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  1. I thought this was a default airport thing. It's up to the developer otherwise.
  2. What a mess is the update. I thought it was fine before. I updated the AIRAC. The big problem now is I have been unable to attain altitude. I then readjusted the altitude to 29000 (from 33000). Then at some point I started to lose air speed and the plane dropped altitude at several thousand feet/m. I then tried to adjust the vertical climb back to get to altitude and it continued to drop. What a mess. I'm going to hangar this mess until it's sorted out. This has now occurred on 2 flights. Stay away from this plane if anyone is thinking of buying it.
  3. Just tried a flight. Several problems. I had the veering off the course for some inexplicable reason and I mean right off the magenta line and then meanders back. Further problem, had inexplicable loss of altitude and speed. Moreover, could not attain altitude without losing speed and risk of stalling. Tried later in the flight to attain altitude with modest vertical speed (500 ft/min) and the speed dropped again precariously close to stalling so I gave up. But after a while it just began to lose altitude. Some serious issues. I gave up. Took FSLabs 320 out to regain normalcy.
  4. The problem with the update effected 32 bit applications I understand. Would not effect P3DV4 and it doesn't.
  5. The really important customers, being enterprise, are not using Windows 10. They're still using Windows 7.
  6. 5 bucks off!
  7. It was good in P3Dv1-3 but meh now. I've gone back to Ezdok2 with the numerous preset cameras that download when you load up the plane.
  8. Ok sounds decent. Thanks. I do have Topcat and was wondering how/if this adds anything special to flight calculations.
  9. Has anyone bought this? Is it useful? Helpful? http://secure.simmarket.com/tops-takeoff-performance-system-fsx-p3d.phtml
  10. I agree but it's not an all or nothing proposition here. But I would like this fixed as the environment is a crucial aspect to the immersion. And the rain effects up to now leave a lot to be desired. TrueGlass from TFDi is one example from an internal cockpit perception which to me should be the minimum. With 4.1 hopefully this will be addressed by developers generally now. Really no reason to continue with the poor internal perception of rain and snow going forward.
  11. Well there's your options: MyTraffic Ultimate Traffic Traffic Global in the works. I've used MyTraffic for years then switched to Traffic360 now back to MyTraffic. I'll be waiting for Traffic Global.
  12. The integrated VR instead of a stand-alone app make's this the best civil (as opposed to DCS) flightsimming experience. The clarity of the cockpits and manipulations of the buttons in VR is very good.
  13. Love these planes as they were in P3D1-3 and FSX adn great to hear the porting over to P3Dv4 at least the 146.
  14. Right now using: ASCA - Dynamic ENVTEX ENVSHADE I've used REX textures with soft clouds and PTA. The feature in ENVTEX to integrate with ASCA is valuable as it allows a dynamic integration of various textures in combination with ENVSHADE right now it's the best it's ever looked. There is a feature in ENVTEX to use PTA shaders but right now I like what I see without one of those pre-sets.