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  1. The brightness adjustment is lower is brightest (0.1) and higher is darkest (1.9).
  2. Ditto...Gaiiden for President! This is just the thing to build up my scenery library.
  3. Another with the hang about 2/3 through when selecting Fly. Does it on the Steam and Xbox app versions (have both). Been doing this for 2 or 3 days now. All folders empty and does it for both the beta and non-beta releases.
  4. Hi @Ikarus280 For your setup do you run HT on or off? I also have an i7-8700k and just starting to see what job scheduler settings to use. You seem to have found good settings so will try them. Just not sure about the HT part. Thanks!
  5. Thanks Steve but I already have the mute on lost focus deselect in P3D. It would be some other setting within iFYL like PMDG does it. This is likely not implemented it seems so I'll have to live with it I guess...a nuicance when sound is lost everytime I move mouse to 2nd monitor for EFB (including checklists).
  6. Does anyone know how to keep the sound from muting when losing focus (i.e. moving mouse to a 2nd monitor)? PMDG has a setting for this but don't see that in the iFLY bird anywhere. Thanks! Greg
  7. I'm having an issue with the install. When running the ES installer, a popup opens saying 'To run this application you must install .NET' then directs to the site to download. After installing dotnet runtime 5.0.10 x64 the same pop-up still opens 'To run this application, you must install .NET'. Thus can't get past the pop up and it won't install. Anyone else have this and resolution?
  8. This GTNXi seems like the best thing since sliced bread and I'm about to pull the trigger. But can anyone that has it comment on the severity of the "jitter" that is mentioned, and when exactly in flight it occurs and how often? Thanks! Greg
  9. Have you tried turning off the in-game sharpening filter then applying sharpening via NVIDIA control panel or Game filter in Ge Force Experience? Definitely helps blurries from high up for me anyways. This has been driving me bonkers also as I enjoy external views.
  10. Is the actual death rate possibly 0.1% as mentioned by Fauci today? That should put people at ease if true. But I have hard time reconciling that with what is going on in N.Y. Regular flu with 0.1% death rate certainly has never overwhelmed a cities like what is going on now.
  11. More like 7 days now. I am over 50 and starting to feel this age group (of which 99% of deaths occur as mentioned in today's briefing) are going to be expendable to save the economy. May sound paranoid but that is how it came across.
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