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  1. >While taxiway signs can be created outside the airport header,>and their exclusion rectangle needs to be outside the airport>header - the signs are part of the airport data and should be>included under the header - at least according to the BGLComp>SDK and all the FSX default airports.>>I hope it's just divergent perception.When compiled into a BGL, however, the taxiway signs are no longer located inside the airport data. It's similar to terminal navaids - they are placed inside the tag in the XML, but they are not part of the airport data in the BGL file that BGLCOMP creates and are processed by FSX separately from the airport. They can't be removed using , for example.
  2. I have AFX. I just loaded the stock EGCC and changed the runway designators to 5L/23R and 5R/23L. Saved the new BGL to addon scenery, reloaded the scenery in FSX and tuned in to ATIS. It said runways 5L and 5R are in use for both takeoff and landings. Went to the weather dialog and changed the wind speed and direction, then tuned in to atis again. Now it said runways 23L and 23R are in use. Is this not what you are getting?
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