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  1. Ok I'll give it a look. I have opened a support ticket as well.
  2. I disabled antivirus completely. I'm getting no problems loading PMDG, Carenado planes, CS 757, just this plane.
  3. I finally downloaded it. Uninstalled the original and reinstalled. I also uninstalled all the other folders - so basically a clean install. Restarted. I load up the default plane as usual, then choose FSLabs A320, preview seen, runs the loadup small screens but will not continue. Just hangs up then finally crashes. Anybody have this?
  4. Two hours with timeouts I'm done. Come back later.
  5. I was able to install the new Spotlights without any problem or timing out. Must be different servers.
  6. Gee the downloading with this place is terrible. Repeated attempts timing out. Time to rethink their delivery model.
  7. They have noted a number of external dynamic effects but very disappointed no window/rain effects. I'd gladly give up everyone of those external effects for window/rain effects.
  8. Was done with their first fix.
  9. The Feelthere ERJ's are actually not bad. I like the cockpit voice checklist. Flies well. All for $20.00. I wouldn't bother with Aerosoft's CRJ's right now. I've grounded them for various reasons.
  10. Aerofly FS2 is the best use of VR right now. Very nice. The clarity of the cockpits, manipulation of the buttons and dials is better than any implementation in the other existing sims.
  11. I've used MyTraffic for years, went briefly to Traffic 360 which wasn't bad but MyTraffic does a very nice job of filling airports with varied traffic. I do wish it were updated completely instead of porting over from previous versions which is why I'm also interested in JustFlight's traffic AI program in development.
  12. Around Christmas it was half-price otherwise I wouldn't have bought it.
  13. "To keep compatibility, LM would have to code two entirely different physics models that the end user would have to select from or provide the option for aircraft developers to have a trigger value that if not present would indicate old physics and if present would indicate new physics ... but even with that, all AI aircraft would operate completely differently and would also need to be updated." This is quite clearly the best solution. Any upgrade cost re physics models would be optional for the vendors/buyers. LM providing two models. AI to me becomes secondary - the primary issue is realistic flyability.
  14. What are your system specs?