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  1. Is anyone having issues logging into simbrief with there navigraph account? I click on log in on navigraph and all it does is refresh the page.
  2. What's the difference between the TDS and PMS 750?
  3. Thanks for the info. I agree with you about the 737, I don't understand all the hate about not having a EFB and simbrief integration at this time. Never had any issues with navigating the FMC in P3d. I just checked and I do have a $100 credit with PMDG. So this is a no brainer. Just curious if I should wait for the -800
  4. Thanks for the info. I do have both a 2k and 4k monitor available. I have been eyeing the Milviz C310
  5. 38 inch widescreen is a nice size as well. Also a 40-43 inch 4K TV works well.
  6. Hey guys, I have been away from flight simming for some time now. Basically since MSFS was first released. Health, job, children, and life issues have kept me away unfortunately. Ready to dive back in. So a few questions. - My system is a 9700K over clocked to 5 ghz, 2080ti, and 32gb ram. Still good to go? Worth any upgrades? - Any mandatory add-on recommendations? - My favorite aircraft in P3d were PMDG 737, Leo Maddog, and any GA from A2A. Sorry not an Airbus fan. Recommendations for a tube liner and a GA aircraft? I do have all the Just Flight Pipers. But I was put off with there overly twitchy FM. - Any other suggestions? I mainly fly mid to western U.S. Thanks everybody!
  7. I am not a real life pilot. But I did complete my ground school and was on my way to my check ride till I failed my physical requirements due to my medications I needed. I am no expert on pipers as I trained in a 172. But the Just Flight pipers do not handle anything close to a real airplane. The Warrior in my opinion is the best but still a ways off. I go back back to P3D and fly the A2A Cherokee and Cessna’s and they replicate the real airplanes so much better. I really hope they find there way into MSFS soon.
  8. This is my procedure as well. I also wait till the next day to perform the update after it has been posted. Never once had an issue. Everyone with issues just take a chill pill and wait it out. Find something else to do for a day.
  9. Every update I have waited till the next day to update. Not one issue ever. We wait weeks, sometimes months for these updates. What is another 12 hours of waiting?
  10. These update threads just kill me. I don’t know how so many people can have so much trouble. If the update doesn’t work step back and take a break. I’m sure the servers are overloaded.
  11. Thank you everyone for your input. It is much appreciated!
  12. Hi guys, I have been patiently waiting for a study level airliner for MSFS. I don’t do Airbus so the FBW A320 does not interest me. My favorite aircraft of all time is the PMDG NGX. But I am hearing a lot of good mojo about there DC6. Is it that good? I honestly have no interest in the DC6 as I like to simulate current day airliners. But... I have heard many people in my situation that have no regrets buying the DC6 and enjoy it immensely despite not accurate to current day air travel. I enjoy VOR navigation when flying GA aircraft but am concerned that I won’t be able to handle the workload with the DC6. Opinions?
  13. One thing that has always bothered me is the temperature, pressures, and engine instrument readings always showing the exact same readings per each side. There will always be some variance between the two sides.
  14. Is anyone still disappointed with the clouds with all the latest hot fixes? I just did my first couple flights after the updates and the clouds look horrible. I thought they fixed this?
  15. If it weren’t for the horrible clouds I would be pretty satisfied with SU5. But the clouds just ruins it for me. At times they look just look like Skymaxx pro clouds from Xplane. Sometimes worse.
  16. If I had a dime for every time some one said the sim was smooth after an update or driver update I would be a millionaire. FSX with 60hz and half refresh rate was smooth. MSFS is not there yet.
  17. Anyone having v sync issues with the latest update? No matter what setting in sim or nvidia control panel I get screen tearing in full screen mode.
  18. So been awhile since I have used the sim. About six months. Today I decided to fire it up. Performed all the updates and tried it out. So when in the sim about every 2-3 minutes the screen blacks out. In about 1-2 seconds the screens reappeared. I can still here sound when this happens. Thoughts?
  19. It still has unrealistic movement’s in patch 2
  20. Back in the FSX days there twin Comanche was awesome. It’s too bad they have gone down this horrible path.
  21. Completed first flight. The altitude hold and elevator trim is broken on my end. Impossible to trim when landing. Altitude hold results in violent vertical oscillations. Flight model still very jittery. How do these issues make it past testing?
  22. Update 0.2 is pretty good. Textures are improved. The flight model is still a bit jittery for my taste but is improved. I have an issue with the copilot. When turned on there is two copilots overlapping each other. When off there is still one copilot.
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