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  1. First short vid of the original beta in the RSAF Livery .Scenery KTNP form 29Palms /Default XP 10.50 .Camera: XP Default .( Likely update with sound & colour correction )
  2. The developers of are running a post -over at the org re a possible kickstarter for a mac verion of this great software. Any X-Plane mac people here who would like this please head over there and let them know in the post -link below.Thanks http://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?showtopic=67588&page=4
  3. Name: X-Plane 10 /JCS F-16 Category: Military Aircraft Sim Videos Date Added: 29 December 2012 - 05:27 PM Submitter: tgordine Short Description: Flight Sim X-Plane 10.11 featuring JCS Aircraft's F-16 over Northern India (def scenery) View Video
  4. Dude your giving me fsx envy I love my x-plane 9/10 but you have some mighty sweet candy there! Great pics T xp shots
  5. Thanks Phantom88, much appreciated .Credit goes to the plane/scenery people and x-plane though Tim some more shots here
  6. Thank you squawkident , it's defiantly getting there , and it helped get me into a real plane ( not quite the shuttle!), I like really like the realistic feel of it too try the free V10 demo cheers Tim
  7. Thanks for the comments folks , it's good to be here! Re-posting .As cenk pointed out , Am I to start a different topic every time I (or someone) wishes to post an x-plane screenshot ? And that no further screen shots can be posted within the topic other than the original? At the org for example, there is a topic "what did you fly to day" and folks put up thier shots under that topic heading- easy to browse through . you actually get into trouble there if you only post text without a screen shot! Anyways no prob. I'm sure i'll get the hang the hang of it , look forward to spending time at Avsim Tim
  8. This is spot on Marco! you got a great vibe , I presume X-plane? Here's my effort (CJS F16C/Hawaii/XP10) Happy Flying
  9. Thanks guys! .X-Plane ( 9&10) is really worth checking out try the .Free Demo :Loser: XP10 native carrier/T34C by Jrollon payware
  10. AMX/v9 Default Shuttle /v10 Hello Avsim , Firstly I wanted to say what a fantastic place for sim pilots and aviation folks Avsim is .I look forward to exploring this giant site further Secondly, apart from the x-plane screen shot comp this is my first post here ( visiting from the X-pane org ) so I hope its the right place to start. If there is a more general location i.e. what plane did you fly today then please point the way. I have many images ( some here) and I would ultimately like to get a gallery going at Avsim .In order to get my post and image count up it is my intention to post up a couple of images up every day or so at this location.I hope this is within the rules. Thanks T
  11. thank you tristanhallam sleep time in london..Good luck all!
  12. thank you jonnyflyingpants ( interesting name )
  13. Northrop B 2 Spirit late evening , X-Plane demo area (KESA Airport) X-Plane 10 Global .Native Aircraft, scenery and weather.All in free demo!
  14. Northrop B 2 Spirit early evening , 2 miles East of KESA Airport X-Plane 10 Global .Native Aircraft, scenery and weather.All in free demo!
  15. Yes these are both freeware http://forums.x-plane.org/ and thank you for the comment spontek
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