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  1. Is the actual death rate possibly 0.1% as mentioned by Fauci today? That should put people at ease if true. But I have hard time reconciling that with what is going on in N.Y. Regular flu with 0.1% death rate certainly has never overwhelmed a cities like what is going on now.
  2. More like 7 days now. I am over 50 and starting to feel this age group (of which 99% of deaths occur as mentioned in today's briefing) are going to be expendable to save the economy. May sound paranoid but that is how it came across.
  3. Ok thanks for the info. There is no Alpha page in my Insider content tab...just two Xbox games and a System section with Windows Gaming and Xbox Insider Program...oh well I'll see what happens tomorrow on the last day.
  4. I don't see the build either, and am waiting on 2nd email for installation. So people that just got accepted into the Wave 1 Tech Alpha can get the build without the installation e-mail? That seems odd. I can see how that may be for those that were part of Tech Alpha 1.
  5. Yeah my nerves are shot so I need to "Calm Down" also. Finally got Windows updated to 1909 that got the Xbox Insider Hub app to install, but not seeing the build. I'm waiting on the 2nd e-mail on the install instructions hope that does the trick.
  6. Still getting the error also this morning....
  7. Just got my invite and am shocked. I enrolled day one for Tech Alpha 1. I have an 8770K, 1080TI and 64 gigs RAM.
  8. I'm having the same issue. I uninstalled CP and re-installed and still the same. I won't launch at all - either manually or when P3D starts.
  9. Which sky textures are your TS presets designed around? I have generally been using Rex SF but have lately been dabbling in Envtex sky textures, but find the the VC too dark with Envtex.
  10. Very nice! I've used your PTA presets previously and found them very vibrant but not overly so and with natural color tones. Being reluctant to use PTA for now I will give TS and your preset a go!
  11. Noticed the bad performance of EF also. I was sitting at a KDEN gate in PMDG 777 on an overcast day and with EF getting 18-20 fps. Restarted the sim with only SF and had around 60 fps. I could not believe what I was seeing so kept trying and each time was identical. Cloud textures were all 512. So it's just SF for me now. I am using an 8700K with 1080Ti.
  12. Are key assignments working in the latest CP version with P3D 4.5 HF? I cannot get an views with a key binded to it to open at all. Never had a problem with this before. Some will say there is a conflict with the simulator binding and it needs to be deleted, but when it is deleted the view still won't open with the assigned key. Started working for some unknown reason...maybe if chaseplane app has focus it won't work not sure anyway all good.
  13. Thank you Federico. I've already put a ticket in through the program interface for the activation/registration not saving between sessions. Don't know why P3D has became unresponsive after all that. Not blaming the program necessarily just tired of fiddling.
  14. Whew I had to ditch this thing. Won't save my registration information between sessions. Ran once and looked nice but then P3D became unresponsive on next running. I did a repair and it is still unresponsive...stuck on the opening splash screen. Gotta do another full re-install then sticking with good ole AS + ASCA for now.
  15. I got it downloaded through Edge. Apologize I should have checked that first. It wouldn't work in Chrome...maybe something to do with the FDM plug-in.
  16. I'm trying to download the latest version from the website to re-install (previous buyer and want to use it again) but none of the downloads appear to be present. When selecting the download button it downloads another html file, then I click the download button on that and 'Your file was not found' messages appears on another (otherwise blank) web page. Thanks, Greg
  17. The experimental flight model is really nice...it appears they corrected the ground effect so the landings will float and flair some now instead of pancaking on the runway.
  18. Unfortunately I had to disable PBR. It is beautiful up close but in any outside spot view past the wingspan or so the shimmying is awful. Removed PBR and it stopped. Anyone else see this? I'm using a monitor with 2560x1440 native resolution and have 8700K with a 1080. The PBR problem isn't really a big deal to me as I'm so engrossed in trying to learn to fly this challenging bird, but was just curious about others experiences in outside spot views (and especially panning) with PBR enabled. Thanks, Greg
  19. Ditto would really like to replace the F1 GTN 750 with RealityXP version in the 310R. It rocks in the T310R but of course it is made for that version. Hopefully someone can chime in on how it's done.
  20. Thank you Bill I got it working. I'm a 'Double Clicker' but thats OK!
  21. Hi Ryan, Could you re-share your solution for getting the DirectTo and HOME buttons to work? The dropbox link shows a "Too many requests" message. This is for the A2A Comanche using BillS511's files for the 750 integration. Thanks! Greg
  22. Skydemon looks really interesting. How does it connect to the simulator? I would assume both P3D and X-Plane would be supported?
  23. That's actually a really good question. I'm running HT off right now because of cooling concerns on my 8700K but may want to re-allocate cores for P3D and addons, so interested also to hear feedback from HT off users.
  24. Thank you for pointing the configurator settings out. Made me remember I had selected nearly everything. So deselected it all and put the default avionics back for now and FPS went from 30 to 60...now the same as the Comanche!
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