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  1. Cool, Im not looking to overclock, my 7740x is doing good with a D15 cooler. I was looking at the 9900X or the 9920X but not sure which would be best for my needs. I fly P3Dv4.4, DCS and play around with Arma3, so I'm looking for the best of the best for my needs but really not sure which way to go and I really don't want to change my motherboard which has a 2066 socket.
  2. Currently using a 7740X on a x299 gaming 9 board, looking for an upgrade. Thinking about a 9900X, is that a good choice? what would you guys get?
  3. LarryImler

    My uncle is a fed-ex pilot.....

    Yeah i didnt know, but if it was to help them out with some questions i could of pointed him to the team. I understand that they probley have all the info they need, i was just wandering.
  4. So my uncle is a fed-ex pilot, he did fly the md11 for a long time and is now an active 777 captain, would pmdg want to pick he brain?
  5. Don't mean to hijack but I'm in the same boat, I have no idea about SSDs. So just to be clear, it's ok to use a SSDs for an OS and your sims. I guess I was under the impression that your OS had to be on an regular hard drive.
  6. I don't know if this will help or not with some of you guys but when I first got P3Dv4 it ran like crap, and I mean crap, had stutters, just did not run good at all, but I noticed that it was my whole system, like a big CPU lag. Playing different games had the same lag. I started looking on YouTube for a fix and found this. I did this and P3Dv4 runs so good right now, I love it, its perfect, and most of all smooth. I have most of all the available Orbx stuff installed (don't have anything of the EU area installed yet), the v4 of active sky and ASCA, some a2a planes and PMDG 747 and 777 and it runs good, way better then P3Dv3. After I did what the video said to do then I put all the settings just on the P3D side to this. Settings Chart.xlsx?dl=0 (and thank you to joepoway for putting this out, it helped). I did a vatsim flight from Hong Kong to Seattle, about 13 hours with these settings and maybe a couple of setting turned up or on and it was a very good flight, no problems. Not saying this will help you, I hope it does, but when I was about to give up on v4, did whats above, and now its great. My system, I7 4790K at 4.0Hz, 980 gtx, 16 gigs of ram, 4K 43in Sony TV for a monitor. Piotr007, from your stats, your system should run P3Dv4 really good but I'm no computer wiz you might have a totally different problem, this is just what worked for me.
  7. LarryImler

    [Resolved] I'm hoping someone from A2A sees this

    I knew you would see it Lewis, thank you very much.
  8. I'm trying to redownload the 182 but my link activation has expired. I have been trying to log on to the A2A site but lost my password and cant remember my username, when I put my email address in it says no user info, and then when I try to regester it says my email address is already in the system. So I was thinking if Lewis or someone from A2A is reading this they can help me get back on the site so I can redownload the 182. Please help. Larry Imler
  9. LarryImler

    Good VAS test on P3D 3.4 hotfix 2

    thank you
  10. LarryImler

    Good VAS test on P3D 3.4 hotfix 2

    I see some people talking about PTA and shaders, what's PTA?
  11. LarryImler

    Thinking about 4K monitor for Christmas

    great question, I'd like to know that to.
  12. LarryImler

    Thinking about 4K monitor for Christmas

    Hay One more question guys, I'm running Windows 7 does that matter or not?
  13. LarryImler

    Thinking about 4K monitor for Christmas

    So yeah, thanks for the replies back guys, I'm sold, I'm getting one, 40 in or above. But 1 more question, does it improve antialiasing? For the life of me I cannot get antialiasing right.
  14. LarryImler

    Thinking about 4K monitor for Christmas

    Yeah I think I do, AS Rock pro MB, 4790 k @4.0 Nividia 980 TI It should be ok to run a 4K Monitor. So using a 4K monitor might kill my FPS?
  15. Hay guys, thinking about getting the 4K monitor from for Christmas. Can you guys recommend one, or is it even worth getting the 4K monitor. I would like to see what you guys think of them, or maybe the guys that already have one what do you think how do you like it?