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  1. This why I love Avsim and it's community, I can always come here and find out how poorly a product performs or lacks in quality. I've seen on other forums that this aircraft has worse FPS than the PMDG 777. That's absolutely unacceptable for a product that's all shine and no substance.
  2. As always, fantastic work Bill. Thank you so much for taking the time to create this modification, it greatly increases the simulation experience with the Cheyenne IIIA, I especially love the sound modifications, they are fantastic. Cheers, Andrew.
  3. Outstanding Bill, your work is greatly appreciated! Great to hear you're doing something with the Carenado Cheyenne III. Cheers Bill Andrew
  4. Yeah, it also requires an internet connection *EVERY TIME* you load the aircraft and try and start the engine. That's beyond ridiculous "copy protection". 😕 Why a developer would utilize such a method is beyond me, only the real customers get hurt in the long run.
  5. I did a search for peoples opinions regarding this release and I couldn't find much of anything here on Avsim. The aircraft was released back in mid January of this year. ATSimulations Broussard Website I'm looking for some opinions regarding this aircraft, Specifically how it performs frame-rate wise in P3D 4.4, what the flight model is like and any other input folks might have regarding this excellent looking aircraft. This type of plane is the kind I love to fly in P3D, however I hate purchasing anything these days without the valued opinion from the Avsim Community. You guys/gals have always been bang on the mark in terms of what to expect when purchasing payware products over the years. Any input by current owners would really be appreciated! Cheers Andrew
  6. Awesome, excellent work as always Bill. Thank you so much for fixing what should have been fixed by Carenado as well as bringing more realism to this aircraft, your work is greatly appreciated! Cheers! 🙂
  7. @Clutch Cargo All of Carenado's float planes work fine in P3D 4.4. Very few of the older models like the C185 Bush have working switch sounds but that can be fixed easily by downloading switch sound packs in the Avsim library that use Doug Dawson's excellent 64bit XML sound gauge.
  8. Does the old Lionheart Kodiak still work ok in P3D 4.4? I love that plane and never knew it had been updated...
  9. @ShezA Question? I don't believe I asked a question bro, I just gave thanks to folks in this thread for their input regarding this aircraft. 😉
  10. @simbol No over-clocking of the GPU was ever in use, I simply used Precision X OC for fan control, temperature monitoring and customizing the RGB lights on the card. Temperatures on the card have never gone any higher than 63C in full boost mode. I never saw a need to over-clock the GTX 1080Ti FTW as it boosts out of the box between 1860 to 2000 and running in 1080p native resolution with 4X SSAA the card never boosts at all in P3D 4.4 as I use a locked frame-rate of 30. May I ask what type of multiple monitor setup you're using and the operating system?
  11. Thanks to everyone who contributed to this thread in one way or the other. It's helped me to make up my mind in terms of purchasing this awesome aircraft. Can't wait until I get home from work and jump into the VC. Cheers fellas! 🙂
  12. Just thought I would "pay it forward" as I found this information buried *DEEP* on the Lockheed Martin P3D forum. I was having *MASSIVE* lag and frame-rates bottoming out into the single digits every time I went to undock *ANY* panel in P3D v4.4, just doing so would many times cause a CTD. The issue had stopped me from being able to undock *ANY* gauges and/or panels in P3D v4.4, even the native panel manager would cause the same issue. It took me several hours of searching through multiple forums to find out the cause but in the end it turned out to be EVGA's PrecisionX OC application that allows overclocking and custom fan control of Nvidia based GPU's that was causing the issue(s). As soon as I uninstalled PrecisionX OC v6.2.7 (the latest version available from august 2018 on EVGA's website) I was again able to undock any panel and/or gauge on any aircraft without any lag or massive impact on frame-rates. In terms of over-clocking and fan control, I am now using MSI's much superior Afterburner (beta version 4.6.0) It has yet to cause any of the issues I was having in P3D v4.4 and it also seems to have improved the overall smoothness of the sim. MSI Afterburner also includes a method to record video in game or desktop without having to install Nvidia's over-bloated Geforce Experience as the Afterburner application will hook into the same hardware encoder (NVENC) as Nvidia's ShadowPlay does. I am using a 3 monitor setup with an EVGA GTX 1080Ti FTW Gamer Edition with the Nvidia 417.71 driver release. I am running Windows 7 64bit with 32GB's of memory with an old i7 2600K overclocked at 5.2Ghz. I hope this helps anyone that might be having the same issue that I was having. Cheers Andrew
  13. Thanks for the tip fellas, just bought this beautiful machine and man is she ever a work of art! Going to spend the night reading up on the G1000 and it's operations. 🙂 Cheers guys!
  14. I am seriously also considering purchasing this awesome looking aircraft, however in the past I've never had very good experiences with Carenado's G1000 gauges that are basically the default FSX/P3D GPS dressed up in pretty textures, Carenado's glass panels have never been very smooth, they actually perform worse than the PMDG 737NGX with all of it's complex systems, panels and coding. How smooth does this product run when compared to the Carenado G1000's? Any input would be very helpful as I really want to buy this plane, it's looks simply stunning inside and out!
  15. @Soul Rebel Try this little trick I *STILL* do with P3D v4.4. After P3D 4 has finished loading, right click your taskbar in Windows and select Start Task Manager. Under the processes tab if you sort by memory you'll see 'Prepar3D.exe' right at the top. Right click on it and select 'Set Affinity', simply uncheck one of the processors and hit ok. Then repeat the same process as before but this time after selecting 'Set Affinity' select *ALL* processors. It's worked for me and my old machine since the first version of P3D v3. I'm running an i7 2600K at 5.2 Ghz with a GTX 1080ti and 32GB of memory, still runs 99% of all games/simulators fine.
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