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    Publisher of FSFlyingSchool and FS Instant Approach for FSX and FS2004. Also FSFlyingSchool for P3D and X-Plane 10.

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  1. Hi HighBypass: Good scores! And yes, the History of Flight Simulators is a tough one as most of us don't need to remember all those dates. 🙂 Hi Luis: Well done! I'm with you on my own knowledge of the FS History quiz - for me some are easy - many are wild guesses! 😀
  2. Hi Folks: If you are at home and want to have a little fun - we have made some free flight simulation and aviation quizzes - we hope you enjoy them! History of Flight Simulators Quiz Aviation Quiz Take care! FSFlyingSchool Team
  3. @Robkr1208 Hi Robkr1208! Whoa - many thanks for taking the time to look at FSFlyingSchool PRO 2018 for P3Dv4 and for making such a splendid movie for us all to watch! I think I can help increase your fun with good old Mr Smith the instructor if I mention that the reason he kept going on about "taking off" and "steering" and "not braking" was that you were in take off mode (one of FSFlyingSchool's four 'Flight Modes') and if you decide you are not taking off you simply need to let the chap know by pressing the command keys to revert the flight mode back to 'taxi'. At that point he will of course stop talking about taking off. Another point is that skilled pilots like yourself will want to turn off the feature which automatically detects if you are in 'cruise' or 'landing' mode; you will want to control that yourself for greater precision. Once again - many thanks - it is always a treat to get surprised by such a movie appearing online and terrific fun to see folks having a jolly time with FSFlyingSchool. Have a great week of flights! Jeff Preston Publisher www.FSFlyingSchool.com
  4. Hi JT: FS Instant Approach PRO 2015 is the latest version. It is $9.95. Be sure to visit our web site and check out all the new additions to our new FSFlyingSchool Pro 2018 - contains all of FS Instant Approach PRO 2015 and is packed with loads of new features - including - Taxiway Tutor, Weather Tutor, GPS Tutor and Autopilot Tutor. FSFlyingSchool PRO 2018's features are described here... http://www.fsflyingschool.com/features-of-fsflyingschool-pro-2018.asp FSFlyingSchool was first released in 2006 and has since won 5 PC Pilot Magazine Classic Product Awards. You can fly any powered airplane in FSX - and payware add-ons. Some add-ons have programming which is markedly different to FSX programming and these (very few) may produce unwanted results, so we recommend that you download the free demo to try FSFlyingSchool with your favourite planes to be sure it performs exactly as you would wish before making a purchase. The demo has no time limit - try for as long as you want. As you can see FSFlyingSchool gives instruction in any powered airplane, but gives specific detailed instruction in 16, of which one is the 757, either from Quality Wings or Just Flight.
  5. Hi Massimo: It will be great to hear of the plugin for Prepar3D version 4 using FSUIPC version 5. You can also use the free demo of FSFlyingSchool PRO 2017 for P3Dv4 for as long as you like. It provides vertical speed at touchdown and plenty more to think about... :-) Available here... http://www.fsflyingschool.com/demo-p36.asp
  6. This sounds like a useful and fun feature! Always good to be practicing for a soft landing. More good news - don't forget that there's also a free demo version of FSFlyingSchool 2017 in versions for FSX, FS2004, P3D and X-Plane 11 and 10 - and they will all provide vertical speed at touchdown and plenty more to think about... :-) Yes - it's a separate application that runs at the same time as your sim. Free demo - no time limit - use it for as long as you like. Works with FREE version of FSUIPC or of XPUIPC (for X-Plane).
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