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  1. Unfortunately this is the only fix I care about: CTDs – We are currently investigating and are planning on several fixes for World Update 6
  2. I work in IT, 8 hours a day 5 days a week sitting, then if I want to game after work 3 hours of extra sitting
  3. Mine did too and I hooked it up with the only expectation of using it with my phone when my internet cuts out and I need to remote into work using my tether. Little did I know that most wireless controllers not only do wifi but also Bluetooth... and it is BA I can be in my kitchen two rooms over and they can still hear me on my conference calls.
  4. Wait for AIG's AI manager to see what a sky full of planes at Tampa international looks like
  5. Oh yeah it is way out of whack, I flew a flight out of PAJN (Juneau, Alaska) a day or two ago and it had snow on the runway. Definitely needs to be adjusted.
  6. I think if you learn anything from this process is just because it is new doesn't mean it can't cause problems. I got an EVGA 3080 FTW and it actually ran MSFS fine, no crashes. But then when I tried to play a different game it would constantly crash to desktop. Turns out that the OC that EVGA did wasn't quite able to handle the temps in A my case, and B this particular game that constantly hammers the GPU (somehow more so than MSFS). Of course once I found that out I went the extreme route and went to water cooling. No more CTDs! Lesson... Electronics today are finicky as we are pushing the limits of Moore's law and power consumption, heat dispersion it will only get worse.
  7. Well my order from Sporty's Pilot shop finally shipped! Got an email last night that is on its way. Pretty crazy how accurate the estimate was, ordered back in February and they said it would be in stock June 26th, and they shipped June 25th.
  8. Anyone that has had an order in with Sporty's have any updates? I put my order in back in February and my initial ship date was estimated to be June 26, but I am suspecting that I will be blowing by that date. Curious if anyone else on the waiting list has gotten any word one way or the other.
  9. I figure MSFS is going to be a long burn, I haven't flown in about 2 months now but I continuously check the forums to see where development is at. I imagine in 5 years MSFS will be to where FSX was at the end of its lifecycle. They apparently have a 10 year plan, as long as M$ doesn't pull the rug out from under them I think we will get there with a decent sim and better traffic than fsx.
  10. I mean honestly, I think you can just assume ALL mods will break when they do these updates
  11. Figured this wouldn't get looked at until sim update 3 or 4
  12. I mean, point being I hope offline AI is addressed before 2022, not like Jan 1 all the 2021 things will be fixed.
  13. Good stuff, only complaint for me is TBD on AI when 2021's are up there but looks like this will be more of a long burn. At least we won't have to pay for a whole different version when they make major updates.
  14. Great, now we can simulate sexual harassment from male co-pilots.
  15. For me live traffic is a non starter for a few reasons, ATC doesn't handle them properly, aka telling them to go around, it also doesn't take the live traffic into account when assigning arrivals/approaches (I don't know how realistic it will be to ever get there, but at least with AI generated traffic STARS should theoretically be possible) Reason 2, live traffic just disappearing after touchdown. In those cases live traffic should be transitioned to an AI plane and handled from then on by the AI.
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