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  1. Is there any plan to update the runway data in the Q400 performance app? I'm operating from Calgary (CYYC), and all of the runways are incorrect - 07/25 has been renamed 08/26, 10/28 is now 11/29, and 16/34 is now either 17L/35R or 17R/35L. There is also now way of knowing how long the runway data is, as you only see the margin figure, so I don't know what length the app is using on runway 16/34.
  2. Hi Kyle, I do load the saved flight situation from the Create a Scenario screen, with the Raptor spinning in the window. All is good now though - I reloaded the 748 from the screen and re-saved the flight, exited and reloaded, and the brakes are working now. Must've got the save file corrupted somewhere. I was doing a lot of GSX stuff as well, so I don't know if somewhere a setting got screwed up from all the tweaks I was doing.
  3. Hi All, Thanks for replying. It seems my issue might be down to the save flight I'm using, as the brakes work fine when i load the 748 from the scenario window. They still work even after saving and reloading that situation, so it seems like something may have got corrupted in the saved flight I am using. Perhaps some airport re-positioning or slewing caused it to go wrong, but I will try and make a new flight situation and see if that resolves the issue.
  4. I'm having an issue where the foot brakes are not working. Parking brakes are working fine and stop the aircraft when applied, but when i apply the brakes, although i get the red brakes message from P3D, nothing happens. I've tried configuring the brakes through P3D itself and FSUIPC, and the same every time - red brakes message, but no braking action on the plane itself.
  5. Is there any way to get the FMC in the -8 looking like the newer FMC that looks more like the 777 FMC? Mine is still using the old green screen version.
  6. Am I the only one somewhat underwhelmed by these rain effects (including TFDI's)? The whole idea of windscreen wipers is to allow you to see out of the window when it's raining, but these effects are so light (I'm assuming for performance reasons) that there is absolutely no need for a wiper as you can clearly see everything out of the window even when it's raining.
  7. I was in the PMDG 747 at the time, but I've just tried it with the default P3D scenario and it happened again. It only seems to occur if I make changes to the joystick assignments and then reload the lua engine. I did find another thread talking about ipcready.lua. Removing or renaming that file has reduced the crashes, but it can still happen if I edit one of the lua files (such as the actions.lua) and then reload the lua engine.
  8. Hi, I've just installed Prepar3d V4.1, and whenever I use the "Reload LUA engine" command within LINDA, it causes P3D to crash. I'm using the latest version of LINDA (3.0.3) and FSUIPC (5.121b).
  9. Is there any way to force the compact engine display by default when using the PFD/ND display? I'm emulating Southwest's displays, and they don't use the lower DU for enging displays, but whenever you start the aircraft (even when using a saved flight), the display will default to secondary engine displays on the lower DU and you have to use the ENG and SYS push buttons to get the secondary engine data on the upper DU.
  10. I've done some more testing on this. Launched a brand new flight from the scenario menu (not using any saved flight), did a departure, circuit, then approach. As I approached, I got the aural minimums call. Then initiated a go-around. Went round the circuit again, and as I came in for my second approach, no aural minimums call. So I started testing the various options for approaching minimums and minimums calls. When they are set to "Approaching Minimums" and "Minimums" (the default for most aircraft I guess), it works fine every time. I can slew a mile back on the approach, and you get the call every time you approach minimums, and you can do this repeatedly. But there are a number of configurations where I do not get the aural call. One of these configurations is the BA "50 Above" and "Decide" (which is what I am using). From my testing, when the minimums call is set to "Minimums", it works OK. But if you have it set to anything else ("Decision Height", "Minimums Minimums" or "Decide"), there is a good chance you won't hear it. I can only conclude that there may be something wrong with my installation (but if so, why does the combo of "Approaching Minimums" and "Minimums" work OK?), or there is some faulty logic with regard to some, but not all, of the minimums calls.
  11. Sorry Kyle, forgot to mention that on my main flight today where I reset and cleared the minimums, was one where i didn't get a minimums call out.
  12. Today's flight, before I started the engines, I pressed the reset button then set the value low enough for it to disappear from the PFD. On the test flight I made after that flight, I entered the value, and the minimums call was OK. I then slewed the aircraft back to final to make another landing, left the minimums as they were, and didn't get a call out.
  13. I've made a few flights with the 747, but I only got a minimums call (the BA 50 Above and Decide calls) on the first flight. Since then, I have not had any aural calls. After each flight, I save the situation, and then re-load that situation for the next flight. The PFD behaves as expected as you go through minimums, but no aural call. I've just loaded from fresh a new flight to give it a quick test - slewed the aircraft out a bit, and got the audio for minimums . I then slewed it back out again to try a second time, and this time I didn't get a call. Is there some logic at play that prevents an aural minimums call under certain circumstances? Perhaps something to do with saved flight situations? And if so, is there any way around it? -Phil Brown
  14. I also prefer a bug free product (or at least as bug free as possible), but I don't see why PMDG can't take their time releasing the 747 but also be a bit more upfront about what is going on. Although the quote was that the 747 is moving into beta, not actually in beta, I don't think anyone would of thought that by the end of the month it would still not be in beta. Is it too much of a task for a quick update? It doesn't need to be a long post packed with pictures, just a quick update if the situation has changed or not gone quite to plan...
  15. Aivlasoft EFB scans BGL files from the scenery directory to create it'd airport maps. So I guess the data in the sim is available. Although it doesn't show buildings, so I don't know where that data will be available from. But I can't see anyone else other than PMDG creating something that will integrate seamslessly into the 747. I'm sort of hoping that this will be like the weather radar for the 777 - something they aren't commenting on until they are sure they can make it work properly. I'm guessing the -8 will come out after the -400 release, so they still have some time to surprise us. Here's hoping, anyway.
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