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  1. Hi Andy, thanks for your reply. What can be the reason that I am not able to see this option in the PMDG 747 V3? I normally plan in PFPX then export the flight plan into PMDG as folllowed: PMDG 777: C:\FSX\PMDG\FLIGHTPLANS\777 PMDG 737: C:\FSX\PMDG\FLIGHTPLANS\NGX PMDG 747: C:\FSX\PMDG\FLIGHTPLANS\747 --> here i used PMDG B777(P3D) from PFPX and just changed the adress. for some reason it is not uploading in the FMC... Thanks for any help! Sincerly, Felipe
  2. Hello Everyone, is it possible in the PMDG 737 and 747 to upload automatically the winds from Active Sky 16 like it is done in the 777? unfortunately I havent found the way to do this. If its possible how can I do it? Thanks for your feedback! Felipe
  3. Hello Guys, whenever I want to make a change a message pops up that says "utlive ist set to modify Microsoft FSX" and does not save! I wasnt able to find so far this problem in the internet nor someone who is having the same issue! I appreciate any kind of support! Thanks! Felipe
  4. Hi Guys, simple question, after offsetting a route how can you get to the original route? e.g.? if I offset R5 (the plane moves to the right 5 miles), how do you return back? Thanks! Sincerly, Felipe
  5. felipeturbay

    weather radar PMDG 737NGX

    Pete, yes i did the repair option for the PMDG 737, then tried it with rain and i have nothing. PMDG 777 works perfect, my issue is just the 737. I have not tried uninstalling the whole program (I wanted to avoid this just because I might end up reconfiguring issues such as Ezdok. Did it you have to uninstalled the PMDG 737?
  6. felipeturbay

    getting historical weather in Active Sky Next

    thanks for your reply!! it is working
  7. felipeturbay

    weather radar PMDG 737NGX

    Hi guys, I saw on PMDG website that the PMDG 737 NGX base pack includes now within the features a "weather radar". I downloaded again the product, but still there is no weather radar as in PMDG 777. Is this working at the moment? Thanks for any info!
  8. hi guys, does anyone knows about a search engine to find specific weather conditions for a certain day in the past? I want to starting using the historical weather in ASN in order to meet my flying preferences... Thanks for some tipps or information! CU!
  9. Hi guys, I a planing to buy the "BANGKOK AIRPORT VOL1 SUVARNABHUMI INTERNATIONAL FSX", I noticed that the airport is not in the FSX standard database (under ICAO VTBS) in order for example to create a flight plan in FSX, is there a way to update FSX database so that it shows it? Thanks!
  10. felipeturbay

    PMDG 747 vs iFly 747

    Hi guys, I just read that iFly released the 747 for FSX. Has anyone of you made the experience of comparing both products? what are their main differences? I own the PMDG 747, all fine but I just see their textures are not the best if I compare to the one developed in the 777 series... Thanks!
  11. felipeturbay

    asn weather gauge

    Hi guys, for those using ASN with the Airbus X Extended, how did you managed to installed the Weather gauge from ASN? for all my PMDG aircrafts I only press Shift 5 and it works.. Thanks!
  12. felipeturbay

    Night Environment - Alps Released!

    great thanks!!
  13. felipeturbay

    Night Environment - Alps Released!

    what are the impact on frames? hits hard or it is fairly? I looks pretty nice...
  14. felipeturbay

    how to avoid such horrible surprises!`?

    Hi mike, the second time was starting fsx for the first time. I only save flights with the FSX saving option I dont save cockpit states in the fmc, I am not sure if it has something to do with it. I would say no since It has work for me fine before...
  15. Hi guys, I started a flight from Paris to Rio with the new PMDG 777 - 300. Due to the long trip I had to saved this flight two times. The first time as I load it, was everthing ok. The second time I wanted to continue with the flight I got this horrible surprise, that makes you cry! Once load it, there is no initialization time, no displays, is just sadly dead.... Have some of you experienced the same thing? any solutions to this problem? Thanks to all!