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  1. Regional edition at Office Max, Fry's and a few other stores.
  2. I'm kind of late to this thread, having just switched to XPX last week, but let me throw in my two cents. I'm a real world pilot who has been playing with flight simulators since I was a kid, starting with the flight simulator for the Timex SInclair 1000 and Sub Logic on the Apple 2. I have never experienced the true sensation of flying more than I have with XPlane (except for the C-5 full motion sims I used in the military). FSX is a toy in comparison. Don't get me wrong it was fine when that was all we had, and I've spent thousands of hours and dollars on it. But I think what makes Orbix chafe, is that you can pickup a cheap copy of X-Plane X for 30 bucks, load up sceneries created with G2XPL for free and have an experience that visually blows FSX/P3D out of the water, even with their expensive scenery added. There is simply no need for a company like Orbix with X-Plane and that is why they made that statement. There is no future for THEM with XPX.
  3. Spaceman3

    MCP Night Lighting

    I'm just curious why PSS hasn't acknowledged this bug. Or have they and I've missed it? I've searched this forum and found several threads, but not one response from PSS about it. I'd just like to know if they are looking at fixing this significant bug in an otherwise solid product.Thanks.
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    MCP Night Lighting

    I guess I should've clarified. The problem was on the B757, where the night lighting on the MCP does not work and the numbers are not lit.
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    If the film is great, a lot of those things you mentioned wouldn't matter to me. And the thing is, what FeelThere has provided in this add-on is great. FS has been lacking a detailed Airbus with an nice fully functional vc and full systems sim for a long time. I'm willing to deal with a few bugs to have that experience until they release a patch, just as I would've dealt with scratches on the print to see Star Wars for the first time back in 1977.I guess it boils down to how bad you want to see the movie or play with the new airplane. It's funny how spoiled this community has become over the years. What these developers are putting out these days blows away anything from 3 years ago, even in their initial release (buggy) states.Anyway, I went over to buy the plane and after futher research noticed that it doesn't have any support for online tcas nor sb integration. That's a biggie for me, so I may hold off until I hear a commitment from FeelThere that they'll put that in. See how easy that is? I don't have to whine. I don't have to sue. I just have to be patient until either they add what I'm looking for or another developer releases an Airbus of similar quality that does what I want.Too many drama queens here.
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    >Spaceman3>>"I think I'll enjoy their product as they are actively>patching the major bugs.">>By all means enjoy but some folks don`t think that major bugs>should be part of the transaction.>Also I don`t remember seeing the phrase "Major bugs"mentioned>anywhere on the Wilco site as a feature.Could you link me to>that please?>Maybe you should get real.>>Pete>>Oh and by the way welcome to the forums as I see today is your>first.;)>>>Of course no one likes bugs, but if you buy software they are a fact of life. If you could point me to a complex flight sim add-on that has not required a patch I'd love to see it. Heck, I remember back when PMDG was starting with their first releases. People whined and complained then too. I think there were also legal threats at the time. And now look at their reputation. Some people just don't know how to keep perspective. Most people want it now and want it perfect. That just doesn't happen. Not even in the best of circumstances.Yeah, I haven't posted here in a long long time. But the current silliness just warranted a comment.
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    MCP Night Lighting

    Was the broken night lighting on the MCP ever fixed? I don't see any patches up on the Phoenix support site. Other than that really annoying and critical bug, the plane flies really nicely.
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    Well to be honest I was on the fence whether to buy this add-on. I have their 737 and it's decent. I also own the original Wilco PIC A320 and while it had great potential, it just had too many bugs to fly.Now this add-on comes along and people are complaining about it a bit. Panic ensues. I see the usual, "I'm going to sue them" thread which we see with just about every major add-on release that is even slightly buggy. But you know what? I've really grown tired of the whiners here. So just to show my support to FeelThere, I'm going to go buy the deluxe edition right now. Thanks for pushing me off the fence. I think I'll enjoy their product as they are actively patching the major bugs.Bottom line, if you can't afford 50 bucks for an add-on, maybe you should stick to flying the default Cessna. Heck, 50 bucks is what I pay for a night out at the movies. If the movie sucks do you think I'm going to sue them? Get real.