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  1. I guess it really depends what you want out of the sim. I can imagine real world pilots want to practice flying where enthusiasts want immersion. I like AI traffic, holding patterns and full taxiways because I want to pretend I am a pilot. If they do implement it, I just hope it is done right to where it can be updated with new AIRAC cycles, because if you want to fly SIDS and STARS you'll be listening to ATC tell you you are off course the entire flight.
  2. I mean I am seeing excitement from the non-sim community like I have never seen before. If PMDG play their cards right, get something high quality that doesn't slow people's hardware to a crawl, MSFS2020 could be the biggest thing to happen to the simulator world since the days where everyone got a copy of MSFS with their Windows 95 installation and they could be right there to reap the rewards. They just have to make it high quality, high fidelity BUT also easy for newbs to come in and learn. The review I watched said that you can have startup procedures where it will highlight the next switch in your checklist, stuff like that.
  3. Wow, that looks great! is that all done with AIG? I am just getting started with AIG, actually pretty straight forward if you follow the pdf... I have by far seen worse installation methods.
  4. Yeah I am really hoping they approve my registration to their forums soon... If anyone knows the mods feel free to urge them to check their backlog 😉 my throttle is burning a hole through my desk AI traffic was the last immersion that I have until I am ready to fly again. What is up with Traffic Global? How is it still in early access? I see posts about it from 2017 (in early access) It is frustrating because I remember how this was all about passion and when you see a piece of software that is in "early access" for 2 years it leads you to believe that it is all about getting a quick buck out of a demographic that usually has deep pockets and willing to spend $$$ on something they love. Which is why I am desperately F5'ing my email waiting for AIG to approve my registration request, from what I have read there seems to be some passion left there. Appears that the registration happened already, assumed I would get an email saying as such... Whelp looks like I have some learning to do!
  5. My goodness, these AI traffic threads leave you more confused than what you originally were coming into them. So I've been away from simming for awhile, never jumped on the P3D bandwagon until this last weekend, catching up is quite the chore. I always used MyTraffic (think I had v4 or 5) back in the day and I was always impressed because not only did it supply traffic but Burkhard had taken the time to put parking in at a ton of smaller airports. I remember one time I didn't have any traffic at Eielson Air Force Base in Fairbanks, Alaska and he said it was because there were no parking spots at that time and he put in whatever needed to be put in and within a few days I had full military traffic. I also understand his health is failing him and that MyTraffic has probably reached its end... but reading the comments here from 2018 and earlier it doesn't sound like that is much different than any other program (they say they are getting this great update soon!, and then 6 months later "just talked to him, sounds like a big update is coming soon!")... Sure Basically where I am going with this is do these other programs you guys speak of insert parking/ground routes, whatever needs to be done for some smaller airports so that you get decent traffic outside of huge airports? Is that even an issue anymore? I like to use Airhualer and sometimes you get put off the grid and having ATC make you follow an aircraft in front of you builds the immersion that I like in a flight sim and as you know Airhauler can send you all over the place so having to edit airport and traffic files between flights for every place you fly is out of the question. I don't expect everything but it would be nice to have 10-12 GA traffic at a place like KVDF (Tampa Executive) and maybe 1 or 2 at a place like KSPG (St. Petersburg Whitted). What about mixing UTLive and say ORBX AI Traffic North America General Aviation? Would that give me a solid mix of passenger/cargo traffic AND GA traffic? I am attempting to look into AIG AI Manager but they've yet to approve my registration request and it looks like that is required to install.
  6. Such a sad story... If only tools were developed with 3pd's in mind Flight could have been a true successor. I really think it was marketing that held it back. Wish you guys well in reverse engineering and hopefully in ten years we will have something to work with!
  7. That is what I figured... I will have to check next time. Thanks Paul.
  8. Hey Mike, I have been away from the FS side for quite a while, how do you know it is a g3d.dll error? Does it come up when it crashes as so? Last night I got an "Prepar3d.exe has stopped working error," but it didn't explicitly say that it was a g3d error.
  9. Another thing to watch out for using photoshop is it doesn't play nicely with Antivirus software. Whenever I attempted to edit an alpha channel with effects or turn something into a smart object Photoshop came back with a warning box "could not complete the convert for smart filters because of a program error." I disabled ESET real time system protection and it fixed it. So just in case anyone else has that problem... This tutorial is par none and should be read by anyone interested in painting. I use "Cargo Pilot" so making your own fleet of special aircraft that you painted is yourself is very gratifying. I really enjoyed the tutorial on Alpha textures, I had always seem them and thought that I never could make a light look as realistic as other people so I would try to lasso what they did, but with a lasso, a fill, a gradient from white to grey and then a blurr I had an alpha channel that I thought looked better! Well done!
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