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  1. “Dark side”...so it isn’t just me? I thought my prepar3d V4 was too customized through PTA to a point where it wasn’t really THAT realistic but I’d have to say, my pv4 brings something that my pv5 just can’t...and it’s that brightness! I really hope they address this. Also there’s some MAJOR aliasing in v5 that v4 doesn’t have even with the same AA settings
  2. Has anyone verified a fix for this? Default airports still do this for me, I've tried the Envtex and Flightbeam thing...didn't work
  3. Looks just like the trailers! 😒
  4. So I guess this sim is sorta snake oil. Too many people with really decent setups are getting really bad photogrammetry. Watching the trailers and listening to the alpha and beta testers you’d think the sim was perfect. Kinda thought photogrammetry was the crowning achievement and now lots of people are just turning it off. I always felt the sim seemed too good to be true. Guess I was right
  5. What’s everyone’s hardware? I’m using a CH yoke that is older and “spikes”. It’s manageable in prepar3d but maybe it’s doing crazy things in MSFS. I can’t get a smooth flight no matter what
  6. Nope, even deleting the wind layer won’t do it. It’s baked-in. Not realistic. It’s a bug I hope.
  7. So I had the "terrain level of detail" turned to 80, too low. And I had HDR set to "on" on my TV. This combination really helped. So my sim looks WAY better and I take back much of what I said. However, I've figured out what it is that seems off for me..."pastels". I'm gonna play around with my TV's color some more but that's it in a nutshell. There is too much pastel colors especially with the greens and blues. I need to mess with my TV to get richer and warmer colors. I should have investigated my TV from the beginning but I never had any issues with prepar3d.
  8. I’ll have to troubleshoot this tomorrow. I’m thinking it’s gotta have something to do with my TV.
  9. Seriously, maybe there’s something wrong with my sim/monitor. These look way better than mine. Using a 4K LG.
  10. I’m not talking mesh, obviously that is amazing. Texture is obviously also, great. But I was sitting on the ground in Salzburg today and thought “it’s got that blue satellite photo look” and occasionally I get that photoreal cheapness feeling
  11. And I don’t mean that in a good way. Not to be a curmudgeon, this sim has impressed me in a lot of ways but flying in mountainous areas has a very cheap feeling, like the old photoreal scenery add-ons for FSX. Yes, when flying directly over the terrain it’s great and the mesh quality is impeccable but looking from a bit out...cheap. It has that blueish quality, and that sorta “je ne sais quoi” that gives the feeling of flying in google earth’s simulator. Prepar3d simulates distant mountains much better, and if you have good mesh, it’s really good. I hope this can be fixed someday.
  12. I hope this is elevated to a “bug” somehow to Microsoft. It’s that glaring of an issue.
  13. Perhaps but I’ve tried everything including the “high baro pressure” thing and of course deleting the wind layers and controller calibration. Some airplanes are really bad, the A36 is almost manslaughter-esq. The plane violently lurches to the left then back to center. Really? Have they ever flown an A36 on a foggy morning?
  14. So we supposedly have this new state-of-the-art flight model but also have this baked-in turbulence thing that’s totally unrealistic. How am I supposed to have faith that the rest of the flight model is realistic when they add a gimmick like this?
  15. As a real world pilot with 7K hours, I couldn't have said it any better myself. This is such a flub by Microsoft that I can hardly believe it. I prefer the old flight model. At least that could simulate a smooth flight. This new one is so irritating and not any more realistic and yes, I deleted the wind layers. It's like Microsoft is trying to trick sim pilots with "look! no more rails!" Sorry, can't fool me. I only fly MSFS for sightseeing. If I wanna enjoy flying, I go back to P3D
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