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  1. Just amazing .......Thank you :)
  2. Many thanks Dan for very interesting and wealth of information ........ Something makes me very attached to the DC-6 I am not sure why I have never seen one before, trying some of the models at my VA made me really get very interested about it ........ I will google it and hope for the best :)
  3. Just wanted to start warming up for this magnificent beast coming ahead :)
  4. I am sorry Kyle ......Is there a manual included at the link?
  5. That's a relief I can't wait ........
  6. Can't agree more I forgot about the icing effect and many other details, of course, I wished it could affect the actual handling of controls of the plane.......Perhaps in the future :)
  7. Last night I did a couple of short flights with JS41 it was long since I made one........This morning I came here to see if there is a chance or a dream that PMDG would make us V2 for this amazing bird which is like no other .......The sounds, lights, the weight & fuel caclulations, starting the engines, interesting behavior at ILS approach, the views, the aerodynamics everything on this plane makes it a unique experience even today after the success of the NGX, T7, and QOS..... I would buy it again and even for a third time if I have to ......Just thought to share it with you guys :)
  8. Pogo Stick

    No, I wasn't member back then :)........So I guess I am still young :)
  9. Pogo Stick

    I feel I am getting old the Pogo stick becomes a history that needs explanation to newer generations :(
  10. Well it seems like fun ........ :)
  11. It worked this time thank you Kyle :)
  12. I have the same issue since OC update the QOS was not updated and no update is offered by OC ?
  13. Thank you, Kyle ......... Next time I will double check on anti-virus...... How can I run the update again because when I enter OC it doesn't show any updates available? Many thanks
  14. I am sorry to inform you the QOS was not updated and still on 3.00.8132.....FYI
  15. OK, I have to report this it might help, first I suggest the OC would have an option of re-update just if we need to update a version once more..... The scenario was different for me, started OC with admin rights and anti-virus is off, the setting wheel was red I clicked to see there were 2 updates available for OC and QOS, I started with OC as instructed ......It took 5-7 mins I realized that the whole fleet is being updated.....Then ended, QOS was not in red I went out and in of OC the QOS did not need any update...... I realized also that the livery downloader is not functioning giving me that TLS 1.2 is not activated on my internet configuration The plane is functioning for sure, however, I check the version today to see if I have the latest one Great bird really thank you