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Found 29 results

  1. THIS SALE HAS ENDED FSInventions have announced that their award winning FSFlyingSchool PRO is on offer, bundled with all its add-on components, at 45% off at the FSFlyingSchool site for a limited time. Pilots who have any earlier version of FSFlyingSchool can also upgrade for even less than this! These bargains are available here and the FSFlyingSchool site has all the details, including free demos for every product, movies, feature lists and full manuals. Click here to take a look at www.FSFlyingSchool.com
  2. this is last minute, sorry....just saw it from my friends over at digitalthemepark teamspeak: EVENT: A10 Training from a real A10 Crew Chief TOPIC: All about the DCS A10 TIME: Saturday(First Session), May 18th, Starting at 7pm PT (0200 GMT) LOCATION: ts3.digitalthemepark.com (TeamSpeak 3) Greetings Aviators, From the perspective of US Armed Forces, walk through the various systems, best setup & config, checklists and procedures as we all "sit" in the cockpit and run through an actual flight. Make sure to set aside several hours for this instruction. Several training sessions/days will occur to learn the systems. This series of events is not one you will want to miss. We shall see you there on TeamSpeak at ts3.digitalthemepark.com Hope to see you there! ~Rowan
  3. Wondering what company (or companies) do you think has the best resources for training to pass FAA tests? Why?
  4. THIS SALE HAS ENDED FSInventions have announced that their award winning FSFlyingSchool PRO is 50% off at the FSFlyingSchool site for Grandparents Day Weekend! That's only $19.95 (regular price: $39.95). Add-ons for FSFlyingSchool PRO are also on sale at 50% off. These bargains are available here and the FSFlyingSchool site has all the details, including free demos for every product, movies, feature lists and full manuals. Click here to take a look at www.FSFlyingSchool.com
  5. Hi all, I am considering purchasing the RealAir SF260 for use in instrument training, primarily because of its smooth gauges. However, there is no POH available. While this is not a deal-breaker, it's certainly nice. Can anyone recommend a spot where I can download a POH that can be used with the Realair SF260? Further, can anyone recommend any other available aircraft (FSX) or add-ons that feature smooth gauges? I am looking into the RealityXP gauges (I currently use their 430) but am not quite sure how I'd get them into other aircraft I'm using. Any help is greatly appreciated!Thanks,Andrew
  6. I created a two part video tutorial on the "Go Around" procedure for the 737NGX. I have just released it on my YouTube account (the links are below). Part I is the ground school portion, done using a Power Point presentation type of format. This covers everything for the classroom instruction. Part II is a video of flying the PMDG 737NGX on an ILS CAT III autopilot approach and then doing a go around at my Alert Height (AH) of 273'. I'm flying into the Las Vegas airport, starting on the downwind leg. There are two items with the KEPEC THREE arrival I am flying that will require me to modify the two standard Boeing ILS procedures: (1) Because I have a speed restriction on one of the downwind waypoints, I have to fly my localizer intercept heading (the base leg) at flaps 15 vs the normal flaps 5 and (2) because this arrival turns me onto final 25 miles out, I have to intercept the localizer using VOR/LOC vs APP. When I get in closer to the airport, I switch over to APP mode and then I get my G/S arm annunication. However, all of that being said, if you don't want to watch the downwind leg, the base leg and the initial localizer inbound leg, then you can just fast forward to the part where you see LAND3 in the PFD. From that point on, it doesn't take too long to get to the go around part. Part I YouTube link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I9apk-uwt3c Part II YouTube link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sy1vq04rhU4 I hope you enjoy the tutorials.
