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  1. Hello, i just bought the FS ATC Chatter, installed all regions as indicated in the manual. On ground i can hear the voices, however after take-off the status changes to "out of range". if I click on the "nearest facilities" and then select "all", i cannot select any frequency. I am flying mainly the A320 from FBW. Is there a solution to this? thanks for any support!
  2. Yes, Option 1 I what I an doing at the Moment but as soon as I go back again to the drone and want to move around the plane automatically starts turning to the left, is very annoying! So I guess you are not having such issues Right?
  3. Correct! It worked fine when selecting directly from the drop down menu! However, if I want to load a previous saved flight to start in cruise, that’s were I cannot upload the the flightplan...
  4. So I am having a problem with GA aircrafts that don’t have autopilot when engaging the drone mode! As soon as I engage the drone mode the aircraft starts drifting to the left! Anyone experiencing the same? And solution to it? Thanks
  5. I am still not fully convinced about this addon, I just don’t see a clear value proposition... I will wait to see some benchmarks
  6. The Save and load function in the sim is a bug, sometimes works and sometimes does not! I have seen this specially when loading a flight plan! Most of the time it’s not possible to load the flight plan! Hopefully this will be fixed soon!
  7. i just voted! make totally sense that they fixed this so that it works the same to everyone in any kind of situation!
  8. yes, apparently somethings work ok and sometimes it doesn't! and what is actually the difference between a file ".pln" and ".file"?? how does this affects when loading a previous saved flight?
  9. i will wait some months until we have enough benchmarks in order to see if its worth to have a RTX 3000 series with 4 K in this simulator. As far as I know, there have been many issues with the way the game is programmed not using the full potential of CPU usage. So we can have the best graphic card out there but the bottleneck coming from the CPU..
  10. Hello everyone, by reading different post, i notice that there are many problems when saving a flight and then trying to load it since when it loads the conditions are not the same as you saved it i.e. different cockpit information, no flight plan ect. I was flying my IFR low altitude with GPS and I tried to save my flight by simply hitting ESC and save (.file) but when I load it there was is no track whatsoever to follow, only the direction and altitude was correct but no flight plan. Is there a solution to this? are you also experiencing the same? I just want to be able to load my flight on the same conditions i saved it… Thanks!
  11. thanks guys for your input!! i will read again this introduction manual!
  12. Hello guys! I am finding quite anoying that every time i change a livery in the pmdg 747-800 (as an example) I have to set up all the aircraft and options again! if there a way to save all this changes so that one I change the livery all the set ups are saved? Thanks in advance for your support! Sincerly, Felipe
  13. Hi Andy, thanks for your reply. What can be the reason that I am not able to see this option in the PMDG 747 V3? I normally plan in PFPX then export the flight plan into PMDG as folllowed: PMDG 777: C:\FSX\PMDG\FLIGHTPLANS\777 PMDG 737: C:\FSX\PMDG\FLIGHTPLANS\NGX PMDG 747: C:\FSX\PMDG\FLIGHTPLANS\747 --> here i used PMDG B777(P3D) from PFPX and just changed the adress. for some reason it is not uploading in the FMC... Thanks for any help! Sincerly, Felipe
  14. Hello Everyone, is it possible in the PMDG 737 and 747 to upload automatically the winds from Active Sky 16 like it is done in the 777? unfortunately I havent found the way to do this. If its possible how can I do it? Thanks for your feedback! Felipe
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