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  1. Lenny777

    Aerosoft A318/9

    Yeah FSLabs 'blows '.He's got that right.
  2. I agree with the ambient airport sounds. But this is great.
  3. Wow. Looking forward to this!
  4. Lenny777

    QW 787 Performance

    My performance issue is not fps that seems to be very smooth. My issue I just encountered on my third flight about 3/4 way to the destination was CPU usage rocketing up to 99% and my GPU only around 12%. This made the flight unflyable as it began to jerk up and down. This is the first plane for me this has ever happened.
  5. Lenny777

    P3DV4 QualityWings 787 Bugs

    I've now tried the 787 with Active Sky on four occasions and I get a CTD on each occasion. I have not used the WX on the last one. Using Sky Force's weather engine brings no CTD.
  6. Lenny777

    QW787 P3Dv4 - first impressions?

    Yes the WX radar. I was having CTDs. I've haven't flown with AS yet without the radar. I just simply used the engine from SkyForce and flew with no CTD. Then I read using it can or causes CTDs. That appears to have been the problem but it only happened when I had it on using AS so I'm assuming that both in combination was the problem. No idea whether QW included AS API or not. Maybe it doesn't. Just know that when I used both in combination i had 2 CTDs. I'll have to do more testing.
  7. Lenny777

    QW787 P3Dv4 - first impressions?

    The two first attempts at flights ended up with CTDs. I thought it was ActiveSky as when the next time I tried I flew without it and used the SkyForce weather engine. That was a near perfect flight. Captured the GS and a beautiful ILS landing.Then I found out it wasn't ActiveSky it was using the weather radar which I happened to use with AS. I also used it with SkyForce but there wouldn't be any returns and there wasn't a CTD. At least I then knew using AS with the weather radar will give an CTD. I think some of these issues would be covered if people registered with their forum. The price is dead on good. The liveries are numerous and free. By the way, I hadn't cracked open a document yet - just flying 737s, 747s,777s from PMDG or iFly will give you most of the knowledge. I'll now need to dig into the manuals.
  8. The sensation of flying, the dimensions, the size of your plane these are invaluable characteristics of VR. It's one thing to fly in 2D a big 747 it's another thing entirely to experience it in VR. That will run it's course though because bringing windows in, examining charts, etc. all these are compromised in some fashion including the visuals. FI was the best at bringing that functionality - windowing into the cockpit though not always wieldy it allowed a very nice mixture of visual satisfaction, functionality and fps. To make the handcontrollers work (touch for Oculus) , you really need to have a clean front desk so the sensors can pick up your lower movements, throttle, mixture, prop and other panel controls. I find if I leave my Saitek stuff there I'm hitting it with the handcontrollers. The whole thing is unwieldy. I much prefer a decent mouse arrow which can be easily tracked and therefore to control all the buttons and switches. This becomes more acute when using the GPS. Both DCS and AFS2 are to me the best implementations of VR for flying right now. As a civilian VR it still needs ATC, weather, traffic AI but 'out of the box' as it were the look and functionality is better. IMHOP
  9. Your recommendation is insulting and stupid. AFS2 puts XP to shame in look, feel, clarity, of the VR flying. Take up the the Dash 8 Q400 in AFS2 in VR and get back to me before you try to sell the crappy experience in XP11. It not only needs maturing, it needs a complete revamp. I started flying VR since FI came out with its product. Amazing that that 32 bit product even puts the XP 11 64 bit product to shame. You're selling hype, not reality.
  10. It has nothing to do with XP not supporting FF!! I didn't expect anything but at least a decent fps, lack of juddering, lack of shimmering all resident in the VR implementation for XP notwithstanding that plane. And I would point out to you at least the implementation with FI for the P3D lacked several of the problematic visual aspects which are so characteristic of XP. Didn't matter WHAT plane was used whether a PMDG product or Captn Sim, etc. Even the VR implementation in P3Dv4 is better than XP's implementation visually. As I stated the hand controllers are virtually worthless on GA planes because my setup requires the fixed Saitek yoke system which makes the use of the hand controllers completely useless particularly in combination with pedals, keyboard, saitek quadrant.
  11. I've had Oculus virtually from it's inception and have numerous games. P3D using FI is significantly better not only in terms of looks but functionality given its use of windows. And beyond all of these AFS2 which is significantly superior to all. Bad shimmering, Mediocre fps, etc. Today I revisited XP with the update using FF 767. Just not a pleasant experience -everything from the need to remove my headgear to access the IPad settings, to the very mediocre general look and frames. And I don't lack the hardware. The clue you should have is not to misrepresent how good it is. I would also say, the use of the hand controls is virtually of no value if you have a big yoke like I do sitting in front of you (Pro Flight Yoke System). i7-7700k OC'd 4.7 GHz, Asus Prime Z270-A MOBO ,32 GB DDR4 Ripjaws, ZOTAC ampExtreme 1080 8GB, Thermaltake Core V71 Case, Corsair H100i v2 liquid cooler, RM850xCorsair psu, ADATA M.2 2280 240GB SATA III TLC Internal Solid State Drive (SSD) WIndows 10 Pro, 2 TB Samsung and 3 TB WD HDs .
  12. I tried with the update and sorry, stay away. Bad shimmering and fps issues still. Setting ss1.5 does very little. I like the big pointer that at least makes it easy to find, move and manipulate the switches and buttons. If you're contemplating getting VR just because of this implementation you will be disappointed.. I used FlyInside for both X-plane and P3Dv4.1. Didn't like the former. The latter was not too bad. It allowed bringing in windows of various sorts, like maps, charts etc and had pretty good fps. But moving on to P3Dv4 I ended all that. As I stated above AFS2 is the only way to go for civilian VR flying.
  13. I purchased this early access for P3Dv4 and noticed that it has presets for installing in FSW which have not been fully implemented yet. Anybody hear if this will be fully implemented? Would at least extend the life for me of this sim some more.
  14. Lenny777

    Just Flight Traffic Global (Early Access) Available

    I did the deinstallation and reinstalled pointing the actual C installation which would have been in the Documents folder to my high capacity drive. It still leaves some files in that folder but the main thing is that the actual TrafficGlobalFleet folder with all the planes is put in the high capacity drive and not on the C drive. So that saved several gbs of space. Haven't tried it out yet though. Update. Seems to be ok. LEBL lots of traffic. Im using STBv4 to monitor the traffic. There are still black planes with liveries not installed usually these are the 738 or 737s related to KLM or a some other carrier. It is early access. I would say that I don't like the sounds at all. They all seem to be the same. Furthermore when one plane starts up the sounds seems to carry everywhere doesn't matter how far I am from the plane. Weird.
  15. Lenny777

    Just Flight Traffic Global (Early Access) Available

    I agree about the C drive installation. I use a 250 GB M.2 drive for windows 10. Limited space and I'm down to 45 gb. It states it is the recommend place of installation has anybody tried another place to install it?