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  1. Normally I wouldn't agree that a "flight sim" should include this... but let's be honest they are marketing this as an XBOX game, I don't know how you just put it out as a game with no progression or underlying management simulation. Yeah you might get 20% of the people who find out they like simulators, but you are going to lose the other 80% who are like "yeah it's pretty but what's the point?" And for the people that say "just leave that to 3rd parties" yeah that is great for PC but there is no guarantee that support will carry over to XBOX.
  2. Yeah SLI doesn't work and probably won't ever work. I have a 4k display with SLI 1080's and I have turned the game off until the 3000 series gpu's launch later this month.
  3. Tiger Lake, Intel's next gen is supposedly supposed to support pcie 4.0 AND it will be a socket 1200 so theoretically you won't need to upgrade your motherboard if you get one that supports it now
  4. I am going to warn everyone... IF you go to the 10 series Intel chips MAKE sure you get a mobo that has specifically said that their boards are pcie 4.0 ready. NONE of ASUS's boards are. https://wccftech.com/z490-motherboards-pcie-gen-4-support-detailed-asus-msi-asrock-gigabyte/ I am not calling out OP or trying to make him/her feel bad, I don't want you to make the same mistake I did!
  5. I am scared about waiting and finding out 3090's are basically a paper launch and since the 3090's launch a week later than the 3080 missing out on both cards. Just my theory but I think if you miss out on this initial shipment of cards you won't be getting any 3000 series until the holiday season at the soonest. Hopefully by then the console market will ease pressure. It's funny because people try to make it out as an Nvidia vs AMD thing but at its core it is TMSC vs Samsung who hold all the chips (double pun intended). Because what does it matter how great your cards are if the companies mass producing your silicon can't keep up with demand?
  6. Yeah the context makes a big difference. "Sim isn't ready" makes it sound like there is underlying technical issues that need to be patched out, "SDK isn't ready" seems much less pessimistic.
  7. $1500, not sure how much more premium you want to go. I have always done SLI in the past so getting the performance of one card that is near the performance of two for just over double the price seems fair... But it is borderline for sure.
  8. One 3090 should do the trick. Be quick on the draw though, I fully expect them to sell out very fast. Word on the internet is initial stock will be extremely low.
  9. I don't care how "study level" the default aircraft are but what I do care about is the features they implemented actually work. I'd rather the Airbus not even come with functional MFD's than have an MFD that doesn't even work. I was fine back in FSX of just using the G500 in every plane, at least then the direct to worked. Having lower simmed avionics was really good for new people, it helped me even learn what an approach is whereas trying to learn complicated MFD's for a new player can be daunting by itself and you spend 3 hours of your simming evening just learning how to enter a FPLN. But for the love of God, make the avionics that you do put in work properly.
  10. I don't understand why people are so willing to basically have a large organization steal from them. "$120 for a game/sim that half of its features are ready and the other half aren't completely implemented or don't work properly? Ahhh no big deal!" If it shouldn't have been released for another 6 months, then it shouldn't have been released, and if it did they should have released it in early access like the rest of the industry. At least then you go in knowing that there will be plenty of unfinished features. I am not trying to persuade anyone not to own the game, I own it, I enjoy the features that are there and am reasonably happy with my purchase BUT if others aren't I completely understand and I do not blame them what-so-ever.
  11. Auto pilot, real world weather. this is just the announcement for a patch next week... Doesn't bode well for the future for sure. Could be October or later before we see substantial updates to the sim if this gives us any glimpse into their cadence.
  12. That just all around sucks, hope there is some way around that
  13. I'd be interested in that. I don't know much about the Microsoft store, all I know is when I tried to traverse the directory where I told it to install to I had to take ownership of it first so I assumed it would be hard to change any meaningful files without Microsoft's blessing aka the Xbox/MS store. I couldn't even add the flight sim executable to Nvidia 3d settings because you don't have read rights to the file. Honestly with PMDG's anti piracy and big red X's on MFD whenever you upgrade your system I'd almost rather them just use Microsoft's piracy protection from the store.
  14. Yeah, I'm surprised this is even up to debate. Nobody is saying this is the way the sim will always be and fs2020 is a failure. The fact is IFR systems are a bit lacking. Let's just hope MS doesn't pull the plug on Asobo early like they did to the Aces team. I am hoping they won't because they are going to force 3rd party developers to use the Microsoft store and take a cut of every add on. So it should pay the bills.
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