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  1. Muchas gracias David. Greetings from LEMD, Spain Javier
  2. Hi David. Could you please tell us your fps with DL on, at Night with flood lights and Landing lights? Under these conditions with 6700K, 16GB and GTX970, the performance of my system remains the same 18 - 21 fps. No improvement at all.
  3. Hi Keven. It worked! Now,I have my control assigments in preferences as I had them before of the last update except for the button assigment of the cameras, which I lost them all.. then I disabled the Experimental versión and also worked. Still, If I launch ChasePlane before starting P3D, it doesn't detect P3D (red color on upper left corner). I have to start P3D and then ChasePlane. Thank you very much for your excellent application and better support. Regards. Javier
  4. No, never usted the experimental Channel
  5. Hi In the new build 0.3.70, none of my control assignments Buttons and Axis work. Also, I have to launch ChasePlane after starting P3D v4.1 otherwise it doesn't detect P3D open (upper left corner in red). Regards. Javier
  6. I got several ctd's like that cause an excessive overclocking. Lowering OC a bit and CTDs dissapeared. Javier
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