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  1. That would be an absolutely fantastic Christmas present! 🤗🥂
  2. I wish I could say it was effective then it might be very worth it, but quite often it's only several days until they are uploaded. Unfortunately, at best, Google will de-list the link(s) via a DMCA notice, but that's about it. I develop and code VST/AU/RTAS/TDM/ audio plugins that are used in digital audio workstations (or DAW's for short) Over the years I've lost literally millions in potential revenue because of it. And yeah, I'll be buying the SWS version too as the flight model is exceptional from what I've seen so far. I too enjoy the Carenado PC-12, it's a very fun to fly.
  3. Yeah, the Flightsimware version in FSX/P3D was absolutely EPIC, I really enjoyed flying that plane. I purchased the Ini builds one and wasn't very impressed... I think they also went overboard trying to make the cockpit look too old, the aging and wear & tear textures look like something I'd expect to see in a plane from the 1940's, not a plane that was Japanese state of the art in the mid 1960's.
  4. Does anyone know whether or not the SWS version will have at least a semi-functional EFIS with ARC map mode overlay? In all the preview video's I've seen of the Simworks Pilatus PC-12 I've yet to see if a flight plans waypoints are displayed on the EFIS. Carenado's PC-12 actually does this when using it with the WT GNS-530, it's buggy as heck, however if you enter a flight plan in by hand including your procedures it seem to work pretty well. One thing that's Pi$$ed me right off about Carenado is their insistence of using the MSFS Marketplace instead of selling them from their website like in the old days, the marketplace file encryption has done NOTHING to curb *you know what* and has only penalized the communities ability to fix and/or improve their planes functionalities. Back in the old FSX/P3D days there were several great guys on here who literally fixed Carenado's bugs for them while at the same time adding improvements to their products.
  5. SOLD! I'll take one, that's outstanding. Subscribed.
  6. I imagine the weather, especially in the winter, in countries like Afghanistan ain't exactly VFR. 🤣 Sub-Saharan African countries where this aircraft did quite a lot of aid work for France and the U.N. also tend to have very challenging weather conditions. I was so looking forward to purchasing this as it's a gorgeous model on the inside and the outside, however the complete lack of simple radio navigation like VOR's and ILS not being able to couple to the autopilot is a complete 100% no go. Isn't the default MSFS AP already implemented in the simulation as a gauge when it comes to the SDK? All you need to do is add a temporary AP gauge with a NAV1 and NAV2 radio source... I've added several AP's to aircraft that didn't have them so I could use my Saitek AP to set ALT, APP, NAV, VS, HDG, etc on aircraft I really enjoy flying when it's wet out. Hopefully the aircraft is updated in the future. I kind of feel bad for those that purchased this on the marketplace when it first appeared as there was no warning in the listing of the complete lack of IFR functionality. I'm surprised Microsoft/Asobo allowed it with their no refund policy.
  7. Such a fantastic stroll down memory lane Gents, cheers! I completely forgot about many of the aircraft you guys mentioned, especially the awesome Digital Aviation PA-31T Cheyenne, that aircraft was far beyond it's time in terms of systems complexity, lighting and other features. Another one that was mentioned was the Diamond DA20-100 Katana 4X by Marcel Felde. It was the first time, long before A2A developed their amazing aircraft, that I felt true "ownership" of an aircraft in FSX, taking care of the airplane was just as fun as flying her. Hard to believe it's been almost 10 years since I made this video of the Katana 4X in FSX.
  8. RealAir Simulations is at the top. They produced some of the highest quality GA aircraft for FSX and P3D that I ever flew; they certainly made their mark while they were here. I don't know why, but I still have yet to get the same "feeling" of power as I did with the RealAir Turbine Duke, that plane was incredible. This isn't a shot at any developer at all, you guys rock, but it just seems in the GA market there's a very high percentage of small G3X cockpit based aircraft with no originality or attention to detail that keep getting released. All the excellent ones that have been released for MSFS I've purchased them, the ATSimulations Focke-Wulf P149 is a perfect example of the type of attention to detail I'm referring to. I really do miss the RealAir product line. 🙂
  9. Can I create, or is there at least historical flight plans, for GA aircraft? Are there any GA models included? The thing most lacking for me in MSFS in terms of GA traffic is the complete lack of it. Anyone who's flown IRL out of their local small airport knows how busy it gets in terms of small to medium sized GA flights, especially during the summer months and on the weekends.
  10. Yup, same here. I imagine the infrastructure required to stream in literally 10's of gigabytes of ground textures, terrain mesh and photogrammetry per session to literally hundreds of thousands of users at any given time is no small feat. I'm guessing the odd server farm cluster goes down every now and then...
  11. I've been using TrackIR 5 since just after FSX was released and I've never had an issue with the infra red camera itself, in-fact, I'm still using the exact same one I purchased 16 years ago, it's sitting on top of my 70" 4K TV I use to game with. I've tried flying without it several times and I struggle greatly with things like turning on final and formation flying with friends online. Without it I don't get the sense of movement and I can't "look into a turn", ie: looking in the direction I'm making a turn into. I don't get the same "sense of space" as I do when I'm using TrackIR, I literally feel like I've lost a part of my brain, it's very hard to explain... I use it for racing and truck simulators as well like Assetto Corsa Competione, I Racing, American Truck Simulator and others. I also use it in a military simulation called ArmA 3 and it literally makes the difference between life and death. The optional Track Clip Pro is it's weak point, however there are other great alternatives out there available on the net. I've gone through two Track Clip Pro's because they are made quite flimsy and delicate. The one I'm using now I simply locked into position by using an epoxy based adhesive called Marine Goop on the connecting joints, it's no longer a delicate pain in the butt, in-fact it's pretty solid now, rather like a bouncy piece of rubber with all the Marine Goop on it.
