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  1. Hey all, I found nothing on this at Prepar3D website. I am having issues with V4.4. I need to revert back to V4.3. I did not save the installer (12Gigs) so I am at a loss. Prepar3D told me to download the Legacy Client. I did. Uninstalled 4.4 Client, installed 4.3 Client. Sim boots up, then blinks out to desktop. No notices, nothing. The Client file (MSI Installer) is 256 megs. The full installer is 12 Gigs. How can 256 megs bring all of 4.3 back? If only we had the option to redownload the entire 4.3 installer... Does anyone have any recommendations? Any advice? Can the 'Client' file download the legacy packages of the sim? Do I uninstall everything and then install the 4.3 legacy Client and then that downloads the packages needed? 😞 I wonder, if I uninstalled the package yesterday, if its still on my hard drive somehow? I am guessing its not in the recycle bin as it was uninstalled, not deleted. Kind regards, Bill LHC
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