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  1. Dear all, After failed attempt to Google 😞 I need an advice from you regarding the above........I have too many beautiful sceneries that I don't get to see because I mainly fly commercial jets, I need a recommendation for a default addon and where to find its manuals or a payware model.......Remember no military stuff only use is for sightseeing.....thanks Best regards Alaa
  2. Specially when LM excluded the live weather option which was useful in such situations ?
  3. I have been using Norton for more than 10 years, Norton is not a program or antivirus that you install and forget, you have to know -in my case by experience, searching and help from Norton- how to use it properly, when you do you're well protected, safe and everything is running smoothly, what I like about it, is the continuous maintenance it does to your PC, a small trick, when you download and install a software turn off sonar and virus detection then exclude the folders you installed your software on from sonar and virus detection as well and you're good to go for years without a single problem.........
  4. I start with fuel and catering, when done it's boarding time. If there's a jetway available I will start with, some models like FSL will stop cargo loading if refueling starts so, I am more comfortable with starting boarding after refueling is complete, this will take close to an hour time BTW.
  5. Yes, It happens every now and then......
  6. Dear all, I need an advice please, I wonder what settings are you using for sensitivity and null zone? using only the P3D controls menu, I have been trying so many settings and the plane either too sluggish or too sensitive, I am basically flying Leonardo MD, PMDGs and Flightsimlabs products...... Many thanks Alaa Riad
  7. Sounds like a plan .........Thank you for your honest opinion 🙂
  8. So an advice is needed please, should I go for A330 or for A321 from FSL, the hesitation comes from I already have FSL A320, getting the A321 will be like a similar product with some advantages of course, while buying the A330 -almost similar price- I know it's a new and long awaited plane but I read about many issues and of course it's not a study level like FSL products ................So what would you do guys? Thanks
  9. Hello Steve, Just bought this yesterday looks amazing, I need some guidance if you have time please, 1- I installed the Logitech software which I believe it includes the product driver? 2- Both quadrants looked OK and lighted in a nice way, the throttle did not initially work with P3D until I assigned the functionality to it through the P3D controller menu. 3- With many buttons included I couldn't find the trim up and down button which is very important, other buttons triggers gear down which is not good, I need to organize this through a profile or mode I really don't know. 4- I suddenly lost the light of throttle quadrant, still functional but no lights, the small screen works but dark, do I have to uninstall & reinstall the driver or what? 5- I have a registered FSUIPC I never really used, is there a tutorial you know to help to assign certain functionality to joystick and throttle quadrants ? Many thanks
  10. Hi I have the file, if you like send me your email I can upload it for you using WeTarnsfer
  11. Hello fellows simmers, any latest updates regarding the shimmering thing .......It's very annoying as you know and I think I lost the connection between the P3D settings V4.5 and Nvidia profile .......any advice will be much appreciated Best regards
  12. I think It's not relating to NGXu only - I did not buy it yet-, I get it randomly at some flights special at approach phase and in busy airports, sometime in 2 or 3 times in 5 minutes, the message runs very fast that I couldn't read what it says, I thought it's related to the traffic programm I have the UTL. but I'm not sure
  13. No I don't think so it's very well 3D
  14. An Airbus and a Boeing's in concerns to the cockpit they're different and feels different as well, I have seen both in real life, with an Airbus it's more clean futuristic look with spaceship type of industrial/metallic textures, with a Boeing excluding the 787 it has more classic rough or aged textures to it, so what you get in FSL is perfect to me. The FSL if you like, there's other things that you might dislike such as the impact on performance and the way the start a flight option work, then lots of external modules loads automatically, but the degree of realizme is substantial and more than anything produces by PMDG so far. On the scale,the Maddog is closer to FSL than PMDG.
  15. Hello Ahhmad, I am sure you're confused enough with all the opinions above, I will add to your confusions a little bit more 😀, I am a guy who's in love with Boeing planes all the way, PMDG and FSL are the best developers on the market no doubt in my opinion, however, Leonardo Maddog is a strong match in all aspects with the ACARS options and others. I recently moved from FSX to P3D, I bought the NGX without hesitation as an essential plane in my hanger but I flew it once or twice in a year compared to 100 of flights or more with the Leonardo MD82,83,88, the problem was even within the FSX environment I wasn't flying NGX a lot I was enjoying the Maddog and FSL more, few weeks back I got the FSL A320-x and I tell the truth it's amazing especially with the new ATSU function, it feels like the real thing no doubt, I didn't get the NGXu yet, I am hesitating to do so because it would be my third time to buy this plane I keep asking myself is it worth it?......For the credit issue, well I am not a credit guy when MSFS is released in a year or so and it works fine on my system and I am alive and kicking then I will see what I want to do. So it's FSL or Maddog that's my opinion.
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