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  1. Great to hear from you Filbert and I’ll have to start spending more time on Twitch to catch your streams.
  2. @FilbertFlies Be good to see a review from FilbertFlies… Not seen him release a video for sometime, I hopes he well.
  3. Very late to the party here but is there instructions for the install? There’s one on YouTube for Steam users only.
  4. Same here.. Fair bit of interest in this but the developer isn’t helping themselves when we’re not getting the information to make the jump.
  5. Even in Beta I’d love to see a video of this in action.
  6. Nice work!.. Also looking forward to this one!
  7. An example of true dedication and talent, really can’t wait for this one. If anyone out in the community with aircraft dev experience can help this team deliver the a380 then please come forward.
  8. It’s time MSFS partnered up with these 3rd parties that have been mentioned to really resolve the AI issues once and for all. It’s in the top 3 issues the sim has and is probably the most complex issue to resolve and needs investment to get it right.
  9. I’ve not flown the Fenix for a while and haven’t touched FBW since Fenix launched - Are they really that close now? Any news from Fenix on when the update will land? Sounds like it’s needed to put some distance between them and FBW.
  10. Photogrammetry Improvements. More cloud variation. No more bright orange Mordor clouds at sunset. Improved AI/ATC Trains Power cables.
  11. I’ve never wanted to give my money away more!… These freeware guys are the ones that will keep the flightsim community alive indefinitely.
  12. Pyreegue is working on East Midlands. Some preview shots over on the Orbx forums superb work maybe his best yet. https://forum.orbxdirect.com/topic/216268-pyreegue-dev-co-2023-roadmap/
  13. Has anyone done a tutorial of the 787 with the mods? Might give this a whirl.
  14. Aamir’s last post is exactly why Fenix will surpass what is out there if it hasn’t already. Completely committed to continuous improvements.
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