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  1. I think it’s also worth mentioning that people who have been expressing there disappointment are people that have been huge advocates of the sim and have defended it many times and also enjoyed it too. Most people on this forum had a good sense of what to expect, marketing an hype aside. It’s the poor management and implementation of the sim since it’s launch which is what is the real concern here and if Asobo were to lose the hardcore sim followers the sim would struggle long term.
  2. Im not quite at the point of stepping away but I’m in total agreement in what’s being said here so far. I could allow for the early update mishaps but it seems they haven’t learnt there lesson and it’s now looking poorly managed. They really need to get this back on course an quickly.
  3. Considering that the A320 mod is one of the most used aircrafts in the sim it would baffle me that there not in communication with you guys prior to a release and baffles me more that if they are in communication that they would release despite the issues caused which is frustrating for a large number of us.
  4. Thanks mate I’ll be purchasing this tonight. From what I’ve seen on the discord the guy seems determined to do a great job which am sure he will looking at it already.
  5. Sensible approach, I’ve just joined the Discord an the guy seems serious about making this truly life like. If you do decide on it you should consider joining the discord, am sure your knowledge from working at EGCC could be pretty valuable.
  6. What a legend, been waiting for this my home airport... Anyone heard of the developer? They any good? Pictures look good.
  7. Didtn really want to watch an hour an 8 minutes for that one answer but cheers anyway
  8. Totally agree, this needs to happen. what have you heard, I missed the Q/A they announcing which airports will be included next week?
  9. Haha that’s got to be the harshest comparison shots I’ve ever seen... Take a look at the Lake District many parts of Scotland to name a couple.
  10. Can’t say whether this is any good or not as haven’t downloaded it but if you haven’t seen this maybe of interest. https://flightsim.to/file/3735/dover-white-cliff-v1-0
  11. Agree, the Barton freeware is excellent and let’s not forget Orbx have a version of Barton that will also no doubt come to the sim. I’d rather they put their efforts elsewhere personally for me Manchester EGCC, it’s the biggest hub outside of London and it’s really poor, an no offence to UK2000 but I know there version will come but that stuff is barely acceptable payware these days.
  12. Finally the U.K. getting some much needed attention... Please add a decent EGCC it’s well needed!
  13. From everything I’ve seen the 3080 beats it at 4K... not drastic but 6-7fps improvement gap specifically for MSFS. I was set on the 6800XT before launch I thought that 16gb would be the big difference and was disappointed tbh. I’m just waiting it out now let’s see what TI models come in the next couple of months.
  14. I second this. Can someone upload a couple of night lighting pics, if am being picky from a couple of different altitudes. Cheers
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