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  1. You/re correct, Eduardo. Welcome to the joy of P3d v4 addon aircraft compatibility issues. I fear we will live in this world for some time to come. John
  2. I had a similar issue with the engines not starting. If you run through the start procedure to the point of turning the engines on and nothing happens, listen carefully. Do you hear the turbines motoring up? That is do you hear a very soft hissing sound but the propellers do not start to turn? If so, do the following as see what happens: 1. Turn off the engines. 2. Go to "vehicle" in the P3dv4 menu and select the vehicle again 3. Turn on the engines. That simple procedure solved the problem for me. Hope this works for you John
  3. That's something I've never understood. The fact that they offer their aircraft models as being compatible with a platform such as P3d v4 and these models turn out to be actually only compatible to a certain degree is misleading in my mind. Honestly, they do a very good job of presenting their product visually. Why can't they finish the task and make sure that all of the avionics available in each of them work as advertised? I guess their business model doesn't permit that kind of quality control. I have reported these problems using their support tickets and have not received any response. Too bad because I, for one, would certainly consider paying more for an aircraft that is modeled as beautifully as some of them are and receive full functionality as well. John.
  4. Hi John, Appreciate very much the info you shared about the 525. I have a few questions if you don't mind. Are you using P3d v4? If so, have you been successful in using all of the onboard avionics? I have several of the Carenado A/C that have been listed on their site as being P3dv4 compatible and, while I have been able to fly them, I have not been able to successfully use all of the onboard avionics such as the FMS unit if it is available - specifically the alphanumeric keys. If you get the chance, I would really appreciate your input. Thanks! John
  5. Hi Jim, Please disregard the above post. I found the "dll.xml" file. John
  6. I recently installed the v4 versions of both the TBM 850 and the Phenom 100 only to find I can not use the FMS in either one. Specifically, the alphanumeric keys do not appear to be mapped as I can not enter any data using them. Additionally, multiple clicks on the keypad sometimes causes P3d v4 to crash. The function keys (FPL, Direct to, etc.) appear to work, it's just the alphanumeric keys that do not work. I have searched the appropriate support forums here in an attempt to see if anyone else has this problem and I couldn't find any reference to this issue. I have submitted support tickets to Carenado but they have gone unanswered. I would like very much to receive confirmation of the above issue from others who might be experiencing this problem so I could rule out any problems specific to my system or, better yet, I would love to hear from anyone who had this problem and found a way to resolve it. Thanks! John
  7. Hi Jim, Thank you for your post. I am able to see both the "XMLTools64" and the "CMeteoXmix64" files in my main Prepar3Dv4 folder however I do not know where to go to check to see if these files are properly referenced. I am having trouble with the v4 compatible versions of both the Phenom 100 and the TBM 850 and I can't seem to find the proper locations in either of these installations to check to see if the above files are properly referenced. BTW, I don't seem to have 32bit versions of either the XMLTools or the CMeteoXmix files resident in my main Prepar3D v4 folder or at least they are not listed as such in that folder. Thanks for helping those of us who may not have the knowledge to properly navigate to the areas you mention. John
  8. Thanks, Simbol. I appreciate the guidance. I de-activated "reflections" using the Carenado panel (shift+5) to no avail. Still can not get the alphanumeric keys to work. John
  9. I can't seem to get the alphanumeric keys on the FMS keyboard to function. The other keys (FFP, Direct-to, etc.) and knobs all function and bring up the appropriate windows in the MFD but none of the alphanumeric keys function and so I am unable to enter data using the keyboard. I am using the TBM 850 version 2 in P3dv4. Any suggestions? BTW, I have "reflections" turned off in P3dv4 as I read somewhere that the reflections could cause problems with certain click spots. Thanks! John
  10. Thanks, Martin. I appreciate the information. John
  11. Would someone please explain to me how the Altitude Selector works in the 609B? Not being able to find any definitive directions issued by Carenado, I thought it might be a United Instruments 5506L Altitude Selector and would function like the altitude selector which is coupled to the Collins AP-106 in the Twin Otter.: 1. Dial in a altitude using the knob provided on the selector 2. Turn on the Collins AP-106 leaving it in "manual mode" and establish a ascend/descend pitch using the controls located on the center console 3. Push the "Alt Alert" button beside the altitude selector The altitude selector will alert you twice prior to reaching the selected altitude and will level the aircraft upon reaching that altitude whereupon the "Alt" button will light on the autopilot I an not able to accomplish the above in the 609B and so I must be incorrect. Any help and/or suggestions would be greatly appreciated! John
  12. Thank you very much, Bert. Those additions fixed the problem. As always, those of us who've been around here for a while have come to value your input and advice. John
  13. I have encountered something that I thought I would pass along in case someone else has run into the same thing and can't seem to work around it. First, let me set this story up: You've purchased and installed the Flight1 "complete" package and have used the configuration software found in the Carenado 690B aircraft subfolder to place the GTN 750 in the cockpit panel of the 690B. Everything appears OK and you've successfully completed several flights utilizing GPS flight plans and approaches. You now attempt to approach an airport and land the 690B, hand-flying it and using the locally provided ILS and GS for assistance only to find out the GTN 750 refuses to communicate with your HSI even though you've entered the proper frequency and activated it in your NAV 1 radio and have changed your CDI to VLOC. Maybe your attempting to complete a combo approach involving both an activated GPS approach which you will terminate and switch to the local ILS and GS on final only to find out the GTN 750 refuses to successfully make the transition even though you've entered and activated the correct ILS frequency and switched the CDI appropriately. I managed to find a "work around" for the above. It involves not only using the Carenado GTN 750 configuration tool but also the Flight1 GTN 750 configuration tool. Make sure that even if your GTN 750 is embedded in the 690B's cockpit you can also bring it up as a 2D pop-up window. Once you've entered the necessary ILS frequency and have switched the CDI from GPS to VLOC, cycle that 2D pop-up window. That action apparently caused the GTN 750 to connect to the proper avionic instruments and my course needle deviated properly and my GS came alive. Hope this helps John
  14. Have the Kodiak installed and running in FSX-SE but can't seem to get it started in P3d v4. I installed "F1_Quest Kodiak_2.6.exe" in P3d v4 successfully (pointing to the root P3dv4 folder) and can bring up the vc complete with working avionics and cockpit sounds but can't successfully light up the turbine. Neither the normal "cold & dark" start-up procedure nor the "ctrl-E" method seems to get the job done. Any suggestions to point me in the right direction? Thanks! John
  15. Thanks, Alex. I firmly believe Little Navmap deserves all the praise being directed its way! I have found a way to populate the little Navmap's maps with RTMM (Return to Misty Moorings) features and it was always available via the menu selections. 1. Go to the RTMM site and select the "Here to There" page and download the Google Earth KMZ file. 2. Once the KMZ file is loaded in Google Earth, right-click on it (in the left hand column in Google Earth) and save it to a location on your computer as a "KML" file. 3. In Navmap, select the "load KML files" selection from the "file" menu selection and browse to your saved KML file. That's it. You have all of the RTMM sites superimposed on your Little Navmap map. Thanks again, Alex. John