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  1. Rob Reev

    Update to Windows 10, good idea?

    My experience with Prepar3D within Win 10 was not too bad with the exception of erratic to unusable opperation of some GoFlight Modules, most notably the Gf-166 modules. Despite applying all known fixes supplied by Rob A and Steve from Pollypot Software, I was never able to obtain reliable operation of some of these devices...Extremely frustrating after a Win 10 Pro clean install and an extensive Prepar3D addon and aircraft install. Now after a Win 10 delete and a clean reinstall of Win 7, along with all of the many P3D addons, all is well with P3Dv3 and GoFlight. I am one happy camper again and will stay with Win 7 till the day I die! .......Age 81 and counting......Hopefully, Win 7 will out live me!
  2. Rob Reev

    Windows 10: Yes, No, Maybe?

    If you have any GoFlight modules, especially Gf-166 radios, stay away from Win 10 for now. I have yet been able to obtain stable operation of those units despite trying all published fixes. All was well with my GoFlight units in Win 7, not so under Win10.
  3. Vic, It seems that you've found the solution to the lightning artifact problem within SLI, at least on my twin 780 system. Been testing for the last two hours in the worst ASN live thunderstorm weather that I could find. No artifacts and well defined REX lightning bolts. Absolutely beautiful... I think the real key was "Go into NVI and reset the P3D profile to defaults - this will set the new P3D profile for the driver" before entering the AA and other settings. Many thanks, Robert
  4. Rob Reev

    No 64-bit P3D coming according to Orbxs' John Venema

    Isn't it time to shut this thread down? Ain't gonna make 64 bit a reality, no matter what opinions are expressed here.