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  1. I want it,.....now now now! It is almost christmas??!! Love the 6, really would love the everts air paint. Still operating 8 DC-6's each day as we speak!! I cannot wait! Do you need a tester for FSX???? ;)
  2. Thank you for the quick respons! as always RTFM! Just a right click on the TO/GO screw does the trick! first click to turn it off and a second to kill the wailing!
  3. Hello captains I'm flying the 777 for a couple of hours now. I am wondering if there is anybody who can tell me how the stop the A/P disengace warning. Mostly I fly on A/P untill about 1000ft before touche down. What I do is switching off the A/P bij clicking the A/P button or the A/P disengace bar and land by hand! The problem is that I cannot stop the sirene and most of the time I end landing after hitting Q key, the stop the sound. There must be a better way to do this. Can somebody help me? regards Ronald
  4. My MD11 teacher for the PMDG MD11 told me the way they use it in real life (He is a reallife MD11 pilot). To start the APU they use the APU PWR switch (ELEC). The APU starts it self en will provide power. After that they use the APU switch (AIR) to establish airco and bleed air. After starting the engines you just press the APU (AIR) switch again and the APU will shut down. You know this by the flickering start/stop light at the manual APU part of your overhead! I Hope this helps!
  5. Wonderfull news! Is it going to be like a accu-sim aircraft? for good testers you should contact Tatonduk Outfitters Limited. They fly 8 DC-6's on daily base across Alaska. see the website of them; www.evertsair.com regards Ronald
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