  7. Name: FSFlyingSchool PRO 2013 for FSX, FS2004 and P3D Category: Commercial Product Videos Date Added: 19 November 2013 - 06:52 AM Submitter: Jeff Preston Short Description: FSFlyingSchool PRO 2013 for FSX, FS2004 and P3D FSFlyingSchool PRO 2013 builds on the features which have won multiple awards in FSFlyingSchool PRO, FSFlyingSchool 2009 and FSFlyingSchool Classic. 4 consecutive PC Pilot Magazine 'Classic Product' Awards! This add-on for FSX, FS2004 & P3D brings you an instructor who monitors other aircraft, gives advice on using VOR and NDB navigation aids, advises on destination runways and so much more! See all the details at http://www.FSFlyingSchool.com View Video
  8. Name: FSFlyingSchool for X-Plane 10 - Multiple Planes! Category: Commercial Product Videos Date Added: 19 November 2013 - 06:42 AM Submitter: Jeff Preston Short Description: FSFlyingSchool for X-Plane 10 - Multiple Planes! Just a glimpse at some of the features of FSFlyingSchool for X-Plane 10 - a team of talking instructors who help you fly your best with today's leading flight simulators. Take along an instructor when you fly any airplane, anywhere. Get the details and a free demo (with no time limit) from... http://www.FSFlyingSchool.com You can add an instructor to your favorite plane in minutes - and there is built-in support for 15 of the most popular planes - and the list is growing! VMAX Boeing 777 Worldliner VMAX Boeing 787 Dreamliner Carenado Cessna 208B Caravan Wilson Aircraft Lockheed L-1011 TriStar Shade Tree Diamond DA40-180 Diamond Star Boeing 777-200 Beechcraft Baron 58 Beechcraft King Air B200 Beechcraft King Air C90B Boeing 747-400 Cirrus C4 'The Jet' Columbia 400 Lockheed C-130 Hercules McDonnell Douglas KC-10 Extender Piaggio P180 Avanti Ferrari More to come... View Video
  9. FSInventions have announced that their award winning FSFlyingSchool PRO for FSX/FS2004 and FSFlyingSchool PRO for Prepar3D and ALL their optional add-ons of Voice Command Pack, Mooney Detail Pack, Cessna 152 Detail Pack and On Approach PLUS Pack are on special offer at 50% off at the FSFlyingSchool site for a limited time. There is no need to buy a "bundle" of products - interested pilots can pick and choose what they want to buy - all at 50% off. Pilots who have any earlier version of FSFlyingSchool can also upgrade at a special savings! These bargains are available here and the FSFlyingSchool site has all the details, including free demos for every product, movies, feature lists and full manuals. Click here to take a look at www.FSFlyingSchool.com
  10. Are you looking for a challenge? Do you own a copy of Microsoft FSX (Boxed), FSX-SE or Prepar3D? Do you hold VATSIM P2 and P3 ratings OR have real-world flying experience? If so, BAVirtual would like to hear from you! We currently offer training towards VATSIM ratings P1, P2 and P3 and have a P5 course launching early this year. As such, we're looking for enthusiastic and knowledgeable simmers to join our team of volunteer instructors! Our Initial Flying Training course is based largely on the real UK PPL syllabus with a focus on VFR navigation, principles of flight and basic general handling. It results in VATSIM P2 and P3 ratings for the student, and we’ve had a glowing review from the VATSIM PTD with lots of praise for the quality of our material and instruction. As you might imagine, interest from students is high and we’ve got quite a waiting list building up! So I’m looking for more instructors to come on board and join our little team. Our instructors work one-on-one with students, delivering live flight instruction via JoinFS Shared Cockpit. The role would be ideally suited to someone with real-world flying experience at PPL or greater level looking to give something back to the FS community, but I’m just as keen to hear from enthusiastic amateurs (like myself!) -- commitment and a passion for helping others are the main criteria. In return, you’ll have a fantastic, rewarding experience -- there’s no feeling quite like that moment when you figure out the cause of a student’s struggles, show them how to fix it and see them “click”! It’s a great way to meet other like-minded people, give something back to the community and further develop your own skills and knowledge. We naturally provide a full suite of instructor support materials, lesson plans and resources to help you and your students get the most out of the course. Our team is incredibly knowledgeable and contains a vast amount of real and sim flying experience. Our standards are high, but we’re committed to helping you develop and succeed as an instructor, we’re an incredibly supportive bunch and we have a lot of fun together as well. If you think you might be interested -- no need to commit to anything immediately -- you can PM me here, or drop me an e-mail to training (at) bavirtual dot co do uk. I'm also interested to hear from anyone with a VATSIM P5 rating or relevant real-world experience who would be interested in instructing on our new multi-engine instrument rating course. I look forward to hearing from you!
