. I'm loving the Q400 even more now, Cheers Branko