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  1. Great feature! Not perfect but it's a long way from the static world we usually have with the exception of clouds, water and the occasional flag if the developer decides the flags need animation. Keep it up developers!
  2. Too little too late I'm afraid. Bye bye P3D and whatever incarnations will/have been hobbled together these last few years. It served its purpose but now looks like a scramble job because the big boys are back in town. When 3rd party developers start leaving the support behind it will be another vestige of flight simming in the past.
  3. Done. Now a distant memory. And given what the MS team is stating about the developers on board we can all see where this is heading. Lots of drive space now.
  4. Could have fooled me. Sounded preachy. But maybe I took it wrong.
  5. The veteran builders are good at cable management. I built my last two systems and I'm weak at it. So for a nice lighted 'clean' cabling system which is aesthetically pleasing guys at JS and other builders of like are a great choice.
  6. No I won't. I've been flying sims since MS first released its product decades ago on my C-64.Thinking you need to grip the stick every week doesn't make sense to me. Maybe you just need to take a break and get some perspective.
  7. It's irrelevant to me at this point because I've given up on X-Plane seeing what the new MS flight simulator has to offer. Come to think of it I've given up on P3D as well. Saving my pennies for add-ons related to MS.
  8. Outstanding with the latest video! Never been more excited for a software release as I have this one.
  9. The problem is the cut. Developers want to control the updates, have their own interfaces and want to keep as much of the money in their pockets. If MS has their own addons I can see that as part of the package assuming it would even be viable to go outside their own Xbox live format and game streaming. Which I don't.
  10. Stunning! That shot of the cloudy sky and several thousand feet up a gap in the dark clouds with the sun lighting the cloud tops is just beautiful.
  11. Having 1 season would suck as it does in X-Plane. I hope this is not the situation. Because of how the graphics are displayed I suspect the solution would be to have procedurally generated snow, rain etc.
  12. I know exactly what you do. Have known for years. What do you think, I'm a neophyte? Obviously if you had any contact with MS you wouldn't be free to tell us. I guess the question for you what DIRECTLY do you know. about OTHER developers having contact other than your inferences? You have no idea if certain developers, such as PMDG, have had direct contact and have the knowledge regarding gauges and systems and Lua, etc. We only, it appears know YOU don't, unless of course your denial is pursuant to an NDA. When you asked the question, "early access to what", we do know that MS developers themselves have stated that its the FSX program stripped down. Now that means it's stripped down to something. There's is no need for a developer to go full bore into everything it is only necessary for a developer to be given insights into the SDK and whether the SDK of the planes, re flight variables, gauges etc. is the status quo. If it is then they can start planning accordingly. In other words, whoever it might be MS gives them the necessary basis to begin planning so that when it is released as alpha for example, they can have their product(s) ready to go. Indeed Aerosoft stated the same: "Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020: Aerosoft plans extensions" The article goes on, "Specialists from Diekmann's team are already in close contact with Microsoft and have analyzed the Flight Simulator for potential products. In year 1, Aerosoft wants to bring its own additional packages on the market, including realistic models of popular airports, aircraft, scenarios and flight routes." https://www.gameswirtschaft.de/marketing-pr/microsoft-flight-simulator-2020-aerosoft/
  13. I'm going to guess that it will be subscription based if you want to access Azure data and of course the beauty of the sim is related to that. I have no problem with that. It seems we have no problem with subscriptions related to various addons such as Navigraph but the reluctance to pay for what I expect to be a dynamic data set on Azure is not understandable. One can imagine a constant tinkering with this huge data set with respect to adding buildings in cities when they are built in real life, maybe a forest fire occuring in realtime which could be dynamically placed in Azure data etc. That takes money and time but it starts to bring our sim into the 21st century as something which isn't frozen in time but reflects real life.
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