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  1. Silver0066

    Not very happy with the "new" MSE 4x

    Very sloppy on MSE's part. I will not be buying anymore scenery from them.
  2. Well, the new patch made no difference in my case. The AutoPilot still acts the same as pointed out in cverl's picture and is unresponsive to any clicks in the VC. I am using the Milviz version, not the Flight1 as they do not sell it for P3D 2.4.
  3. Would you let me know if you got the correct version? I submitted an email to Milviz support, but I have not received a reply. I also received a zip file from Colin a few days ago, but according to N4GIX, I got the wrong version.
  4. I just purchased this last week from Milviz, not Flight 1. Why did I get an old program? No place on your website to update. How do I update to correct version?
  5. I have the exact same problem as CVEARL shows in his second picture. I am using P3D 2.4 and MilViz C310R P3Dv2_v3.140421.exe and MilViz_C310R_F1GTN_v1.140818.exe The autopilot works if I use my Saitek Multi Panel, but the lights on the AP in the Milviz VC look the same as shown in his second picture, except the 650 is not blank as I have that also. If I did not have the Saitek Multi Panel, the autopilot would be unusable. If I use a Flight Plan with the GTN, then the autopilot kicks in ok, but nothing lights up on the AP in the VC. Same as in CVEARL's second picture shown above. Does anyone have this working? Any suggestions?
  6. Silver0066

    How to stop DHM in Live Camera?

    Stephen, Moving the eyepoint forward a little fixed it. Thanks for your help. Silver
  7. Silver0066

    How to stop DHM in Live Camera?

    I am using P3D. I only purchased Opus for the camera control. I have Live Camera and Live Camera Control turned on. I have DHM turned off in the configure menu and with each camera view. I don't know if it is the aircraft or the eyepoint, but every time I go into a dive, the back of the pilot's seat obstructs my view. The hat switch is used for free panning, and set up from the P3D menu. The elevators, ailerons and rudder are setup thru FSUIPC. Buttons thru Linda I also have DHM disabled in all Opus views. I also set AHM to zero, and yet the seat keeps blocling my view. I don't have any dynamic movement enabled in P3D. Opus will not control any cameras if I turn off camera control. What am I doing wrong? Is this movement an intregal part of the program that can't be disabled? Thanks for you help, Silver
  8. Silver0066

    How to stop DHM in Live Camera?

    I do have it all turned off. Why does the back of the pilot's seat pop up in front of me when I make a fast movement?
  9. I have not checked DMM and yet I still get movement. Is there any way to disable it with Live Camera?
  10. Instead of Acronis, I think you will find AXTM much faster and more reliable. Or you could try Macrium Reflect which has a free version and a paid version.
  11. Silver0066

    Megascenery Earth S. CA and Aerosoft LA

    I fiddled with the mesh and textures to smooth it out, but it did not completely eliminate the difference in the heighth of the airport, but it sure eliminated the steep sides. Not perfect, but what is these days? I have not tried the Megascenery X So. Calif. patch. I apologize for not reporting back sooner. Very busy lately. Many thanks for you help.
  12. I have purchased both of these products yesterday. I really like them, except the some of the airports appears like they are up on a 50 foot mound. I have the Aerosoft LA on top in my scenery list, and Megascenery 2nd. If I remove Aerosoft LA, then the airports are not on a mound. Does anyone know if there is a way to fix this? Many thanks,
  13. Silver0066

    Sound Packs

    Will Flight1 Audio work with Win 8.1?