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  1. Ok forget it. I'm using the new browser from MS and it stopped the exe file. I had to allow it to complete the download
  2. Not it definitely is not the manager as noted in the instructions of the PDF file. It is simply a zip file which when I execute it it just opens to a bunch of files.
  3. Yes. It states while downloading TDSGPSManager but when I go to the downloads it has only a zip file. It's clearly not the exe manager.
  4. Just bought the upgrade. Says I need TDSGPSManager.exe. to install the upgrade. Otherwise all I download is a zip file. Unzipped and nothing executable. Does anyone know where this is? I bought this in 2022.
  5. My problem is a problem which a cursory search has been occurring in XP versions and now this. This plane does not want to follow the nav mode and repeatedly goes off veering right. One time, after veering I did a DIR on the FMS and it did follow the NAV/Profile. Mostly it doesn't. Like today I did a flight from BGSF to ENVA and it refused to follow the FD and Nav mode despite my repeated attempts. I had to HDG it the entire way. The other problem I was having was horrible stutters. This I cured by not using FSR in my flights with this plane. SOLVED: This was solved by settings---->Rudder Controls Tiller---->No. Use rudder controls tiller on the ground but lining up down the runway ready for takeoff turn it to 'no'.
  6. My system now is, rebuilt by me: Ryzen 7 5800x, 32gb, 3070ti 8gb. No issue with frames.
  7. I'm going to give the edge to Fenix here and that's because of that magnificent EFB in combination with the FMS.
  8. Flew it after the update. This Airbus is magnificent. I've flown FSLabs ( and asked for the refund after the 'scandal'), Aerosofts Airbus series, under FSX and P3D. This plane is the capstone. It is a pleasure with the EFB and FMS, graphics, performance and I have been flying this exclusively even though I had just bought PMDG's 737 700! Lol. The app implementing the liveries is great. Just an all around pleasure.
  9. Yeah the hype is true. I've had all the 737 series, the 777, 747 for fsx and P3D. Their planes always bring me back to the love of sim flying.
  10. Have it and it appears related to the preset cold and dark but not certain.
  11. Realism. More of it not less. Since I started with Bruce Artwix's version years ago I have seen these postings decrying " realism" in favour of better flight model etc. For these people it was always an all or nothing proposition. Then it was the issue of more realism to the pyramid mountains or stick trees. No they cried! It's old. Get over it. Please more realism. Bring those airports alive. Immersiveness is what it is all about with games, simulations etc. Bring it on!
  12. Great job. Works very well like its P3D cousin. You must read up on this plane before going up or you'll make yourself the fool. The integration with SimBrief and Navigraph is great. Love it.
  13. I wonder if MS is thinking of reviving its railsim franchise on the exact same platform as MSFS? This would be an extraordinary direction. And integrate them where you could switch from flying your plane to a local rail line by train.
  14. Not sacrilegious. Many older planes are retrofitted with modern avionics.
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