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  1. Hey all, I found nothing on this at Prepar3D website. I am having issues with V4.4. I need to revert back to V4.3. I did not save the installer (12Gigs) so I am at a loss. Prepar3D told me to download the Legacy Client. I did. Uninstalled 4.4 Client, installed 4.3 Client. Sim boots up, then blinks out to desktop. No notices, nothing. The Client file (MSI Installer) is 256 megs. The full installer is 12 Gigs. How can 256 megs bring all of 4.3 back? If only we had the option to redownload the entire 4.3 installer... Does anyone have any recommendations? Any advice? Can the 'Client' file download the legacy packages of the sim? Do I uninstall everything and then install the 4.3 legacy Client and then that downloads the packages needed? 😞 I wonder, if I uninstalled the package yesterday, if its still on my hard drive somehow? I am guessing its not in the recycle bin as it was uninstalled, not deleted. Kind regards, Bill LHC
  2. Hey all, If I do not get back to your thread post in time, just email me directly at William ...at... lionheartcreations ////dot//// com and I should get back to you in 24 hours. Bill LHC
  3. Hello GAK, Sorry for my delay in getting back to you on this. You can experiment with darkening and lightning the Alpha channel on the plexi texture until it suits you. Please make a backup of the original before experimenting with it. Bill
  4. Something tells me this is a graphics card issue. It might also have to do with DX10 (if you are using that, which can be buggy). You might try messing with Display settings in the sim and see if that makes it disappear.
  5. Hey Chris, Done. Update released. This update Mod covers the windscreen seam issue in the front as well as instrumentation textures quality. * The seam now appears to be gone. * The instrumentation has a new (experimental) texturing where some gauges were different colors of textures to replicate smudging, about 5 different colors from greenish to brownish to bluish. They were also all different, but what I found was that it actually gives the instrument panel a look as though the gauges were all from different panels. Normally in photographs, the gauges all look similar in the glass quality, no different colors. So I have made them all a very slight 'bluish' tint, all having the same texture, and I lowered their visibility, even on the dirty glass mode, so they were more realistic. The download has 3 textures in it. Simply drop those three textures into the main 'texture' folder in each of the 4 Piper Pacer folders in FS and you are good to go. If you like, backup the previous version set of 3 textures 'before' you drop in the new Modded versions. See how you like them. Download link is here; https://lionheart.egnyte.com/h-s/20130817/f0f0377d078b42ae TIP: If you do not like adjusting the glass to a version you like, (like super clean), then simply duplicate the one you like two times, rename it to the other two slots you do not want, and then when you click the planes plexi, it will always be the same, all textures will be the same version. texture 1...........normal (very slight grunge, hardly visibile) texture 2...........dirty (bugs and grunge) texture 3...........clean (super clear) Bill LHC
  6. I would be greatful if you find out what the change was you made that caused this to become correct. It bothers me that I did everything properly and it still didn't work right. DX10 is a pretty 'gray' zone for us to work with. There is nothing on it in the SDK's, no information on troubleshooting issues, etc. Totally gray. Sometimes I make a plane and its fine in DX10. Sometimes not. Bill LHC
  7. Hello Chris, I was testing with this, this morning, and was unable to find a fix. Evidently it is the mesh causing this, some how. Making the glass even invisible had no effect. I did find that the 'laser beam' was always pointing from top right to bottom left, never changing angle, only pointing to the bottom left. I am afraid it is a blemish in the trademark features of this particular aircraft model, sad to say. It would be nice to find out why this happens. Bill LHC
  8. Hello ShawnG, I'll answer these below in order.
  9. Hey VP, Thanks for the post! That's from quite a while back. I am going to sticky this. Bill
  10. Lionheart Creations is proud to announce that we have launched the Fairchild 24 Series, a new collection of Golden Age aircraft. This package contains 4 different aircraft with a total of 37 total paint schemes, many with custom interiors and custom panel paint schemes. This high detail pacakge is in high resolution 2048 sized texture sheets, and has many cool features such as windows that roll up, glass over the tops of the instruments, overhead elevator trim crank, opening map box door with a GPS inside, many versions of custom interiors, and a huge amount of exterior paint schemes to select from. Because of the large amount of public reaction to Bush planes, several of these are in 'rough form' as like a hard flown Bush plane would be like, hit hard by the elements, landing in muddy dirt strips, having some wear and fading from being in the sun and not cleaned as much. The 'Blue Louise' paint scheme being the most profound, even features duct-tape quick-repairs, changed out damaged parts like a rudder and aileron, mud and paint chips through-out, and a muddied up, dirty interior to boot! These planes include the Fairchild long nose 'Ranger', and the Fairchild W series Warner 'Super Scarab' model. For more information on the planes with alot of screenshots to pour through, go here; http://www.lionheartcreations.com/Fairchild_24 For a read through how the Fairchild Series was created, go here; http://www.lionheartcreations.com/Fairchild24_Constructeur_Review.html
  11. [PLANE HAS AN INVISIBLE EXTERIOR] If you have a transparent exterior on a new plane installation, then you either have a corrupt SP1 update in FSX, or you need to update your Edition of FSX to SP1 (and also SP2 if SP1 doesn't do it). Sometimes, rarely, SP1 will go corrupt and you will need to uninstall and reinstall it. The updates are free and available at www.microsoft.com and www.fsinsider.com on the Downloads page. If you installed FSX Gold (that comes with the SP1 and SP2 updates) but you didn't install Accelleration (on Disc 2), then you do not have the updates. The SP1 and SP2 updates are on CD2 of FSX Gold. When installing the updates, remember, install SP1, run FSX once, 'then' install SP2. You must run FSX once after installing SP1. [bLACK AIRCRAFT] If you install a new plane and the parts are visible but pure black, try rebooting your computer. After a new install, your plane's graphics might not sink into the system at first. Rebooting the computer usually fixes this. Also make sure your FSX is set to run textures greater then 1024. Some Lionheart Creations planes have textures that are 2048 in size. Your computer must be able to run these. Some aircraft (none of ours, at least yet) have 4096 sized textures. You can adjust FSX to run these. Note, no updates are required for Prepar3D. Build 1.4 has all of your updates already in its system. [PLANE TURNS BLACK] When you are flying along and parts of your plane begin turning pure black, then later, clumping to the center of the plane, this means your computer is running out of memory and about to crash. Lowering your settings will fix this. Sometimes really intense scenery will take up your computer memory. Lowering settings like 'resolution' will help lower this depletion of RAM. Bill LHC
  12. Hello all, This will be the place to talk online about your LHC planes or if you have questions about a plane by LHC that you wish to get. Remember to be nice. You'll get better answers that way.
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