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  1. Barthandelus

    Assigning cams to aircraft

    Got it, thanks Steve. Im using the num pad buttons now; makes more sense for foward, left, right views, etc. than arbitrary placed buttons on the stick. Excellent software, and excellent support, its appreciated!
  2. Barthandelus

    Assigning cams to aircraft

    Getting further Spy isnt showing anything at all, not even keyboard events. Until i hit escape and then End Flight (to return to the FSX initial screen). Then the keys i hit suddendly populate in Spy. Weird one, for sure.
  3. Barthandelus

    Assigning cams to aircraft

    Hi Stephen, Thanks for the reply. I am using the latest OpusFSI (bought earlier this morning). Been through the Camera Editing window, and i have definitely assigned aircraft upon importing. Maybe this is down to not having a default camera. Seems ok now. Also, its strange that OpusFSI doesnt recognise stick inputs for the PMDG 777, but seems to see them fine in the Q400. I can assign a keyboard shortcut for the cam in the 777, but the view doesnt move. Again, fine in the Q400. Thanks again, i appreciate your help
  4. Barthandelus

    Assigning cams to aircraft

    Hi guys, Really at a loss here - I have created a few cameras in the Editor, and assigned aircraft types to them with the Assign Aircraft Types to the Camera button. I then exited FSX and Opus, in order to create cams for a different plane. With the idea of backing up in mind, i exported all these cams. Thing is, Opus wont recognise the aircraft type when i load FSX - it always defaults to the Majestic Q400. I have gone through it all and i cant find why this is happening. Also, after a reboot, Opus will no longer allow my to assign joystick buttons to cameras, even though nothing in FSX or FSUIPC is assigned. FSX sees my hardware fine. Can anyone please help me out with this? Thanks for your help.
  5. Barthandelus

    Love The New Design!

    Im sure PMDG will throw in a free pogo stick...
  6. Barthandelus

    Love The New Design!

    P3D, lads. Might need to save up a few quid first, though!
  7. Barthandelus

    V-speed calculator and setter

    Very, very handy indeed! This is now part of my flight set up for the Q400. Thanks for your efforts. @christian what you need to do is open FSUIPC -> Buttons + Switches tab and press the button you want (stick / throttle). To the right, you will see Select for FS Control. Tick that and you will see the script in the drop down. I wouldnt use the V button as that is already assigned in FSX to take a screenshot.
  8. Can you / someone please let me know how to do this? Iv added the line in the panel.cfg (had to use gauge17 as 00 was already taken). What do i need to do next? Thanks!
  9. Interesting stuff... Just a couple of points to the users of the VRInsight CDU II: How do you get the NGX's FMC on to the CDU? Is it a case of undocking the 2D FMC panel in FSX and dragging it to the CDU? I assume Windows will see the CDU as a third monitor? Reason i ask that is because i use a frame rate limiter, and as soon as i undock a panel in FSX, FPS drops by exactly 50%. Does the CDU software remember window positions, or does it need reconfigureing everytime? I take it you need a spare output from a video card? Too bad, i am using both my DVI outputs for monitors - and something tells me im in for a world of pain if i install a second graphics card...
  10. Barthandelus

    Camera movement in VC

    There definately is a problem, im not disputing that. Lets assume im in the VC, and i pull a hard turn. The cockpit would kind of 'drift' the view, right? All i know is, that since changing the momentumEffects thing for all cameras in all necessary files, i dont get that effect - simple as. I can turn hard, pull up hard, the VC doesnt shift the view position at all. Maybe try dumbing down the effects in EZCA? Dont forget that that during installation, EZCA creates its own camera, and does so everytime you run the config tool. But every FSX installation is different! :)
  11. Barthandelus

    Camera movement in VC

    Open cameras.cfg (same location as fsx.cfg) , and change ALL momentumEffect=yes (or true) to no or false. These lines are also (not always, but sometimes) present in the aircraft.cfg file. Know that an entry in the aircraft.cfg will overide what is in the cameras.cfg I have zero movement effect in all installed planes.
  12. Barthandelus

    PMDG Livery Paint Tutorial for FSX & FS9

    Outstanging! Iv done a couple now!Any news of the pdf document? If its ok, id like to print it out and put in in my PMDG documentation folder, as well as be able to follow your guide from paper.Thanks again for your efforts!!!!