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  1. I was flying from KMSP to CYWG. It was like an early autumn with no snow cover at all.
  2. Dear all, I have the system mentioned at my signature, what NVIDIA card I can get to upgrade my system, I started getting message that my GPU is running out of resources, thank you.
  3. I had CTD last night 30 minutes into a flight without any obvious reasons! First time since long time
  4. Keep a fire extinguisher close by ........You never know
  5. Hello all, do I have to rename the community folder as well? before the download?
  6. Do you think technology will develop someday to add a passengers models to the cabin? Corresponds to the actual flight manifest? That would be so cool.
  7. Try to keep the FENIX application open before starting the SIM and all the way till landing? And please inform me back with the results?
  8. After deleting the PB toolbar Mod. I tried another one which is PB helper, when I get PB clearance from MSFS ATC the following happens: 1- The PB function at EFB gets grayed out and becomes nonfunctional 2- When I press the TUG option at the helper tool, the tug moves and come closer to aircraft then returns back to hid under the Jetway. 3- The only way I can get the plane to push back is to release the parking break, then to push the TUG button of the helper tool menu, and quickly push the reverse button at the helper tool menu. That will give me about 15 to 20 feet of reverse push, then I will repeat again until I am back enough to take hard left or right turn without colliding with any airport object. 4- One other issue I noticed; at the last screen with the large yellow button at bottom right appear; before the flight starts the plane shows without landing gear. It's floating on the air? At earlier SIMs it meant something went wrong with loading the aircraft? Also worth mentioning I had 2 CTD at tow consecutive days after 10-15 minutes of TO.
  9. Also I have to mention that, at my previous attempts to enter the TOCG produced by EFB, I found that it was tuned automatically. I was surprised and thought it's a coincident but I had doubts that the trim was set automatically.
  10. Me too, this auto trim function never happened with any other FSX or P3D or even MSFS FBW models, I always set the trim before takeoff and while flaring:).......Good to now I was wrong for years.
  11. Yes me too, I asked for FENIX support still waiting fro an answer, all ATC, push back tool and EFB push back function are not working! If I use the option of planed push back it works but pushes the plane to a different directions - last time I tried before latest update. I had an advice of FB to delete push back tool bar MOD! Did not try that yet
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