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  1. I have one more question. Is that possible to make a simulator of just electromechanical components ?
  2. I investigated about 64KB limit, now I understood that 64KB for the 8-bit is not much. So, I'll find a 16-bit microcontroller.
  3. Hmm... That is interesting...
  4. Hmm, just 64kb RAM? I saw a DC-10 full flight simulator with PDP-11 computer if you see in this internet-page http://www.dc10.no/ So, it is possible... So, I thinking those have a lot of "hand-held calculators" in each of instruments, and some mechanical components. Therefore, it is might possible. Any thoughts ?
  5. How do they simulate the full flight simulator? Do they use a lot of cpu to connect them serial, for example altitude from 0 to 255 feet, then switch to next CPU from 256 to 511 feet, and so on ? Do they make many small CPU parts for each instrument ? Specialist computer ?
  6. OK. It can't generate more than 20 flights each time ? I want 45+ aircrafts around and on the airport. Why is it there is no set flights in X-plane 10 ?
  7. Hmm... I found it now. I am so surprised, just 20? What if an airport has 45+ airplanes, what to do ?
  8. I'm searching for the function but I didnt find it in X-plane 10 menu. So... Where can I find it ?
  9. Hi all people. Excuse me for my bad english.I ask a question!Example a server computer with visual and FSX.A client server to have FMC, engine panel, etc. FSX didnt need server computer to operation all in a computer.Server computer only read what client computer message, only rudder, aileron, pitch, wheel, no navigation, engine etc.I have computer server:Intel Core 2 E6400, 2x 1024 mb ddr2, geforce 8800gts, 450w psu, 17" lcd, asus p5b dlx motherboard.Client pc: AMD K6-2 333 mhz, 32mb sdr, ati 4mb rage 10gb hdd, 200w psu, 10/100mbit LAN.
  10. Hmm... I think try it method. Then I post what happend.
  11. Hey. I think some!Can I made a ship AI and put them in a flightplan. Then I see the boat cruise in example 20 kts, land on the decks?Like CFS2, I can land a carrier when it drives forward.
  12. A bug...hmm... FS Team fix this bug in future ?
  13. Hello. Sorry for my bad English.I has a problem!I try to attach a "fx_kbeacon_white.fx" to a box, only this.Not other objects.Problem to export this to mdl file. Error:Assertion failed"Program: ....makemdl.exeFile: fs9sdkToolsutilssourcemdlviewoctTree.cppLine: 386Expression: m_iLevelCnt > 0Information...(Press Retry to debug the applecation -JIT must be enabled)If I put new 2nd box into the mdl file, the errors not show. In the FS2004 show only the 2nd box, not beacon light... W H Y ?I hope your understand