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  1. I have currently installed. Which version do i install to be fully updated? Frank Zych
  2. I'm on the experimental channel and the HDR settings adjustment is not working on my version for P3d v4
  3. The HDR Settings adjustment stopped working with the Hotfix. Was working fine prior.
  4. I don't understand how it works I don't see an addon of precipfx in the addon menu. How do you make it work? Frank Zych
  5. Are there event ID's available for the 747. I know the 737 and 777 have control ID's. But what about the 747? Frank
  6. The second suggestion worked....Thank you
  7. I upgraded from windows 7 to windows 10. When I run pilot2atc the window stays minimixed. I can;t get the screen to appear on my display
  8. Problem Solved. At least in this case. After crossing runway 22R I was requesting departure to far from runway 31L Thank You Flightman49
  9. I get the instructions to taxi to runway 31L and hold short at runway 22R. When I get to runway 22R I request to cross the runway. I get confirmation to cross 22R. Now I am at my takeoff runway 31L and request for departure. I change the freq to Tower and request departure. Tower tells me to contact Ground for Taxi instructions. Flightman49
  10. How about KEWR, It's not available as payware for Prepar version 3
  11. The Trial License does not work. I can't attach the error message so I emailed it as an attachment
  12. I plan on running Pilot2atc on another computer. Should I uninstall Pilot2atc on the PC that has the FSX and then install on a seperate PC? Will I have any problems installing on a seperate PC with the License?
  13. It's possible that something I said was interpreted as a request for clearance by P2A, I ran the flight again and it did not happen Thanks
  14. I created a flightplan in pilot2atc saved it and then loaded it. The flight is from KSAN to KLAS, The flight was going well until half way through the flight I was told that "The flightplan seems to be out of date. Please file a new one and call back for clearance" File your flightplan and call again