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    My name is Adam, I am a huge fan of Airplanes, and have wanted to fly ever since I was a toddler. Today I am in the process of pursuing a Bachelors Degree in Aviation Science, and a career as a Commercial Airline Pilot.
  1. Adam DuPont

    C404 Titan Engine 1 Not Starting Up in C&D.

    UPDATE: The default plane swap has appeared to work! Thank you stans and LZScout for the help!
  2. Adam DuPont

    C404 Titan Engine 1 Not Starting Up in C&D.

    For LZScout: I made sure that mags were in fact on for the startup and that mixture was set properly. It's still having the same issue with start up. For stans: When I started the plane up I was almost certain that fuel selectors were configured properly, I can always go back and double check. On the other hand, I didn't know that the default plane for startup could affect add-on planes. If the "default flight" plane you're talking about is the one that loads in upon firing up FSX, then mine is the Trike Ultralight, which may explain the engine complication. I'll swap it to the 172 to see if that fixes anything. If it does the trick, then Thank You! If it doesn't, then it looks like I'm stuck at square one. Thanks for the Help so far!
  3. Hello Guys, I've been having an issue with the C404. Every time I attempt to start up the Titan from Cold and Dark, I am unable to start Engine 1 (Left Engine), but Engine 2 fires up with no issue at all. Is it possible that I've missed a step in the process of starting the engines? Or is there a known bug tied to the C404 that causes Engine 1 to not fire up? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, -Adam