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  1. #08    625 votes | Excessive Icing Effect| Off Option | Sim Update 4 Does this "off Option" mean they are not going to improve this but only give the option to turn it off?
  2. This is normal. Use the beta range on the throttle for taxiing.
  3. In the feedback snapshot i see that the control sensitivity bug fix has been released for update 4. I thought that this was scheduled for update 5?
  4. It also doesn't help that the trim speed in mfs seems framerate dependent. https://youtu.be/bvfEZJjIicc
  5. As per title, in the upcoming weekend a few new A2A planes will be revealed!
  6. A2A is also busy with a secret project. Maybe PMDG and A2A are teaming up together to acquire the consumer licence of FSW/FSX?
  7. Well in contrast, the performance of conventional radio navigational aids on the FF A320 don't seem to be influenced by obstacles like mountains or even the curvature of earth.
  8. No everything above the "keep_that_one = False" line is removed, I think. The space around the = sign is just meaningless whitespace
  9. Ok thanks Jose. This helps me in deciding whether to buy or not. Marcel
  10. Is the FSLabs better in this respect? Marcel
  11. Having used the IXEG i'm reluctant to buy the FSlabs a320 or any PMDG bird because i'm afraid the limited flight dynamics of P3D are going to disappoint.
  12. - accurate control effectiveness based upon airspeed, angle of attack, control operation and deflection. Hi Robert, Does this improve the in FSX/P3D often too sensitive controls during slow flight and landing? Thanks, Marcel van Santen.
  13. Does this program create a weather map like the default X-plane real weather or only directly around the aircraft? Marcel.
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