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  1. First short vid of the original beta in the RSAF Livery .Scenery KTNP form 29Palms /Default XP 10.50 .Camera: XP Default .( Likely update with sound & colour correction )
  2. thank you tristanhallam sleep time in london..Good luck all!
  3. thank you jonnyflyingpants ( interesting name )
  4. Northrop B 2 Spirit late evening , X-Plane demo area (KESA Airport) X-Plane 10 Global .Native Aircraft, scenery and weather.All in free demo!
  5. Northrop B 2 Spirit early evening , 2 miles East of KESA Airport X-Plane 10 Global .Native Aircraft, scenery and weather.All in free demo!
  6. Yes these are both freeware http://forums.x-plane.org/ and thank you for the comment spontek
  7. X-Plane 10 /F16C Fighting falcon from Classic Jet Simulations ( Netherlands 2010 demo livery ) Default X-Plane 10 Demo scenery/Weather
  8. BK17G Flying Fortress from Khamsin & Arno at XPFR over Seattle Mountains ( XP-10 demo area )
  9. thank you kindly folks.X-Plane is rocking these days!
  10. X-Plane 10 Global . T34C Mentor , looking down on shuttle Enterprise. West of PHDH Dillingham, Hawaii T34C Mentor by Javier Rollon , Shuttle default with X-Plane10 .Scenery Oahu Island from x-aviation
  11. ace shot comanche, spookily I did this one almost a year ago at the org! or check it here T-34 Rocks!
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