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  1. Interesting, I recreated my flight plan - this time IFR (KCAE-KPOF via high altitude airways) and did not have any problems. No Beech ignoring Jacksonville Center. I guess it might be the difference between VFR and IFR operations? Since I did not run into the situation mentioned above I didn't bother checking the log. I may run the VFR plan again and then look at the log.
  2. I have two Beech aircraft in the P3dv4/simobjects/aircraft folder - baron 58 & king air 350 (both default) and both have the proper [Radio] section. I do not have any 3rd party traffic pgm installed. I have followed the VOXATC instructions and turned off the AI traffic in P3dv4. No 3rd party traffic limiter traffic utility installed. Will now turn on debug logging and see if I can discover the problem.
  3. Don't know, Jay. I'll check and see. It's a Beech and it reports in to Jacksonville Center who then responds with a squawk code which the pilot never acknowledges or pings. Next time I'll get its call sign and see if I can locate the proper cfg file. John
  4. As I am transiting south from KCAE to KOPF I routinely hear Jacksonville Center trying vainly to get one of the AI aircraft to squawk and identify.....over and over again.... and I must listen to this frustrated controller until I am handed off to a different frequency. Any suggestions about how remedy this situation? Thanks! John
  5. Thanks fellas. I have not been comfortable simply shutting down VOXATC without announcing my intentions to shut the aircraft down and leave the premises. It seemed to me this action would leave someone "hanging" so to speak. I routinely contact the local FSS and shut my flight plan but I believe some additional notification to ground is in order (maybe not, but it makes me feel better). Thanks for sharing your thoughts. John
  6. I noticed the phrase "word not allowed" in my post above. I am mystified. I used a word that is synonymous with "having a lack of knowledge". I was not aware that this word was not permitted. I hope someone who has real-world knowledge and experience will enlighten me as it seems inappropriate to simply shut your radio off when you reach your assigned parking spot. It is possible that VOXATC does not have provisions for terminating communication and so you simply disable VOXATC when you've parked at your destination and closed your flight plan. Anyone? Thanks. John
  7. Is there a proper way or protocol to terminate your communication with ground at your destination airport and shutdown once you're parked and have shut your flight plan with the proper FSS? Not being a RW pilot I am word not allowed regarding this procedure and I can't seem to find a reference to the proper procedure in the VOXATC documents. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks! John
  8. LOL! Story of my life, Jay! Don't ever get behind me in the teller line at the bank..........I'm always in the wrong line!
  9. Your correct, Jay. I agree it would be chaos if everyone decided to park his aircraft wherever he wanted. Although P3dv4 does not recognize several spots located in front of Eagle Aviation they do exist in real life and so I elected to "appropriate" one even though the parking lines do not exist in the sim. I have since moved my aircraft to one of the existing parking spots in P3dv4 that is closest to that FBO and, as a result, everyone appears to be happy. John
  10. Hi fellas, Requesting temp freq change and contacting FSS prior to taxiing is working for me. I appreciate the help. I also noticed something that complicated this issue. I am familiar with KCAE since it is close to my home and I have a favorite FBO (Eagle Aviation). I've taken to saving flights with my aircraft parked next to the FBO rather than at an established parking spot defined by P3dv4. When I start one of those flights using my selected parking spot, VOXATC appears to have difficulties. If I start a flight at one of the "published" parking positions VOXATC is much happier. Might just be coincidence but I thought I would mention it. John
  11. Thanks, Jay. Sorry to be so late with a response. Went to Savannah for the weekend. I'll check it out and get back to you. I appreciate your help and will let you know how it goes. John
  12. Thanks, jabloomf1230. I do indeed have the Orbx NA freeware airport package installed. I do not have My Traffic 6 installed. I appreciate your assistance and the information and will contact official VOXATC support. John
  13. I am having difficulty contacting my local FSS to open my flight plan. Here is the sequence of events VOXATC 7.41 takes me through: 1. Bring up P3dv4 2. Load flight 3. Load flight plan 4. Enable VOXATC 7.41 (receive instructions to tune ATIS in panel) 5. Tune ATIS (receive instructions to tune clearance in panel) 6. Tune clearance (radio check then receive departure instructions and squawk code then receive instructions to tune ground) 7. Tune ground (receive taxi instructions) 8. At "hold short" I receive instructions in the VOXATC panel to request temporary frequency change to contact FSS. When I request a temporary frequency change I am instructed to contact the tower. If I repeat my request for a temp freq change I am stuck in a loop where ground continues to instruct me to contact the tower. 9. Tune tower frequency (receive T/O clearance). Any request to permit a temp freq change at this point is ignored by VOXATC. If I attempt to request a temporary frequence change at any point prior to taxiing I either receive instructions to repeat my request whereupon I get stuck in a communications loop or my request is ignored and VOXATC simply repeats its prior instructions. This is happening at a controlled airport (KCAE - Columbia, SC metro) Any suggestions and/or assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, John
  14. Thanks fellas. I guess I'll do the same as Mad Mac. Seems to be the easiest "work around". John
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