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  1. I like to be able to micro-manage this sim. To me that adds to its complexity of depth. You can nuance it to your heart's content. So big kudos to Asobo team in providing the ability to nuance it and your seeking the same ability as a simmer.
  2. Then they are doomed to failure. I liked their 757 for P3D. Very nice interior and exterior model.
  3. It's a response to a poster or two who was complaining about updates breaking mods.
  4. Seriously some of you guys. You can't have it both ways. You want improvements to MSFS and then complain when updates are done that it breaks certain add-ons. It's the risk assumed when you do this. You act as if this is something new in the flight sim world. While appreciative of any add-on I would suggest that assuming the risk will eventually bring the reward assuming the developer is here for the long haul. If not, them let someone else do it and when until the platform settles down.
  5. Well you've tolerated a mediocre ATC in FSX, the numerous incarnations of P3D, and worst of all X-Plane. What makes you think things would change? Particularly since most people have, over the last many years, gravitated to 3rd party solutions. Nowhere did I see ASOBO or MS or anyone else promise the ATC would be anything but a general port from FSX. For my own purposes I find it adequate but over the course of all three versions noted above I've purchased 3rd party solutions. Everything from P2ATC to PF3 to public domain and payware solutions for X-Plane. Get over it because it is what it is.
  6. Does the P3D sim have a default 787? It took a while before QW had it ready for P3D I think v4 it was finally released? Yeah I wouldn't be too chippy.
  7. Aerosoft CRJ is first on the list.If you don't read the manuals and/or watch some good videos then don't try to fly it. Your errors will reflect poorly on your determination to fly a plane without an autothrottle, good systems, a very worthy FMC and a top quality EFB. The FBW, A320 is very simple to fly.Well assuming you've flown them in prior flight sims.
  8. Or Traffic Global or MyTraffic both of which I used for FSX/P3D. Real world schedules etc. In time and I suspect Traffic Global will be the first.
  9. People need to read up on this plane, the manuals, and watch some Youtubers . Today was a great flight - ESMS to LOWW, captured the LOC and flew the ILS on the numbers. One of the best flights I've ever had on this plane. I would caution people flying this plane, because there are so many clickable areas and when you are panning with the mouse it is possible to click off buttons and levers and before you know it something isn't going right. This happened today a couple of times. I accidently shut off the NAV and didn't notice until the plane was leaving the leg. I was dreading and thinking was this the dreaded issue which was occuring with the P3D version? Until I realized my panning and clicking in the cockpit shut it off. This also occurred with the AP though that was easier to tell because of the aural sound. Another oddity, when I noticed I hadn't put on the FD on the co-pilot's side in-flight, doing so disengaged the AP. The FMS on this plane is great, the EFB, the overhead panel etc. It is complex in that it requires your attention to the details of setting it up and flying. Whenever I have to spend sometime setting the plane up for the flight I know it's a plane worthy of flying. Insofar as the LOC and APPR just make sure on the left panel where you switch the source (for example FMS) that when you are on your final that it is set to LOC all green along with the APPR button.
  10. Weren't you the guy bragging that he didn't have any OOMs with FSX ( despite the thousands of others who did) and therefore the experience was better than P3D with its 64 bit incarnation which you were berating?
  11. Good for you. I play them and see your cruddy beta work. Listen just because you 'worked' with sims doesnt make you anything more than having an opinion. An opinion by the way which should be tempered with this sim given your alleged 'experience.'
  12. And I've simmed this series since Sublogic days and my C-64. So what's your point?
  13. We're in a different planet then. This is a complex sim which larger portions were re-written and depends on Azure for a lot of data. Don't think your experiences covers this by a country mile.
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