  11. Hi guys. I am back to making training videos and in this video we talk about how to manage the approach speed for high winds. https://youtu.be/SOqakM3y0zY Kind regards,
  12. To celebrate the PC Pilot Platinium award and the Christmas Holidays, FSiPanel is on SALE until December 28th. You will find on FSiPanel and Flight1 product page a $10.00 OFF coupon. You need to download this coupon and use it during the payment process to get the discount. Safe landings, www.fsipanel.com
  13. Hey all, So I have played FSX for a couple months now, and I am decent at it, but not good enough to join or create like a virtual navy squadron, which is my goal. So I'm trying to form a flight training plan for myself. I have the planes, the IRIS T-6 Texan II and the Dino Cattaneo T-45 Goshawk. I was just wondering like what the schedule would be, like what flights I do which things, and how many flights until the next step. Thanks, Vapor
  14. When I select the Flight Training section, then any of the eight modules, I can complete that module as expected. But, on completion, clicking on the next module, the program quits abruptly. If I enter World and select departure/arrival airports the program performs as expected, no crashes. I have updated the program, Windows 10 and the display adapter, no change. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  15. Hey everyone, How goes your day? I just came across this fantastic video. I do not know if you all have seen it or if it is new. I was just speechless when I saw some of the amazing footage in this USAF F-15 Training Video. It has everything, dogfights, night vision, etc. USAF rocks :-) Here is the url http://player.vimeo.com/video/40935850 Enjoy this video
  16. I'm releasing my next video tutorials in my Basics Boot Camp Series called "How To Fly A Perfect ILS". I've been contacted by several flight simmers asking for a video tutorial on how to fly a good ILS approach. They tell me speed is the number one problem for them when trying to fly an ILS. They are coming in to intercept the localizer too fast and they don't really know how that happens. In some cases they are coming in to intercept the localizer at 250 kts. I hope these video tutorials solve those speed issues and perhaps, some other gray areas as well. This ILS video project has turned out to be much bigger than I originally thought. Many of you have been emailing me asking "is it done yet?" "It is done yet?" Yes, I'm behind schedule but honestly, I have spent most of my time for the last 7 days creating, recording, editing and trying to finish up this ILS series. A lot of video re-recordings, a lot of video production editing, etc. My training standards are very high and all of this takes time to produce. But it's all worth it because I know all of the new flight simmers appreciate the end results. Now that I have uploaded this information to this post, I am going to take a couple of days off and rest up before starting work on Part 4 of this ILS series! So, back to the videos. This is a multi-part video tutorial: YouTube links are at the end of this post. Part 1a - the Ground School basics on how to correctly set up for the ILS approach. Part 1b - the Ground School basics on how to correctly set up for the ILS approach. Part 2 - PMDG 737NGX simulator demo, flying a Boeing standard ILS. Part 3 - PMDG 737NGX simulator demo, flying a non-standard ILS. Part 4 - a bonus flying demo. I am releasing parts 1 through 3 now and I will be adding this part 4 flying demo over the next few days. Note that the ground school Part 1 has been broken down into two parts: Part 1a and Part 1b. I thought I could do the ground school Part 1 video in one shot but it got kind of long, so I decided to split it into two parts. I want to say a big thank you to my three helpers: Spin737 (Matt Colles) made several suggestions on changes to reflect real world flying. scandinavian13 (Kyle Rogers) checked the video for technical accuracy. Kyle thanks for your technical review. Everyone appreciates the depth and breathe of your experience on the 737NGX in this forum. efmartin (Eric Martin) checked the draft video and made several suggestions for better clarity on some of the topics. All of their suggestions were implemented. This collaboration process helps to ensure that what you all see is technically correct and reflects what a real 737NGX pilot does when flying. If you have any questions or comments after viewing these video tutorials, please PM me here or email me at the email address shown in the opening screen of the Part 1a ground school video. I hope you all enjoy viewing these ILS video tutorials. YouTube links: Part 1a - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=to2mWqp4kNU Part 1b - Part 2 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jU5zcxgXUO4 Part 3 - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EKD8H5-SkUQ Part 4 Coming soon!
