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  1. Yes go to above link from cargostorm. I followed the instructions and worked for me
  2. I'll test with the original pmdg737 to see if it's happening in that version. Just curious are you getting FPS loss when turning the internal lights on either by clicking or switch the knobs?
  3. I get the same issue exclusively to P3Dv4. Apparently it's a p3d issue despite it not happening to me in P3Dv3
  4. Yeah Dave I have also deleted all regenerated files. The only thing I haven't done is reinstall P3Dv4. I think I'll step away from flightsimming for a few days, it would be better for my blood pressure
  5. Ok just an update. I mucked around with settings and I got the same result. I took off AA, put all settings in p3d v4 to low, put texture Res to 1024, HDR off, dynamic light off, special effects low, basically everything to low settings (the sim looked terrible by the way) and still I get the same FPS drop as described above. So this has nothing to do with my settings or hardware. Oh yeah I also rolled back the Nvidia drivers from the latest to a previous stable version for me. I tell you what flightsimming is one of the most frustrating hobbies I've ever done. I feel like I'm forever tweaking, installing, uninstalling, changing this setting and that setting, buying new hardware to build some sort of super computer to run a program that has its origins from over 10 years ago. And yet, it does not matter how frustrated I get and want to throw the towel in, I still end up coming back to it lol
  6. Thanks for your response Dave. I just don't see this to be a hardware issue as my GPU usage was at 50% and all CPU cores were not maxing far from it. Like I said a week ago the ngx on my p3dv3 was working fine, no FPS drop with lights or undocking displays. So for some reason I'm getting bad performance with the ngx in P3Dv4 which I was not getting in P3dv3 with the same addons and similar settings.
  7. Strange I get it for any internal cockpit lights. I never had this occur to me in P3DV3, so this is a completely new issue for me.
  8. I've made another thread recently about FPS drop whilst undocking displays or the CDU, now I've noticed something else strange on the 737NGX v1.20.8396 on P3Dv4 (hotfix 1). I installed this new version after completely uninstalling the previous version. The problem I am seeing is that I get a massive FPS drop when activating any of the internal cockpit lights, ie the main panel lights, dome white, panel bright knob, emergency exit light etc. Now this occurs whether I have dynamic lighting ON or OFF. I checked my CPU and GPU usage and the GPU was running between 30-50% and all the CPU cores were not maxed out so it does not appear to be a hardware problem. The weird thing is that once I stop clicking or turning the internal lights, the FPS goes back to normal, which in my case is 30fps, which is what my refresh rate is. Only a week ago I had the NGX running on P3DV3 with no issues. Testing was done at stock airport with no other addons apart from FreemeshX. My computer specs are I7 6700k OC 4.7ghz Geforece GTX 1080 G1 DDR4 16gb 3200mhz Samsung EVO SSD Acer 4k 28" monitor P3DV4 settings are moderate to high, Vsync on and unlimited frames. I need vsync on and unlimted frames, otherwise its a stutter fest. Also of note I have the AA set to 4 X MSAA which is not taxing on my system. I made a support ticket, however I'm curious to see if anyone else is getting this issue?
  9. I don't want to be messing with panel.cfg files that's beyond my knowledge and i didn't have to do this for p3d v3 version of the ngx.
  10. Could it be a bad OC perhaps?
  11. Just installed the ngx in P3Dv4 AND noticed when clicking on the CDU or PFD or ND to undock it I get a significant FPS drop, for only a second or two, then it goes back to normal. I have the frames locked at 30 so undocking any of those instruments causing stutters for a second or two. I didn't have this in the P3DV3 version. Anyone else experiencing this?
  12. Same here
  13. Thanks for the share
  14. Same here works on both versions of p3d with me too. Now has remote AS2016 support with P3Dv4. Loving it, along with my new trackir5 purchase. It's been a good year for flight simming (not for my wallet though).
  15. Try this website I use it to update navaids, ils etc. Branko