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  1. falopz

    PMDG ngx or 777 to xplane

    Ive had to format pc reinstal prepar 3d and really feels not fly as good as xplane...dont want to spend all that pmdg money intro prepar.... ill wait. thanks alot guys
  2. Hi does someone has any idea if theese airplanes will, be soon in xplane.... Thanks Luis
  3. hi i got the landing gear issue with the dukev2 there is a fix out there but i havce yo het to aircraft.cfg but i dont jnow where it is some poeple say program data some say in roaming , or x 86l i have widows 7 Luis
  4. falopz

    aerosoft a319 configurator

    ive downloaded without antivirus and tried the admin mode also and nothing im redownloading. whats UAC sorry? user accocunt? im goint also to unistall fsx and intalle it in another drive to see, i gues it has something to do about not getting the correct data into de documents folder,
  5. believe me pmdg its 100 times better if u see the list of bugs in aerosoft forum site you get old , at least 20 pages of bugs,,,,
  6. just bought plane once installed i cant run the configurator to setup nav data base, nor fuel planer, it says navdata.ini file is not in user documentes aerosofr airbus folder, i copy that file and nothing any hint.....?
  7. falopz

    xplane 10 arm spoliers

    thanks for ultraquick anser but im trying to assign the arm function to a saitek, i dont see the arm option in key and settings to joystick, but let me re check it.... thanks
  8. hi in settings i see full up, full down toggle etc but i dont see arm spoilers,,,, im old fsx user..... luis
  9. hi when changing from virtual cockpit views, and outside airplane views, graphics gone crazy buildings and trees rise to the sky then after 4 secs all goes normal, its like video card cant manage that, but my graph card is gtx780 and i74770k so harware is not the issue luis
  10. suddenly while plotting a route, it only appears in the planned routed in tha map, just only waypoint...i know this can be solved typing the direct to button, but whic direct to point in the route has to be typed to make appear all waypoints.... luis
  11. hi guys just purchased ftx clobal and scenery its not being loaded its still flyes with ftx scenery although ftx regions appeared one by one.....any idea here? for example i choose namerica select los angeles amd theris nothng besides fsx scenery there..... Luis
  12. installed, run the config, restart and im getting attached pictures. i have i7 4770k gtx 780 and 8gram, should not be hardware prob..... siloute of cockpit its translucid, gauges look like DOS i dont have all knobs and switches ,,,,,,
  13. falopz

    customize views

    unfortunately im doing what u say, and is not saving it,,,,,,i think it shhould be like exdok, we have tu uncheq al views to let new ones be saved,,,,,but im new with xplane..... thnaks anyway solved!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You wont believe this in my keyboard i have 2 ctrl keys the one in the left, wich i was using wasnt working, ive tried the right one and problem solved,,,,,gremlins ,,,3 hours head breaking stuff.... no words.....
  14. hello im trying to customize views , i place myself in front of what i want to choose as a view example the gps, get very close to in in 3d then press ctrl + numpad1 for example and nothing happens , ive read i can fix different views and transition it like ezdokk, but i do that and nothin g happens, any hint to whats happening, thanks. LUIS
  15. falopz

    Camera Views

    guys i do same thing position in front af the insttrument i want to fix (ex gps) pres control numpad 1 and nothing happens,,,i switch view pres numpad1 and nothing,,,,any hint luis