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  1. Well for me personally, it was clear that this would not be anywhere near of being a finished piece of software. why? well, by the time the release date was anounced ( which was only a couple of weeks ago btw ), FS was still in Alpha, and the Beta phase was only two weeks or so. How can anyone expect an alpha build to get rid of all errors, flaws and everything else that is not working in a matter of weeks? It should not surprise anyone that MSFS in in the state that it is currently in. It was released way to early, simple as that. For my part, I will keep my P3D 4.5 for the time being, but will not stop to tune in to MSFS regularly to see it evolve. I am sure that it will be just great once it's ready. But that is not now. As for things like reuesting ground services via ATc and the likes, well those are design flaws that are clearly aimed towards casual gamers and not hardcore simmers. Trying to make something easier does not always make it better/good. Either way, there is no reason to ditch your well loved sims in which many of us invested way to much money into. And there is no reason to write off MSFS just yet - it has just been released guys. Give it time to mature. Just my 2 cents. Have a good one everybody. Greetings from EDDS ( which annoyingly is not even in MSFS ) Mike
  2. Hi guys, I just searched the web if anything changed when it comes to the right CPU for P3D v4. I am currently rebuilding my watercooled rig which is also my main rig on which I use P3D. Currently I have the I7 7820X @ 4,5GHz, but I am wondering if changing to a Threadripper or the I9 9900K (although not a big fan of this one) would bring some benefit to my P3D performance. It is not bad as it is right now, taking in consideration that I use countless third party sceneries and massive AI traffic, but I am also thinking of the future. Using that many third party add-ons and traffic leave me not wanting to stay behind or having to reinstall everything, just because Intel decides to change their entire platform (i.e. socket type) once again, while AMD already confirmed a while ago that they will keep the current sockets AM4 and TR4 for at least the Ryzen 2 CPUs that are scheduled to launch next year and possibly even the Ryzen 3 lineup. I think that would give at least some safety for the future, knowing that a new CPU will work on the current MB by just making it compatible via a BIOS update. What do you guys think? Cheers Mike
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