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  1. Alaaar

    Reality XP GNS530w/430w in DC6

    Thats the DC-6B Panel.cfg file it's edited today as per the date of the file after reinstaling the GNS 430
  2. Alaaar

    Reality XP GNS530w/430w in DC6

    I think 1 and 2 are answered for three please see picture [/url]
  3. Alaaar

    Reality XP GNS530w/430w in DC6

    OK, sir, 1- it's the P3D pull down "Add-ons" menu under Reality XP GNS then Setup aircraft, it gives me three options, 1- Configure the reality XP GNS window or 2- Replace gauge with Reality XP GNS (auto detect) or 3- Restore PMDG DC-6b......(auto back) in which I select number 2 option I select number 2 The two other question I m working on it
  4. Alaaar

    Reality XP GNS530w/430w in DC6

    I would like to confirm the version it's
  5. Hello all Is there a way to install it on a DC-6 .....I used the pull-down menu option installs but inside the default GNS screen and never works.......Also not activated to be selected at the PMDG options menu? kindly help..... FYI I installed perfectly on the Carenado B1900D and works fine Regards
  6. Alaaar

    AI traffic App ?

    Thank you Kenz and Dave
  7. Alaaar

    PRDv4.1 startup windows10

    Sorry for hacking to this post after long time......I am very new to P3D 4.4, but I experienced this 3-4 times in two weeks, I think when there is an error going on with P3D not necessarily causing a crash - in my case an error associated with FSUIPC massage telling me that two applications using two different versions of FSUIPC or something-, so after rebooting the system P3D launches again by itself...... Not confirmed but probable Good day all
  8. Alaaar

    Two issuses please (resolved)

    Cant agree more Jean 🙂
  9. Alaaar

    Two issuses please (resolved)

    Gentlemen, I am a little embarrassed because I feel my questions are shallow or I should spent more time reading the manuals, I promise I will and I do appreciate your help so thank you Bert, Frank and Jean-Luc