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  1. I must say, in defence of JustFlight, I've never had any problems with them. It's just the AirHauler chaps themselves that don't leave me feeling warm and fuzzy. Put it this way: I've never bought a product made by a company that's had a "our website will be fixed soon" message for months on end. Not going to start now. Attention to detail applies to all aspects of a business and its products, and the fact that we have to rummage around for information elsewhere should not be necessary. The least they could do is get rid of the maintenance message and give us a link to a site that DOES have some information, and maybe even a purchase link. It was my first impression of air hauler, after having heard the name and googling it. Not a good start. Only a few days later did I have any idea what Air Hauler actually was thanks to the forums and review here at avsim. I have no doubt they're losing sales because of that website, mine included.
  2. Wow. Thanks for the research anyway. I'll be passing on this one. Such a pity really.
  3. The main AirHauler website. It's been down since I started looking at this software. http://www.airhauler.net/ Says you can access the pilots portal (this makes zero sense to newcomers). I'm also not keen to spend money on a product with a broken website. In fact it isn't going to happen.
  4. Wow, I was seriously looking at getting this, but now there's no way! One of the great things about simming is being able to fly when you can. I'm surprised they've built this software to work like this. While I truly look forward to the day I retire and can sim every day, this is surely impossible for the vast majority of us.
  5. It's a bit weird that Carenado haven't done a plain old vanilla PA-28-161 Warrior II, which is still hugely popular all over the world. Did my first instrument training on one that still flies daily. I'd certainly be far more interested in this than any of the other hundreds of weird and wonderful PA-28s they have done. I had the JustFlight Warrior for FS9 (haven't copied it over to FSX) but it's a bit long in the tooth now.
  6. 9 Dragons Kai Tak will always be remembered by me as the one that made me go "WOW! This is free???".
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