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  1. When I move my mouse on the screen the camera view changes in Chase plane. How can I stop this movement?
  2. When I move my mouse to the top banner the camera changes positions. How can I stop this?
  3. Attached is an image https://pasteboard.co/IHl2575.png
  4. On my FS2Crew NGX Reboot Configurator tjere is no "ENABLE FS2CREW BUTTON:" on the screen
  5. I get a "Nav Data Out of Date" message on the FMC. I don't know why because I have the latest Airac data installed. which is 1804 Mar29Apr25/18 Frank Zych
  6. I have currently installed. Which version do i install to be fully updated? Frank Zych
  7. I'm on the experimental channel and the HDR settings adjustment is not working on my version for P3d v4
  8. The HDR Settings adjustment stopped working with the Hotfix. Was working fine prior.
  9. I don't understand how it works I don't see an addon of precipfx in the addon menu. How do you make it work? Frank Zych
  10. Are there event ID's available for the 747. I know the 737 and 777 have control ID's. But what about the 747? Frank
  11. I upgraded from windows 7 to windows 10. When I run pilot2atc the window stays minimixed. I can;t get the screen to appear on my display
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