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  1. https://www.avsim.com/forums/topic/505817-xtreme-prototypes-glj25/?page=2
  2. So it needs a subscription to Navigraph's FMS data? That's about $30 a year. Not bad with about $25 additionally (19.95 euros) for 1 year with fsaerodata subscription. Is that about right?
  3. Bad business. Spend time working on a product and then releasing it to a sim which is on the way out? The product itself will help drive P3Dv4 sales more but the converse is not true.
  4. MS Flight Simulator X? What's that?
  5. Second monitor works wonders
  6. I have iFly 737 and 747. No indication FS2CREW right now. I don't think FSPassengers is ready yet. It would be very good otherwise. It was still in beta last time I checked.
  7. Manage expectations for next year? Maybe? Oh ok.
  8. Integration of WT and P2A would be fantastic! A game changer for XP.
  9. An update? For example I was expecting volumetric clouds. Really not much.
  10. They have no download limit now.
  11. That was a terrible example I used.
  12. Use simbrief/Little NavMap both export flightplans created in the gfp format for importation into the GTN.
  13. The winter trees in TF are much too exaggerated. ORBX have a more natural look for the dead of winter. TF winter trees look like they are in a perpetual state of heavy snowfall No doubt after a big snowfall and one which is close to freezing the snow clings to the trees in that fashion. But as an example I noticed the Spring trees in Norway were white and the ORBX trees had already moved to their Spring form. Another thing I see in TF is the exaggeration in green forests. Looks artificial. However, I think their Amazon forest cover is pretty good and I do think that ORBX tends to present its trees in a more consevative color pallet overall.
  14. I bought it a week ago. The voice acceleration, the personalization of actual airlines instead of 'speedbird' according to your AI. Lot's of nice features.
  15. I have FI for both XP and P3Dv3. The best VR right now is in AeroFly2. Hands down. There is a thread devoted to VR further up in the forum. Lots of troubleshooting and tips there.