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  1. I don’t want to be the guy that says you’re wrong as we all have our opinions but I find the night lighting to be the best it’s ever been. I think they improved it at high altitude with SU5 or 6, it’s not perfect but better for me anyway. What hardware you running on?
  2. Great work thanks!… Who would have thought, a year and a half of MSFS and it’s still FBW that keeps a lot of us coming back to this sim!
  3. We will agree to disagree… For some this is adequate and I can appreciate that if you sit in that bracket… For me, Gaya have delivered much better quality albeit payware, this is one I wished they offered as payware as it’s an airport of interest, I’ll be tapering my expectations of them going forward.
  4. Agree… This is the frustrating point. Gaya could do so much better with it. Free or not I think it’s bad business to lower your standards an worth risking your reputation.
  5. That’s a very generalised point of view on it and it’s just not accurate in this case. Gaya are easily one of the top scenery developers right now in MSFS period, as complaints go for payware I don’t think they receive many. What were talking about is a clear watered down version of what could of been a great scenery. let’s get something clear, this isn’t freeware, they are a paid partner for MSFS, they are am sure paid well, the difference now is we as the consumer doesnt matter, why because there not judged on sales but rather deadlines from MS, which ultimately is pushing down the quality of what they can deliver. This is coming from someone who is a fan of there work, well, atleast the work that’s upto their best work not these updates.
  6. I’m guessing there is going to be other iterations of this because for me it’s quite primitive and I don’t want to fly in Dev mode unless an testing only.. Asobo need to put some real hours into this.
  7. Yep still very nice work.. An it looks I will be buying it and deleting Gaya’s. I was holding out as I was expecting a real battle between the two but it’s really men vs boys on this one.
  8. Maybe am not getting my point across, If there going to deliver subpar airports, why not bother continuing them at the standard we know they can do an make them payware. it’s like well MSFS are paying us anyway regardless of sales so we can just not work as hard on it. It’s free I know… But it drives down the quality, say we didn’t have FS Dreateams version, they may not have bothered at all now because of a subpar version that will ultimately kill sales.
  9. Thank god Ricardo is here with all that wisdom and logic, well said Ricardo… Post of the year that one.
  10. This is the thing, for free I’m not moaning but Gaya have took the money from MSFS an delivered a half done product. Annoying from a developer that delivers on there ‘payware’ products. I just feel like do it as good as you can or done bother but that’s just me.
  11. Before people say it, yes it’s great that’s it’s free but I was ready to pay for this one and I think others were…They hinted that this was going to be better than FS Dreamteam it just isn’t. The night lighting on the main terminal is none existent basically and the interior is poor. It’s a bit frustrating when you know how capable they are but with these WU free airports it’s a bit of a half ar.ed approach.
  12. They’ve been quiet of late regarding the a380, anyone heard any news?
  13. (A minor thing in the grand scheme) Anyone checked out the new Zurich airport from Gaya in the new WU? The main terminal doesn’t look look like it lights up at night for me, anyone able to confirm?
  14. Nice!… Don’t suppose there is any chance will see this in Europe is there?
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