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  1. Lenny777

    Fs cabin crew drubware

    There's a new game in town for people who are interested. Called Simsounds for P3Dv4. Several announcements, boarding music, etc.Hopefully more sounds will be implemented. https://secure.simmarket.com/on-next-development-gmbh-simsounds-fsxp3d.phtml
  2. Lenny777

    CaptainSim 757 P3D v4

    Great looking interior for their cargo version. Not an after thought like other developers who do cargo variants. Consistent with their beautiful pax cabin.
  3. Lenny777

    MSSTDFMT.DLL Problems

    I found it. Thanks
  4. Lenny777

    MSSTDFMT.DLL Problems

    I did a search for this dll on that site and didn't find it. Should the search be under a certain category?
  5. Start RC. Start the key generator. Enter the product number in the key generator and Click. It will generate a key to paste back in RC.
  6. I've got the same question. But when I run the key generator I get a run-time error. And thank you developers for this generous gift to the community. EDIT:OK figured it out noted below.
  7. Lenny777

    Orbx P3D 4.4 and NO SEASONS!

    No seasons no purchase. This has been the bane of Xplane for years. Now as noted above when I use megascenery as an example I use it for places which get very little snow (except in the high mountain areas) such as Italy or Spain. I otherwise eschew these types of products because in Northern Europe particularly I want my seasons.
  8. This is a great program. Thanks. But is it limited to launching a max two applications per profile?
  9. Lenny777

    I-fly 747-8 just released.

    Not as good. PMDG did a great job of getting max fps from their 747 series.
  10. Lenny777

    I-fly 747-8 just released.

    Flew the 747-800 with SimBrief FP from EDDK to LPPT. The plane is very nicely modeled both in systems and inside and out. The FMC for the flight had a near perfect VNAV decent calculation. I had the 400 for a couple of years and have always been impressed with iFly as a comparative with PMDG it easily holds its own at half the price. However, I love flying both. Also have the 737 series with FSCrew.
  11. Lenny777

    I-fly 747-8 just released.

    Anyone have a template for the 800 variant for PFPX? EDIT: Found the link http://airlinerperformance.net/aircraft-types/
  12. Lenny777

    I-fly 747-8 just released.

    Where's the link to this 800? EDIT: Nevermind. I found it.
  13. Ok, I did not use simsounds, FSCrew and changed WXRadar on setup back to HiFi and all is good. I'm going to try the WXRadar again later and see if that was the problem. It's not UUWW. I've flown the updated patch with MD-82 before the new expansion and wasn't the SODE jetway.
  14. Second CTD. Same configuration as above. Using the MD-88. This time programming the FMC. I'm going to run it using differnt addons. I called FSCrew and everything else without calling GSX and it crashed. I also had the updated WXRadar but I'm swithcing back to HiFi AS as WX client.
  15. Love the expansion pack. Only problem - I had a CTD. It happened when I opened the ATC window. I have Rex Skyforce and AS running along with FSCrew and GSX2. I'm also running simsounds trial. All worked on the non-expansion md before.