  17. This Saturday at 10:30 a.m mountain time (1630z) I will be opening the Colorado Springs Approach facility on VATSIM with the goal of attracting rookie VATSIM pilots. That first flight or two is usually a pretty big hurdle for pilots as it can be very intimidating. Especially when something doesn't go as expected. This way you know you'll have an easy and friendly flight where you are encouraged to ask questions. Recommended flight Here is the recommended flight but you are welcome to fly wherever you like. Many VATSIM pilots have never flown VFR so this is a great time to try that out as well. KCOS- KPUB- KCOS IFR Flight Plan: Leg 1: COS3.PUB Leg 2: PUB BRK VFR Flight Plan: Leg 1: PUB (116.7) Leg 2: BRK (112.5) Recommended Aircraft Use whatever plane you like, but this is a very short flight so a twin or single prop would probably be best. Rules: Please read the VATSIM PRC prior to your flight. It's expected that you will have familiarized with the procedures involved. You're not expected to be an expert (none of us are) and you're welcome to ask questions. Know you're aircraft. Don't fly your shiny new NGX if you don't consider yourself an expert in it. No matter what plane you use, make sure you are able to descend or climb to an assigned altitude, fly an assigned heading and track to/from a VOR, and fly an ILS. This may seem obvious, but there are a lot of pilots out there who are enslaved to the GPS/FMC and can't navigate without it. This ends up being a problem on VATSIM because the controllers expect pilots to be able to do these very basic things when instructed. If you didn't understand an instruction, or don't know what the instruction meant, ASK! One of the biggest pet peeves of controllers is a pilot who just says, "roger," and doesn't do what they were instructed to do. PLEASE ask questions and clarify instructions. If there's something specific you want to work on (such as a certain type of approach, holding, etc) please mention it in your flight plan remarks. Please link to this post in your VAs or flying clubs. I want to help gather as many new pilots as I can and will continue to have these training flights for as long as there are pilots participating. Please post here if you're interested, so I know if this is something people are interested in or not.
  18. Hello all - The NGX documentation contains a daunting amount of information, but it's worth spending time on. The Boeing Flight Crew Training Manual (FCTM) is the first step. To help myself learn, I've created a set of about 200 Anki flashcards on the FCTM that I'm happy to share with the AVSIM community. Not included are the chapters on Maneuvers and on Non-Normal Procedures. Page references are provided with each answer (some samples attached) If you're not familiar with Anki, it's an "intelligent" flashcard program that reschedules cards for further study based on how well you answered them. I've found it an immensely helpful learning tool (but have no association with the project). It's free, apart from their iPhone app. The software and explanation of use is available at http://ankisrs.net/ The question set on the FCTM can be found at https://ankiweb.net/shared/info/1223781032 I hope you'll find this helpful. Please let me know if you find any errors or omissions - I'll try to update the question set if any errors are found. Have fun! Marcel Durieux
  19. Name: FSFlyingSchool - Circuit Training in FSX and FS2004 Category: Commercial Product Videos Date Added: 19 November 2013 - 06:54 AM Submitter: Jeff Preston Short Description: FSFlyingSchool - Circuit Training in FSX and FS2004 Flying a circuit with FSFlyingSchool, the award winning add-on for FSX and FS2004. 4 times PC Pilot Magazine "Classic Product". Available from http://www.FSFlyingSchool.com Download your free demo today! View Video
  20. Name: FS Instant Help for FSX and FS2004 Category: Commercial Product Videos Date Added: 19 November 2013 - 06:44 AM Submitter: Jeff Preston Short Description: FS Instant Help for FSX and FS2004 FS Instant Help Instant spoken help you can use immediately while flying the simulated skies in Flight Simulator X or 2004. If you have not yet tried this fun, educational new add-on for FSX and FS2004 you can download a demo for free from http://www.FSInventions.com FS Instant Help adds a whole new level of fun and learning to your flights with Flight Simulator. You hear and see help and tips for controls, instruments and switches immediately while you are flying! Do you ever think you could use some help up there in the Simulated Skies? FS Instant Help is ready to help you get familiar with those switches, dials, buttons etc that seem to fill the cockpit and flight deck. Sit back and enjoy as you hear the voice of a friendly instructor who explains the role of the device you operated, immediately, in real time, with optional text captions so you can read the advice too. Once you operate a device, you won't hear the explanation again for a while: this is to avoid repetition when, for example, turning a device on and off. If you prefer, you can turn off the voice completely and just retain the text captions for reference during your flights. Alternatively, you can turn off the captions and just listen to the voice of the instructor. Configure FS Instant Help the way you want it! What's more, we realize that sometimes things get a little tricky up there and this is where FS Instant Help can help you get things back under control. In addition to explaining the role of switches etc, your talking instructor will let you know if something serious has happened, or will happen... and give you tips on what to do. FS Instant Help might just save that aircraft! Plus - the route of every flight you make can be saved permanently for viewing and sharing with Google Maps! Why not give it a try today? View Video
