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  1. Hello fellow simmers. For over a year or two I am walking around with the idea of making a cockpit of a classic propliner of the good old age! The big amount of large gauges is very easy to make in most of the time in an easy straightforward panel. However to make all those RPM, BMEP, MAP, CH temp, OIL temp gauges to work is a different story. Is there any experience here among all the A320 and B737 cockpit builders how to make those gauges? regards Ronald van Ingen
  2. Is this also for goflight prdocts?
  3. The three 166's are working! Now hope to get some help with programming. COM's are working NAV's are working For the third 166 I wish to use one for ADF and the other for Transponder but I do not know how to do this. Regards Ronald van Ingen
  4. funny but weird thing is that i can see all my modules via GIT. I can even identify the most modulles except for the 166's. I can't get them to work. GIT says that the are connected but if I click identify nothing happends. On starting my PC every module lights up perfectly, also the 166's. Very strangs. Has anybody any clue? Regards Ronald
  5. So this morning I had some time for GIT. Beside my TQ6 I now have my LGT working, yes!! I hope to get my USB HUB tommorrow I keep you updated! Regards Ronald
  6. Wow, thank for the fast replies guys! I have got GIT. But like I said before, it is a different piece of cake. For example configuratie the 166 is easy with GF config but with GIT It is to much you can config and a little overwelming. I am sure it is a good tool but I need time to learn it. For now it is abracadabra! I saw the tutorrials but I am flying the PMDG DC6 and A2A’s Connie. Like getting the water pumps working via T8 is very difficult because there are to many things happening (waterlevel, switches, lights and offcourse the cooling above 45” map). Do I need to run the window8fix every time? Before starting P3D? The USB powermanegment is in Windows? regards Ronald
  7. Hello fellow captains I recently got a nice deal on some GoFlight modules. I tought to get a good deal for my P3Dv4.2. I do not have any experience with go flight modules! I now got the GF-LGT, TQ6, T8, 3x 166A, 2x P8. All very nice in a stack! After a week trying and trying I now got the TQ6 working. That is the only module. I read some stuff about USB 3.0 not working with the black modules so I already put aside my brand new USB HUB. But also if I just connect my LGT and TQ6 to my PC the LGT will not work, same with the 166A. Maybe there is somebody here who can help me. I already got the GIT but this is stuff for PC gods and not for me, the simple FS-nerd. What am I doing wrong? I start with my confige tool. I does see my LGT and TQ6. I got my TQ6 working via P3Dv4 and that is fine! If I select the LGT I see the led's lighting up and after setting the Gear, Trim and Flaps I am starting P3D. Do I need to keep the GoFlight Config open? In the airplane , I can use the TQ6 but my LGT doesn't do any.thing. Same stury with my 166A's I can program them, the light up, so I can reach them via Config, but in the aircraft the all black out and nothing happens. Help please! Regards Ronald
  8. Hello Captains When PMDG released the DC-6, SIMBRIEF updated there fleetdate with the PMDG DC-6. I was wondering if there is somebody here who can make the date for the BCF for SIMBRIEF. Regards Ronald van Ingen
  9. Yes I mean the Master Prop Control. But the blue lights should indicate the governors position and not the handle position. If I move the Master Prop Control very rapid to full forward it takes some time for the governors to get into full RPM. But the blue light is already lite up. But as I understand, this is not further inplanted in this DC-6. Thanks for the answer. Regards Ronald van Ingen
  10. I see some strange behaviour of the 4 blue lights. It looks like the lamps are responding to the RPM handle and not to the props rpm. As soon as the handle is in full all 4 lights turn on, but you still hear that the props are getting in full rpm mode. I always thought they should respond to the props RPM and not to the handle? Regards Ronald van Ingen
  11. Weird Guys! I always use my aivlasoft EFB to creat the flightplane. The Garmin just loads it from there.
  12. Thanks for the quick answers. Ronald van Ingen
  13. I thought there was a discount if you want to upgrade from P3D to P3Dv4? Is there a link or something? Regards Ronald van Ingen
  14. Hello guys, I was just planning to jump in this discussion, when the update arrived. I do fly a lot of DC-6 in Alaska, on the FlyingTigersGroup.org DC-6 routes from Everts Air. I recently changed from FSX to P3Dv4 (yes I rebuy the 6, so mine costs 120 USD), and with ASN it is becoming challenging due to the arriving winter. Yesterday I did a lovely approach on PASM with heavy crosswind. All on VATSIM. The problem is CHT's offcourse! With temps of below -15C my engines, won't last long. I understand that I cannot go full throttle on the Wet Take off. I tried everything. From reducing to 40 MAP on wet take off till carb heat on en cowling full open. Is it correct to say that PMDG has corrected and updated CHT because it was simulated wrong? Carb heat should always be off on take off and landing, right? Regards Ronald van Ingen
  15. The 91stbombardmentgroup.com flies the HUMP routes. There is even a complete scenery for it!
  16. 2050 RPM reduce more drag than 1800RPM due to the prop pitch!
  17. For those interested in flying actual routes flown by DC-6's see the following link: www.flyingtigersgroup.org The have a great database with not only modern virtual airlines but also historic routes to fly. Also a lot of DC-6 routes. The 1954 KLM route will be added soon. Also some modern Everts routes are in their database with flight schedules regards Ronald van Ingen
  18. Maybe you where allready on the ground. They did not put in a landing sound. so you do not hear when you are on the ground.No squeeking tires when touching the ground! Ronald van Ingen
  19. That is what I have! Regards Ronald van Ingen
  20. Hmmmm I always thought that the sides where different. It seems that Everts changed the painting from Fuel to Cargo... Very strange because the paint job is rather new! my mistake guys regards Ronald van Ingen
  21. like I said, the other side of the plane says FUEL! There is only one DC-6 in this colour. That is the N451CE. One side Cargo, other side Fuel! regards Ronald van Ingen
  22. I am really glad that somebody did the N45CE! Thank you so much! but..... I think it is a little bit to shinny. espacially the bottom. It is painted and not polished! and the text is wrong. On the left side it should say FUEL instead of CARGO. Regards Ronald van Ingen
  23. maybe the fuel consumption is the same, the type of fuel isn't. AVGAS is expensive! Even Everts started to use jets a few years ago due to high costs. They only uses the six because there is no other option. No other plane with that amount of payload can land on the short gravel strips like Everts uses. Regards Ronald van Ingen.
  24. Have tried flying it by hand. She flies perfect!
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