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  1. Thanks, Alex. I firmly believe Little Navmap deserves all the praise being directed its way! I have found a way to populate the little Navmap's maps with RTMM (Return to Misty Moorings) features and it was always available via the menu selections. 1. Go to the RTMM site and select the "Here to There" page and download the Google Earth KMZ file. 2. Once the KMZ file is loaded in Google Earth, right-click on it (in the left hand column in Google Earth) and save it to a location on your computer as a "KML" file. 3. In Navmap, select the "load KML files" selection from the "file" menu selection and browse to your saved KML file. That's it. You have all of the RTMM sites superimposed on your Little Navmap map. Thanks again, Alex. John
  2. Does anyone know of a way to allow the user to place "points of interest" on any of the Little Navmap maps? For example, those of us who enjoy using the "Return to Misty Moorings" scenery packages would love to place location markers to identify the various cabins and other points of interest. Little NavMap is a remarkable program! Thank you very much, Sir! John
  3. Although I realize you asked for "normal" GA aircraft and you specifically excluded the turbine upgrade to the Duke, I would still ask you to look at RealAir's Lancair Legacy V2. In my opinion they've taken the normally aspirated Legacy and stepped it up by adding a turbo-charged power plant (400 hp) which now enables the Legacy to reach speeds of approx 300 kt (TAS) and an altitude of 35,000 ft. Pretty impressive for that class of GA aircraft.
  4. For me? Lancair Legasy.
  5. I guess I take a view opposite from olli4740. I'm expressing the view of a singe, long-time GA pilot now. Since you're using the default calibration, I would start with a modest amount of null and sensitivity. See how that feels to you. The more sensitivity and the less null values you inject the less you will be able to physically move your controls. I would suggest, if you are a pilot interested in GA flight, view some RW videos and pay particular attention to the amount of ambient movement pilots make to their controls, especially the flight stick or yoke. I realize it varies considerably but you should witness a certain amount of constant movement and some significant movement during maneuvers and turbulence. For me, the best calibration of my flight controls (CH Yoke and Pedals) is derived by allowing them to be controlled by FSUIPC. I like the ability to utilize the built-in "slope" feature. This feature allows me to better control the amount of sensitivity throughout the "travel distance" or "play" of both the yoke and pedals. I suggest you start by using the default FSX calibration feature and, when you believe you are ready to try something that allows for a little more control and realism, try FSUIPC.
  6. Thanks, Bert. The problem I was running into was a typographical error on the initial install page of the RxP integration pgms found in the location you describe above. In fact, the four pgms present there allow the user to install/re-install the original Carenado gauges and either or both the Realty RxP gauges. The user should go by the title of each pgm which appears in bold print when you open each pgm, not the accompanying description of what the pgm does. On my system the pgm that permits the user to install the Realty 530 and the Carenado 430 as a stack in the C210T states it will install the "Realty 430" instead of the "Realty 530". That confused me. I finally resolved the issue by simply trying the pgms one at a time and going back and looking at the newly configured cockpit. Thanks very much, Bert. Your support and assistance has been invaluable - to say nothing of your patience! John
  7. Hey fellas, I'm reporting back. If you navigate to the "SimObjects/Aircraft/Carenado Centurion T210" folder you will find a sub-folder entitled, "Realty XP Integration". Opening that file, you will find four files designed to both install and un-install the Realty gauges. Unfortunately there is not a file that installs the RxP 530 alone. I used the next best thing, the file that will install both the RxP 530 & 430. As a result, my VC cockpit, at the moment, shows a newly installed RxP 530 in place of the Carenado 530 and an overlay that represents the un-installed ( I did not purchase the RxP 430) RxP 430. I will work around that but I did want y'all to know that these files exist in the above location. Thanks again for your help! John
  8. Thanks again, fellas! I'll go over to the respective forums and do my due diligence. In the meantime, let me tell y'all once again how much I appreciate your patience and your guidance. I will certainly report back, Bert. Your guidance is valuable to all of us here! Thank you!
  9. Thank you all very much! I really appreciate the quick responses and guidance. The mouse-wheel click doesn't work for me but moving the cursor off to the left and right does work. Hey Barry, Thanks for the insight. I tried to install the RxP 530 into the Carenado Cessna 210T after reading your response above. Unfortunately, I was unsuccessful. Here's what I did: After calling up the Reality Config pgm and selecting the "Carenado Cessna 210T" line, I receive the "Failed to load [Window00] bitmap" error. I clicked through the error msg and then clicked on the "configure" button. I loaded the aircraft and found the original 530 still in the a/c cockpit panel so I opened the applicable panel.cgf file and discovered the Reality configuration pgm had placed an entry at the very bottom of the panel.cfg file under a new title of "[window 04]". In an attempt to insert the new RxP 530, I then moved that entry to various other locations within the panel.cfg file with no success. I have removed the panel.cfg file that the Reality Config pgm created and replaced it with the original panel.cfg file. I suspect there is a simple answer here and I'm sorry to be bothering y'all with my ignorance. Once someone can help me to understand this process, I should be able to place this gauge in most of my other aircraft. I really do appreciate your patience with me! Thanks! John
  10. Hey fellas - I just purchased and installed the RxP 530 in my Lancair using RealAir's config pgm. All went well until I tried to click on the lower right small knob to select the cursor. No go. When I mouse-click on that knob all I can get it to do is turn. I've made sure I'm far enough back to see the tip of the knob so I believe my view point is not too close. I've tried to activate the cursor with the unit on the cockpit panel and also bringing up the pop-up window, neither works. I've gone into the RealAir Lancair config panel and changed the mouse-click method - left/right click or click-and-drag I know this gauge has been successfully integrated into this Lancair many times and so I hope I can get some help from someone more knowledgeable than I am. Maybe someone has run into this issue and resolved it? Thanks! BTW - I also am having an issue trying to use the Reality gauge configuration pgm. Specifically, when I click on some of the aircraft entries in the config pgm to attempt to install the RxP 530, I receive an error message saying, "The application failed to load the [Window00] bitmap." This doesn't happen with all of my installed aircraft. just some of them. Any suggestions and/or guidance? Again, thanks! John EDIT: Thought I better give you some addn info. Here's what I'm running: Windows7 64 bit 3 monitors, Nvidia surround (5760X1080) - I tried moving FSX to one monitor (1920X1080) but that didn't work either. TrackIR5 through OpusFSX
  11. Orbx has "Bob". Take a look on their site.
  12. Thanks, Danny! I will look into purchasing a joystick at some point in time. I also will check out the site. I appreciate your passing that info on! John
  13. Thanks for your comments and the information, Danny. This will be my first venture into Rotary aircraft operation and I'm excited about it. I have used the default Bell 206 just to determine if I really wanted to try a helicopter and I did enjoy it however the cruising speed as too slow. I really appreciate your taking the time to answer! Regards, John
  14. I am interested in purchasing a helicopter that offers both a relatively high cruising speed and great maneuverability. I am looking at three choices: NemethDesign MD 902, Milviz AW 109 and Cera's 412. I fly with a CH yoke and pedals. I value the views and opinions of my fellow simmers on AVSIM and so I would really appreciate any suggestions, opinions, and recommendations. Finally, since I use FSX and have installed Orbx's scenery packages and airports covering the PNW/BC/Alaska area, that is where I will use this aircraft the most. Thanks very much for your input!
  15. I just do not have the stomach for this. Pure and simple.