  21. Just got an email from AoA saying the training had been released. Looks like 3 options you can choose from; Captains Pack (both Flightwork and Groundwork) Flightwork Pack (FlightWork guides you through every step of operations, from gate-to-gate, with our real world pilots. Authentic 777 Control.) Goundwork Pack (Know what the 777 systems are doing at all times so you can handle any procedure or emergency thrown your way.) http://www.flyaoamedia.com/777-training/ Think I will personally get the flightwork one
  22. There are many options in VoxATC to fiddle with and it is very wise to spend time training with the program. I did about six flights where I loaded up the flight plans in the flight plan trainer and went through all the lines. I don't have to do that anymore. It pretty much knows what I am saying now and I can even change the tone of my voice and sound more natural when talking to it and it will take my commands. My problem that I have and I wonder if there is a way to fix this, is to make VoxATC pronounce locations correctly. Example; I take off from Dallas Love Field a lot and one of the centers I pass through is Fort Worth Center. It is abbreviated FT Worth. VoxATC likes to say "F T Center" rather than "Fort Worth Center". Is there a way to train VoxATC how to pronounce things like this correctly? It's REALLY bad about pronouncing VOR stations.
  23. Hello Everyone,While Microsoft Flight is not the most realistic flight sim experience out there I find it to be quite adequate for practicing most flight maneuvers that are required to get a private pilots license. I am currently taking lessons and I try to use flight at least 2 hours a day on weekdays and 2-4 on weekends.I am curious if there are any other student pilots or MS Flight players who would be interested in reviewing and practicing maneuvers (and other essential piloting skills) together. We could take turns going over the maneuver, doing them together, and self-critiquing what we did wrong and discuss (as a group) how to improve.Anyone who is currently a student pilot or is thinking of starting their training could learn a lot from each other. I am very eager to learn from anyone who has knowledge to offer and I feel like a lot of student pilots are the same way. Doing this together will help us all learn, help with motivation, potentially save some money, and ultimately make us all better pilots.I am typically on during the nights. (2 hrs sometime between 8 and midnight est). My gamertag is gucommander. Post in this thread and add me on XBL if your interested. If there is sufficient interest I will start setting up "official events" for this.Maneuvers we would be practicing: Pre-maneuver checklist Steep Turns Power on Stall Power off Stall Slow Flight S Turns Turns around a Point Rectangular Course (I just practice this while doing touch and gos in the traffic pattern) Essential Flight Skills Normal and Crosswind takeoffs and landings Emergency Engine Out Procedures Traffic Patterns Radio (I would LOVE someone to practice the radio with...) Night Flying Basic Instruments Maintaining Straight and Level flight (Altitude is a I TRIED TO USE A PROFANITY HERE - AREN'T I STUPID! even with trim...) Cross Country Flights (Includes flight planning and VOR) Taxiing (This ones a bit hard due to the issues with breaking in MS Flight. i'm sure they will be fixed eventually)
  24. Hey Guys! Just a heads up there is some Airbus stuff on eBay, cbt's and FCOM http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/200905390436?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649 http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/200904346189?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649 http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/200904151685?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649 Hope it is of use to someone!
  25. We are pleased to announce that vDelta will be creating a subsidy known as vDelta Connection Academy to better help pilots whos knowledge in flight simulation are minimal or non existent. This will help pilots who join vDelta have confidence in flying, whether it be online or off, they will be learning the Delta way! Currently we are actively looking for a Training Director please email me to info@vdelta.org if you are interested and/or would like more information.
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