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  1. Bill- Thank you so much for that information. I'll give FSiPanel a shot then 😄 Lodestar- Thanks! I'll download this too! 😄 Appreciate it.
  2. Greetings! I am looking for a instant approach tool for FSX Gold (boxed edtion) so that I can practice my approaches. Based on my research on Google, I've found two so far: 1. FSiPanel, and 2. FS Instant Approach PRO 2015 by FSInventions. Correct me if I'm wrong but with FSiPanel only limited add-on aircrafts are supported, but with FS Instant Approach pro you can use ANY aircraft. Is this right? Which of these two work best? Is there any other ones that exist too? Please list any instant approach tools that exist out there that I'm not aware of. I mainly fly the B757, and it's currently not supported with FSiPanel. Any help on this will be very much appreciated. Thanks guys! :D
  3. YES! Finally, and hopefully a study level 757! Been thinking about purchasing the new Captain Sim 757 III, but I'll just wait for this one. Level-D did not disappoint with their 767, I'm feeling the same way about this one too. CAN'T WAIT!
  4. I would love this add-on for my all-time favorite aircraft (QW757) for FSX. I don't know why they haven't released this yet. The QualityWings 757 is a very popular add-on among flight simmers. Any plans at least?
  5. Hi. I can't seem to find the PDF file that came along with the voice command add-on. I believe I accidently deleted it. Does anyone have an extra copy? Thanks!
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