  12. Yeah, unzipped it's 4.95GB in size, however the download is only 1.2GB and is on a Google Drive link which is super fast.
  13. I run an Arctic Cooling Liquid Freezer II 420MM AIO on my 12900K which is O/C'd at 5.25Ghz (all cores maxed), I see temperature spikes of 78 every now and then when I look in MSI Afterburner's graph while flying in MSFS with everything maxed at my monitors native resolution of 4K 60Hz. The only time I experienced a crash was when I plugged my headphones to charge as the sim was loading up... If I plug them into charge while the sim is running it's fine, go figure. Great little AIO cooler, I couldn't imagine trying to run on air with my EVGA 3090ti FTW 3 in there as the air flow would be horrendous because of the size of the HSF and that's in a full size Fractal Meshify 2XL.
  14. Such an outstanding collection of scenery. It's the small details on the ground and water that makes the bush flying experience really come to life in MSFS.
  15. Just thought I would post this as I purchased the airport last night. It's simply gorgeous and the team has done one heck of a job re-creating Juneau airport (PAJN) and much of the surrounding marsh lands, rivers, docks, houses, etc... The 08 LDA Approach into PAJN has the fully working MALSF 13 degree offset visual lighting path, it might be a little bright at night/dawn but during the daytime hours you'll be thankful they are as bright as they are especially when there's snow on the ground. I've always loved Juneau Airport, I've been there in real life several times and the area is absolutely magnificent in terms of the beauty of the surrounding land. Hope the video I post below helps people out in deciding whether or not to purchase the airport now that the lighting path for runway 08 is implemented.
  16. Talk about *VERY BAD REPRESENTATION* by OrbX in terms of selling a developers product that they have spent *HUNDREDS OF HOURS ON*. OrbX has gone right into the crapper compared to 10 years ago... I literally found *ONE VIDEO* where I was able to confirm the current version of Northern Sky Studio's PAJN *DOES* indeed have the correct approach lighting.
  17. It was updated after Dec 3rd, according to one person over on the OrbX forum the approach lighting is now working... I just need a couple people who actually own it to let me know. lol.
  18. Yes it does work now after the latest update, see *MY* last post in this thread. Thanks
  19. Here's my observations of the Carenado PC-12 in regards to third party GPS units and overall performance. For me the plane is much smoother frame-rate wise, whether that has anything to do with SU11, DLSS or Carenado, who knows, it's just a lot smoother for me now. I run in 4K, 60Hz with DLSS set to Quality with everything maxed out (my new computer cost me an arm and a leg). After it was released on the MS marketplace I decided to install the Working Title 530/430 and they work fantastic in the default MSFS aircraft, they also seem to work quite well in the Carenado PC-12 up until you want to use the TDS-GTN 750 XI, then the new Working Title 530/430 starts to cause issues (I'm fairly certain because it doesn't cause issues with the default MSFS GPS units). After selecting the TDS GTN 750XI on the Carenado tablet the unit boots up and I can click only on the first screen that pops up, after that the unit becomes either unresponsive or un-clickable. Another problem exists with the WT 530/430 units when I use the TDS GTN 750XI in pop up mode (using the unit outside of the sim in none gauge mode) When in GPS mode the needle on the EFIS will jump randomly back and fourth almost like it's confused as to what GPS unit is driving it. It doesn't do this in ADF, VLOC or VOR, only in GPS mode. Well that's my two cents.
  20. @Bad_T **THANK YOU** so much for creating that file. I fly in and out of PAJN all the time and those spikes were a complete immersion killer. Many, many thanks, I am truly grateful! 🙂 I have found that REX Weather Force completely removes all the snow from the affected areas in Alaska and elsewhere when the weather forecast doesn't call for it, it's the main reason why I purchased it. Obviously Asobo could care less.
  21. I know this is an older post, however I thought I would let anyone know who is hoping for the return of the proper approach lighting at Juneau's runway 08 that I made a request over on the Flightsim.to project request section. You can add your user name with other folks who would love to see this accomplished by the community of amazing and talented mod makers. Click here to add your user name to the request over on Flightsim.To Cheers Jocko Flocko
  22. I recently installed the updated version of OrbX's Alaska Mesh after it was updated for SU9, I primarily purchased it because it had one of my favorite airports included, (PAJN) Juneau International. However the airport is completely lacking the 13 degree offset VASI lights and it's "notorious" but *AWESOME* MALSF 13 degree visual lighting path that begins quite some distance from the apex of runway 08. Is there anyone currently working on updating the lighting system at Juneau? Are there any talented mod makers that could create the lighting system similar to what we had in the FSX and P3D version of OrbX's PAJN? I have absolutely no idea what's involved in creating such lighting in FS 2020 and that's why I'm appealing to any talented mod makers out there. Cheers Jocko Flocko
  23. This why I love Avsim and it's community, I can always come here and find out how poorly a product performs or lacks in quality. I've seen on other forums that this aircraft has worse FPS than the PMDG 777. That's absolutely unacceptable for a product that's all shine and no substance.
  24. As always, fantastic work Bill. Thank you so much for taking the time to create this modification, it greatly increases the simulation experience with the Cheyenne IIIA, I especially love the sound modifications, they are fantastic. Cheers, Andrew.
  25. Outstanding Bill, your work is greatly appreciated! Great to hear you're doing something with the Carenado Cheyenne III. Cheers Bill Andrew
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