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  1. Bryan,, Having trouble here raising a support ticket. Look at my Fs2 crew buyer history, I have purchased everything from day one. Cancer is not good please please send me the link Thank you Andy
  2. Hi Bryan, Could you please send me a copy of the impending 1.3 release. I have terminal cancer and P3d is my current Lifeline Regards Andy
  3. Hi Bryan, I have done some testing here and the results are as follows. Texture is present in P3Dv4 SimObjects\Misc\FS2Crew_Tugs\texture Tug Schopf updates Tug TMX 150 updates Tug comet updated Tug Wollard Will not update logo stays default Regards Andy
  4. I am using Dans Logos. When I update the Logo for The Tow trucks, I get the message Logos updated. But all tow trucks are not updated, only the one in my aircraft profile Am I missing something?. Great software keep it up, no problems so far with V1.2 Regards Andy
  5. Scot, Thanks, happy with that. Again thanks for a prompt reply. Well done again on providing 64 bit capability Andy Gosport
  6. Hi Scot Just a small point, Since using the P3dv4 of linda. The VAS readout does not show. For example on my vriinight Boeing2 MCP, I get the frame rate eg 32/. But no VAS remaining, the box is ticked. Any Idea why? Thanks for your efforts in updating to 64 bit everything else works fine Good effort Andy Gosport
  7. To FS++ Team, A big thank you for your efforts over the last few weeks in making MCE for P3Dv4 available. I have now installed the latest version, all working very nicely. Gerald thanks for the info reference LINDA and MCE all noted. Again customer support 100% as usual. Well Done Good Effort. Andy
  8. Interesting Comments Ref the FPS counter. I use FRAPS and disable the inbuilt shift Z in the P3Dv4 interface. I had the same problem years ago but if you use an independent FPS counter problem solved. I have never had an OOM ERROR with P3dv4. Thanks to Ben and Gerald for their efforts not this week but since MCE inception Gerald any .dll you want me to check out I am at your service I am very happy to be a BETA Tester but everyone,s platform is configured differently Andy
  9. hi, Updated fsInsider64.dll now installed. GSX Integration working fine. I have a question. I use LINDA, and in the LINDA lua scripts for PMDG aircraft they interact with GSX opening doors etc. Running both MCE and Linda, Who is opening the doors LINDA or MCE ?. I might add all is working fine. A big thank you to the FS++ team for all your efforts. Your Customer Support is 100% Well done Andy
  10. I have checked the P3dv4 version of the iFly 737 with the Beta MCE build. Co pilot interaction was Flawless, along with PMDG 747 QOS11, and PMDG 777. Andy
  11. I have now completed a Few Flights with PMDG 747 QOS11 and Pmdg 777. Happy to report Co Pilot Interaction on both was Flawless. I am aware of GSX and Native ATC interaction is work in progress. The only minor problem I had was I has to edit the dll.xml file manually. Running the App Wizard did not update it. Still Great Work, nice to have my Co Pilot on board. Thanks for your help Yesterday.
  12. I have the PMDG 747 QOS11 and PMDG 777 +300ER Expansion with latest P3Dv4 Hotfix. Andy agc.1@ntlworld.com
  13. Hi, Andrew. Linda update did the trick. Well done, I have PM you. Thanks Andy
  14. Hi, Error message on selecting Airbus. P3d not running just LINDA GUI A Serious problem has been found USER Module creation ERROR Exiting Linda Andy Hi, with P3D and Airbus loaded with Linda running and Orange Border. Selecting MCP Combo button on GUI (Not Fsx Sync) same Fatal error, as previous post. Regards Andy
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