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  1. Hello all, My system specifications are as per my signature bellow, now is it worth to upgrade the GPU to new model and if yes what's your recommend? Also should I increase the RAM to 32? I am mainly flying MSFS now Best regards Alaa
  2. Hello all, I think Im experiencing an odd behavior by ASP4, P3D V4.5 HT3, I also have REXSF but I dont think it's related The pop up weather systems!! It happens in my case on two levels -always using real weather mode- 1- I am flying with clouds around and suddenly in a range of 5-20nm or more a large cloud forming in front of my eyes in less than a second or so? 2- At cruise altitude the weather radar is on and not showing any significant weather systems for 40 or 60nm ahead I look away or check regularly every few minutes to see with a surprise a huge system right in the middle of the screen it must've popped up because if it didnt I should of seen it coming? Both are slightly annoying specially the second one because mostly the systems had a red cell and should be avoided, for at least two advanced models of aircraft I'm flying regularly I have to check the flight path all the time or the autopilot will get disconnected then the aircraft would go into a steep dive and mostly crash or lose significan altitude? Any ideas will be appreciated please Best regards Alaa Riad
  3. Yep last night I was charged 6 days after the pre-order
  4. Question is answered yesterday I guess
  5. Try this Issue The tablet will not display properly, items are missing from the displays or other weird anomalies on rendered panels. Resolution Option 1) Disable Hardware Rendering in the Addon Manager, can be found via the Customization button -> Performance -> Graphics Card Rendering. Option 2) This is usually caused by the NVIDIA Inspector Antialiasing - Transparency Supersampling setting. Set it to a setting without "Sparse Grid Supersampling" and the issue should be resolved.
  6. I am sorry does it work with Utlive latest version ? or with only default AI ? I am sorry if this was answered before, too many pages
  7. 4.5, B717-200, planner was PFPX KLAS-CYYC dawn/night flight
  8. Looks like an axis settings or calibration problem to me, since I am flying it for years and never had such a problem, I would change my joystick even an older one or even try to land it using the keyboard to see what could be the problem, is this happening using autobreaks or pedals?
  9. It's like reading "I will keep my bicycle because my Ferrari requires an expensive spare parts"
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