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  1. Pyreegue is working on East Midlands. Some preview shots over on the Orbx forums superb work maybe his best yet. https://forum.orbxdirect.com/topic/216268-pyreegue-dev-co-2023-roadmap/
  2. Has anyone done a tutorial of the 787 with the mods? Might give this a whirl.
  3. Aamir’s last post is exactly why Fenix will surpass what is out there if it hasn’t already. Completely committed to continuous improvements.
  4. I wonder what the dev is thinking to all this like: 1) There’s no such thing as bad press, tells the mrs to crack out the red undies they’ve made it! 2) Oh dear me, what’s the lawyers number love?
  5. Right with you there.. Hopefully will see some more drop in English over the next couple of weeks.
  6. Thanks buddy was actually the new a319 by LVFR I wanted to get a look at with the FBW mod.
  7. Any videos of this in action with the mod? Be interested to see if this is worth it.
  8. I own both and I am an Airbus guy at heart but I bought the 737 much later and only recently actually as I felt like I needed a change and wow that bird has gave me a rejuvenated interest. An don’t get me wrong, the Fenix is superb but the 737 performance an general handling an feel is quite something.. Bottom line we’re comparing Porsche to Ferrari here there’s reasons to prefer one over the other sure, EFB aside you have to respect both.
  9. I was just being a bit dramatic my intention wasn’t to insult. Calling them flat earthers was more at some of the very single minded views but hey you see that over the fence on here sometimes so each to there own.
  10. I think anyone that was going to leave the X-Plane franchise will have already jumped ship by now. Just the flat earther types left there now. All the new younguns will no doubt be attracted by MSFS which is great for us all.
  11. I still struggle with click spots for me.. especially in the Fenix trying to adjust the external lights, it’s like I can’t find the magic spot for a solid 5 seconds at times which is long in reality. If anyone has a solution for me I’d be all ears.
  12. Agree on the orange glow in thick cloud conditions definitely needs addressing. Probably the only issue I have with the lighting system which on the whole is the best it’s been.
  13. As announcements go for what is a hugely anticipated aircraft, that was really disappointing to hear that there going to port it. I do wonder about the add on companies that make decisions like this. Very out of touch.
  14. Ah good… A very popular (rather annoying) YouTuber Swiss001 had commented on very poor performance with GSX.
  15. Stayed away from GSX so far as it seemed there’s been a few teething problems?… How’s things now? An how is performance generally?
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