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  1. I have no idea I will read the manual to see about icing protection ......Thanks Harry
  2. Dear all, I really need to resolve this issue or the constellation could be unflyable which is a shame for sure...... OK, at cruise level usually 12,000ft using the KFC 225, the plane is shaking in a regular way also reacting to clouds normally, then suddenly without any known reason, it goes into a dive for 3,000 to 5,000 then stabilize briefly to start climbing until reaching cruise level again......Again in 5-10 minutes, it happens again using maximum decent and climb rates ......At a 250nm trip, it could happen 3-5 times ......Also at approach phase, it occurs, however, I disconnect the autopilot not to crash when I do the plane responds normally. I fly other planes like DC-6B, JS41, and DC-3 at similar conditions and nothing like that ever happens. I have no clue is it the constellation issue or AS variables or something else? Any help would be highly appreciated, please Alaa Riad
  3. Sorry just got an answer ......Yes keep both TD is for ground and airports while SF is for sky and clouds
  4. Gentlemen, I had REX TD with soft clouds then today I bought the REX SF-3D .......I need an advice please, should I uninstall the TD before instaling the new REX? or leave it?.......? I did a quick research I couldn't find the answer Many thanks Alaa Riad
  5. I was hoping and probably dreaming that, when I hover the pointer over the BMEP gauge for example, it would give me the reading or the fuel tanks etc...... :)
  6. I only get tool tip and readings on two items the propeller control and OBS knob .....
  7. Usually related to antivirus .......disable sonar protection on OC application file ...... or disable antivirus while installing OC........
  8. I am kind of love with the DC can't wait for the release :) Thank you Chris for the nice tutorial :)
  9. ِA whole different feeling to this plane :)
  10. Something about the DC-6 makes the pilot, a real pilot if you know what I mean.......Can't wait for this beauty to be in my hanger :)
  11. Just amazing .......Thank you :)
  12. Many thanks Dan for very interesting and wealth of information ........ Something makes me very attached to the DC-6 I am not sure why I have never seen one before, trying some of the models at my VA made me really get very interested about it ........ I will google it and hope for the best :)
  13. Just wanted to start warming up for this magnificent beast coming ahead :)