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  1. Wasn't using the correct date. Thanks Frank Zych
  2. I get a "Nav Data Out of Date" message on the FMC. I don't know why because I have the latest Airac data installed. which is 1804 Mar29Apr25/18 Frank Zych
  3. I have currently installed. Which version do i install to be fully updated? Frank Zych
  4. Frank Zych

    P3D V4 Hot Fix 1 Compatibility?

    I'm on the experimental channel and the HDR settings adjustment is not working on my version for P3d v4
  5. Frank Zych

    P3D V4 Hot Fix 1 Compatibility?

    The HDR Settings adjustment stopped working with the Hotfix. Was working fine prior.
  6. I don't understand how it works I don't see an addon of precipfx in the addon menu. How do you make it work? Frank Zych
  7. Are there event ID's available for the 747. I know the 737 and 777 have control ID's. But what about the 747? Frank
  8. Frank Zych

    Can't see Screen / Pilot2ATC Does Not Open

    The second suggestion worked....Thank you
  9. I upgraded from windows 7 to windows 10. When I run pilot2atc the window stays minimixed. I can;t get the screen to appear on my display
  10. Frank Zych

    Request Crossing Runway

    Problem Solved. At least in this case. After crossing runway 22R I was requesting departure to far from runway 31L Thank You Flightman49
  11. Frank Zych

    Request Crossing Runway

    I get the instructions to taxi to runway 31L and hold short at runway 22R. When I get to runway 22R I request to cross the runway. I get confirmation to cross 22R. Now I am at my takeoff runway 31L and request for departure. I change the freq to Tower and request departure. Tower tells me to contact Ground for Taxi instructions. Flightman49
  12. How about KEWR, It's not available as payware for Prepar version 3
  13. Frank Zych

    Running on another PC

    The Trial License does not work. I can't attach the error message so I emailed it as an attachment
  14. Frank Zych

    Running on another PC

    I plan on running Pilot2atc on another computer. Should I uninstall Pilot2atc on the PC that has the FSX and then install on a seperate PC? Will I have any problems installing on a seperate PC with the License?